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Mr.President reunite in Sqeezer newest video

Yesterday Jim Reeves from Sqeezer shared with his fans that is thinking to bring Mr.President old members in future video of Sqeezer.
The decision came after the participation of Coco Jambo 90's event with Lady Danii and T Seven were Jim made some photos with the girls and she gather many comments about Delroy Rennals and the girls.

Right now i talking with Delroy from Mr.President about the photos i made, and i'm thinking to bring the hole team in my Sqeezer video but it's a dream !? What do you think? :) asked Jim his FB Friends 

If the idea of Jim will be put in application it's gonna be a world premiere, because will be the first time, after so many years were Delroy, T Seven and Lady Danii are joining as Mr.President

Daniela Haak sued by one of Mr.President producer

Daniela Haak one of Mr.President front ladys apologies  because one of 90's show was canceled, and she wasn't her fault.
The singer said that one of Mr.President producer contact her to inform that she would be sued because she dare to use Mr.President and Coco Jambo name to promote a show.
Daniela she didn't mention who was the producer who contact her through lawyer.
 Dear fans, friends, colleagues and supporters, 

Is really hard for me to say that the 90's show was canceled and moved on 4th of the november 22:00 cet on the same place.
One of our former producer; I would not like to name names; has made its license rights.The Applying and implementing such an event I probably violate the rights of the word mark "Coco Jamboo" and Mr.President.

And all earnings from the last show and the one planned  to be given to the producers, i really don't know much because i was contacted by the lawyer and not the producer via email, now i contact my lawyer to resolve this issue.

And because of this I have to postpone the planned event. A cost accounting of the lawyer I have already received, the last sentence of the lawyer was: Payments that arrive after the deadline or in part, may give cause for legal action against you ...

The tickets are still valid for the event 

Take care yours 


Hey Mr President what you gonna do my friend!?

For many of you Mr.President was the band who launch the mega hit Coco Jambo from my point was not so powerful like Give a little love who had and the most expensive video at that time shoot in hungarian studios, but  everyone is keep asking what the old team is doing so for those who miss the girls from Mr.President this article will be good news, i hope.:) 

What the old members are doing now, LayZee lead rapper is still in music right now is working with big vocalists from dance area the most recent single is the one made with Masterboy vocalist Trixi Delgado details here.
Lady Danii aka Daniela Haak and one who crushed many fan hearts is doing 90s shows with Sqeezer crew i also detailed the subject in this article 

But what is doing the charismatic front lady Judith Hildebrant aka T-Seven is doing very well, the singer said now she had the time to spend more time with her new hobby radio and horses & fox hunting. 
Recently T Seven posted   a few photos with her new hobby: 
Soon the season starts again ..... Looking forward to it

T Seven fb profile was invited by fans asking to reunite ex members, but don't worry LayZee is touring as LayZee from Mr.President and in his show you can listen the hits of MR.P, from what i know TSeven manager didn't agree to join LayZee reunion in 2011 but  now is very hard to see once again MR.President in old formula, but who knows maybe someday will  be able to see them for one more time, like 2Unlimited, Vengaboys, Masterboy or Fun Functory the originals did.. 

The most powerful eurodance vocalists is coming with a new project

Was/Is one of the most famous and talent singer, she took part in german project Masterboy her name is Trixi Delgado.
For most of you, eurodance fans know who she is... but for majority is an unknown name. She started her music  career in 1990 when she was co-opted in german eurodance project Masterboy by Tommy Schelh and Enrico Zabler, and the success came in '93 with their single "Everybody need somebody" , '94 "Feel the hit of the night" & "I got to give it up" in 95 "Generation of love" and "Anybody".
Masterboy was/is a symbol in eurodance industry along Dj Bobo, Fun Factory, Mr.President, E-Rotic, Whigfield, Snap! and Culture Beat, and their success ended when Trixi Delgado took a break in 96, and the project didn't have that charisma who Trixi gave to the project....
Nowadays the singer is working a different   projects and she still collaborate with Masterboy team but now she join forces with  another eurodance artist Delroy Rennalls (Mr.President).
This collaboration started after many years, but they didn't have the opportunity make it, because of tours etc.. explained  Delroy Rennalls:

Trixi and myself have decided to work together after years of talking about it. We met offered on tour and really got on well with one another.

The new single it's a a mix of  modern & 90's sounds and will be ready for release later this year.

 She said we should do something together and I had just written a song and I really wanted to produce with a female artist. So the timing was perfect. The song is a mix of what's happening now and a touch of club 90's . Which Trixi finds to be a great style and idea. We quickly finished writing the rest of the song together and have already recorded her vocals. We plan to release the song at mid to end of summer. We both have too much on this summer season to make it any earlier. There will also be a tour. I will rap for Trixi on her old tracks and she will sing for me on my old tracks and we will do a couple of new track together. The tour will only be for a limited time and is the promotion for the new singles. said Delroy Rennalls

The title of their new single is kept secret but we can't wait to see the result of this collaboration. So stay tuned on this blog.

Update:  Trixi ex female vocals of Masterboy and LayZee will be on tour from October to promote that single but for a limited period.

Daniela Haak & Evi Goffin

It's been a while since Daniela Haak put on hold the music, now Lady Danii(Mr. President ) is concentrated over her new project Round 12 a sport traing company that she open with her husband, the german boxer Markus Beyer..and she is very fine like she said in a recent post on Fb.

Another singer who put on hold the music is the lead singer of belgian eurotrance group Evi Goffin, Evi was busy with her tv project at Gunk TV , but she  recently confess that she miss music..

"Really starts to miss the music industry.... Maybe I should consider starting something new..... Still so thankful for all the support all over the world!!" said Lasgo lead singer

666 is back

666 No not the antichirst, Thank God, just the dance project produced by Thomas Detert und Mike Griesheimer. The new single is called "Sexy Loca" and will be released in July on all digital platforms.

2Unlimited "Nothing to loose" the most attending single from Ray & Anita will be released in August and will be included also the Chew Fu remix, the tune will be the soundtrack of movie ‘Amsterdam Heavy' (Thanks to Cesar)

Mr.President lead rapper Delroy Rennalls just announced that 3 new songs are ready for release. One for a club project pornJunkie called "I Want To.." 2nd for Dj Alexej Othello a remake of Up 'N Away and the third it's summer song with a new artist Kendrick called 'Summertime' all tracks are due to release in July on all digital platforms. (Thanks to Delroy)

Double You William Naraine's album Life was released in Brazil under Double You. Tracklisting differs a little bit : it includes the new song Let You Go and some more bonus remixes from different singles.( Info KDJ)

Dj Bobo it's in the studio working on his album, a new song was done and it's called "HOT" .

Sash! new single will be entitled Mirror Mirror and will be featuring vocals by singer Jean Pearl. Video and single are planned for July. ( Info KDJ)

2 Brothers on the 4th floor Renee Philips just said that a new single from 2 Brothers will be released probaly next year.

X-Perience present a new track entitled "We Will Live Forever" from their forthcoming album that will be released later this year. ( Info KDJ)

Experience Of Music's Progressive World is now available for pre-order. Re-release will be on July 22nd. Buy it here ( Info KDJ)

Dance Updates

Kim Leoni after a long absence from music scene will be back this year with a new material, right now Kim said on her twitter account that she is back after a long break in studio recording new songs. The new material will be out probably this Spring.

UltraNate gave an interview to handz up radio talking about music what inspire her to make music and what are the future projects. You can listen the interview here.

E-Rotic lead singer Lyane Leigh, launched with Sam Walkertone & Kevin Kelly a new single called "Toxic Kiss ". The single is available world wide, Lyane Leigh can be seen as E-Rotic this year at I love the 90s. The single can be buy it here.

Mr.President Vote with like or unlike your favorite mix from LayZee, the one who gets more likes would be chose as a single. I want to (In the club) is the 4th solo single from Mr.President Delroy Rennalls. you can vote here

Mr.President, Pandora, Colonia

Mr.President former rapper LayZee is preparing a new single, after the collaboration with Dj Othello for "Up 'n Away" remake, Delroy Rennalls aka LayZee made new song called "I want to ..(the Club)", the tune is different for what this artist used to release.
"I want to ..(the Club)"  it's a nice track for clubs and will be release probably on digital megastores in May. A preview of the song here .

Pandora Great news from Pandora, the swedish television YLE TV is preparing a Pandora documentary, the shoots will be taken in Sweden. Pandora is a swedish eurodance artist who sold along the years millions of albums, her success was compared with Ace of Base. Pandora future projects a new album and a new single probably this spring.

Colonia the Croatian dance project is releasing a new single called "Jutro Moje Nema Boje" (Morning without color), the single was official released on amazon in October.

T-Seven, Pearl, Cappella

T-Seven Mr.President frontlady said yes to german bussiness man Sven-Jörg Buthmann (one of Corporate Training founders). Sven was married and he has 3 children on their wedding were invited friends & collegues.
Judith was one of the face and voice of german eurodance group Mr.President and in 1999 after Space gate Tour decided to take a solo carrer now she has her own Band and radioshow on Radio NRJ Bremen and is still in touch with her ex collegue LayZee.

Pearl the new project from Peter Luts (Lasgo, Ian van Dahl) just hit last week Ultratip on #1 and now entred on Ultratop Dance Chart directly on #9.

Cappella's "U Got 2 Let The Music 2010" just entered the german Deutche DJ Chart as #143. (Thanks to Anders)

Mr.President, Kim Sozzi, S.E.X Appeal

Mr.President Finally, the new material with unreleased tracks was lunched on Itunes worldwide. The material includes 10 tracks and a cover after Abba song "Thank you for the music".
This are tracks on the album:

01. Circus(Show Intro 1997)
02. Gonna get along (Stage Version 1999)
03. I'll follow the Sun (Nightclub Tour Mix 1997 )
04. Outcuts 01 (Station ID)
05. Up'n Away (Nightclub Tour Mix 1997)
06. 4 on the Floor (Nightclub Tour Mix 1998)
07. Coco Latino (Coco Jamboo Stage Mix 2002)
08. Outcuts 02 (Station ID 1999)
09. Christmas Today
10. Thank you for the Music

The album can be found here

Thanks for the info to Jessica

Kim Sozzi The most awaited video from the american dance artist Kim Sozzi,was released and here is the result.
The single was included on Kim's first album called "Just one day"

S.E.X Appeal Do you miss E-Rotic ? The german eurodance project who sings about sex ? I have a news for you Lyane Leigh ( Ex E-rotic) and the real voice of E-Rotic is back this summer with her project S.E.X Appeal, the new single it's a cover after E-Rotic song "Sex on the phone" , the single will be released in August .
The single includes 6 remixes :

1. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Radio Edit)
2. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Bootleggerz Radio Remix)
3. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (D. Mand Radio Remix)
4. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Album Version)
5. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Bootleggerz Extended Remix)
6. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (D. Mand Extended Remix)

You can pre-order HERE

Thanks to Andy S.E.X Appeal Fan Base.

Mr.President, Verona

Mr.President Jens Neumann one of MR.P producers will lunched on 28th July 2009 a material with unreleased tracks on itunes. The new album „unreleased“ features tracks of rare material produced for the stage shows between 1996 and 1999. Jens said on his website that is working at that material "and we release this material as a request of our fans worldwide!" said Jens. more
Thanks for this info to Jessica (Mr.President Fanbase)

Jes The queen of chill out, released her album Imagination world wide and now is working in studio at new stuff...

Verona after "You have to move on" and "Stay with me", this summer is time for "Do You Really Wanna Know" a great summer song ready to conquer your ears and your hearts ...

More infos here

Bad Boys Blue, Indra , Dj Sammy , Brooklyn Bounce, Mr.President, Jes

Bad Boys Blue the first single of this year from the guys from Bad Boys Blue will be called "Queen Of My Dreams" , the song can be found on their album "Heart & Soul". The single will be released in March 2009.
More info Here

Indra She will be acting in a theater play entitled "Ma femme est folle" (means : my wife is crazy) from January 10th to March 30th at the Théâtre des Nouveautés. She will have the female leading role..
Info Karine Sanche

Dj Sammy New songs from Sammy can be discovered on his official website

Brooklyn Bounce team is working at a new album who will be released in February.

Mr.President on Jens Neumann website i found an news about Mr.President comeback...
Who will be in the band who knows !? will see this year!?
Thanx for this info to Jessica

Jes the new single from queen of chill out will be called "Lost".
The video will have the same idea like her last one "Imagination".

JES Lost In The Sound Live

Hadise, WMA 2009, Ida Corr, Mr.President

Hadise winner TMF best R'n B artist in 2007 was selected to represent Turkey on Eurovision song contest from this year with the song “Living in Dreams(Düm Tek Tek)”.

WMC 2009 This year on WMC 2009 the nominees are :September, Amuka, Paul van Dyk & Armin van Bureen
You can support them whit your vote Here.

Kirsty Hawkshaw some cool songs from Kirsty can be found on her my space

Ida Corr after she said “Let me think about it” in 2007 Ida thinks that is the time to “Ride my Tempo”.

The single was released at the end of 2008 in Scandinavia and her collaboration with Wideboys makes this single a dance hit.

photo from

Mr.President Daniela Haak said “Yes” to her boyfriend Markus Beyer .
The Wedding Ceremony took part at the beach of Keys Biscayne/Florida on 25th December 2008 .
On their weeding came close friends to couple & family ...

On German wikipidia appeared a rumor that the old team T , Danii & LayZee will be in the studio working at a new material who will be released in 2010.
The rumor it’s untrue, LayZee said in our interview :”There will be no Mr.President comeback”.. said LayZee .

News: Infernal, Mr.President

Infernal Paw & Lina was nominated at MTV Music Awards you can vote for them HERE.
Now are very busy with the concerts from Greenland & Copenhaghen.

Mr.President LayZee is releasing 'Your Love' in Russia in October. Also, in October, 'Your Love' will be release as in CD format in Germany and the rest of the world. 'Catch Me' the new single who will be on November 2008.Also working on other project which will be due out in December with the first single. The project is called Keylago and is a Austrian, German collaboration and LayZee will be the artist and co-producer.
You can find new songs made for his new projects Here and HERE

News:Arash,Mr.President ,Atlantic Ocean

Arash u know him from his collaboration with Dj Alligator, now arash lunched his new single "Suddenly"
Arash si-a lansat noul single "Suddenly"

Mr.President A new Dj SJ made a cover from Mr.P summer hit Coco Jambo u can discover the new remix here
Un nou remix a fost facut de Dj SJ la piesa celor de la Mr.P Coco Jambo, noul remix il puteti descoperi aici

Atlantic Ocean has released a remake of their old hit "Waterfall" entitled "Waterfall 2009"
Atlantic Ocean a lansat un nou remake la piesa "Waterfall" numit "Waterfall 2009"

The End Mr.President!

Conform unor surse oficiale formatia Mr.President va lua o lunga vacanta, se parea ca dupa plecare lui Layzee, (care a ales o cariera solo), si Daniela impreuna cu Franzi au declarat ca nu vor mai colabora cu echipa Mr.P!
Noul proiect al lui Delroy Renalls poarta numele de Layzee project, iar de curand a lansat pe iTunes si un nou single!