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Eurodance updates

Pandora gave an interview to a Swedish magazine were she explain the true values in her life :

1st Surround yourself with people who have good values, who loves you for who you are is not how much "you weigh"
2nd Do not compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique. There are probably many who look up to me you even though you did not dare to believe it
3rd Often it is difficult to take advice from close friends or parents, bring in another "mentor" or "coach" in your life. Someone you look up to and listen to ..." Pandora
The full article can be read here.

Sandy Chambers DVision released this days a new version of Sandy's hit "Illussion" the new version was made in collboration with DAB. Also on Amazon there is a version of Boney M hit "Daddy Cool" with Sandy's voice more infos here.

Dhany italo dance diva recently made a new song called "On Your Road" with Micro the single will be soon released on all digital platforms. Offlimits production launched on Amazon a new version of the "The Rhythm of the night" is called "To the beat" and can be found here.

Edward Maya's hit single Stereo love was covered by Mia Martina, a preview here . (Thanks to Miguel Lam)

Kirsty Hawkshaw released a new single called "Elusive", the tune is pump it up in DMC charts at # 13.

Eurodance News

Peter Luts is nominated for "Best Dance DJ" by the French magazine OnlyforDJ's. You can vote for him here.

DJ Bobo and Roger Federer took part to the Charity tennis match "Match for Africa", broadcast last December 21st on SF2 and a few channels all over the world. Here they are, trying to record a Statement in Swiss german for the Event infos here

Infos KDJ

Edward Maya is making the new video "Desert Rain" pics from shooting here

If you are curious to know how was the atmoshere on We love the 90s Christmas Edition you can find all the infos that you need here

Eurodance News

Alexandra Prince is preparing a new song, right now is in the studio working with the latest deejay's  for her new master piece who will be available soon. Recently Alex worked with Madonna's boyfriend on the single "Dangerous" who's pumping up in the charts from Greece and not only.

Da Blitz The lead vocalist Viviana Presutti just release a new single called "Be as one", a song made with italian deejay Alex Raimondi and was released on November 25. More infos about this single here

Edward Maya who ruled world charts with the singles "Stereo Love" & "This is my life" finished his 3nd single "Desert Rain", the tune will be released soon on all digital megastores. Video here

Dj Project's lead singer Elena aka Ellie White is filming her first video "Nu te mai vreau (I don't need you)". The video will be ready this month.

Paffendorf new single is called "Will i ever" was not made in his old style like this project made his entrance in 90's ,  recently the dj team made a remix for the new dance project Stfu Vs. Boogshe called "Shut The Fuck Up 2010" more infos about this single here.