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Karlijn van Dinther feat. Dj Rosso

Karlijn van Dinther lead vocalist of ducth project Clokx it's coming with a new project. The singer after she took a break with Clock, it seems that  austrian project dj Rosso  ask her to join his team.  Make me wonder it's called and is fighting this year with big names form eurodance area to recivie the award best eurodance song.
 Karlijn van Dinther was not the vocalist of Cockx but also  an artist very appreciated in Holland recieving many awards at music festivals.
Dj Rosso single can be found on all digital platforms and if you are a fan Clokx  Make Me wonder is for you

Clokx took a long break

It was the summer sensation when  they release  in 2010 the single  "Catch your fall" was fresh and something new on dance scene blowing the Uk and european charts the next year stole the award for the best eurodance project on Eurodance Web Awards.
Ron van den Beuken was the brain of this project and the singer who gave the flavour - Karlijn van Dinther. Asked if he will come back with this project the producer said no, because it's working on his tracks and remixes.

Ron van Deuken :  At this moment i have no plans with Clokx, first i'm releasing new tracks and remixes under my own name. said the producer.

Let's hope that Ron she won't forget Karlijin and will bring out new great songs as Clokx.

Clokx is back

The dutch project Clokx who won last year Eurodance Web Awards with Time of My Life (Radio Edit) is back.
Ron van den Beuken the producer of the project left behind Karlijn van Dinther vocals to release only a trance track on vinyl called Feelings.
Karlijn van Dinther is the vocalist of the project she appeared on Catch Your Fall (Trance Radio Edit) video (were she is playin' her own role).
We hope that Ron will never forget her to add her on his future tracks Clokx 'cause Karlijn is the face and the voice of Clokx.

Preview of Feelings here