The most powerful eurodance vocalists is coming with a new project

Was/Is one of the most famous and talent singer, she took part in german project Masterboy her name is Trixi Delgado.
For most of you, eurodance fans know who she is... but for majority is an unknown name. She started her music  career in 1990 when she was co-opted in german eurodance project Masterboy by Tommy Schelh and Enrico Zabler, and the success came in '93 with their single "Everybody need somebody" , '94 "Feel the hit of the night" & "I got to give it up" in 95 "Generation of love" and "Anybody".
Masterboy was/is a symbol in eurodance industry along Dj Bobo, Fun Factory, Mr.President, E-Rotic, Whigfield, Snap! and Culture Beat, and their success ended when Trixi Delgado took a break in 96, and the project didn't have that charisma who Trixi gave to the project....
Nowadays the singer is working a different   projects and she still collaborate with Masterboy team but now she join forces with  another eurodance artist Delroy Rennalls (Mr.President).
This collaboration started after many years, but they didn't have the opportunity make it, because of tours etc.. explained  Delroy Rennalls:

Trixi and myself have decided to work together after years of talking about it. We met offered on tour and really got on well with one another.

The new single it's a a mix of  modern & 90's sounds and will be ready for release later this year.

 She said we should do something together and I had just written a song and I really wanted to produce with a female artist. So the timing was perfect. The song is a mix of what's happening now and a touch of club 90's . Which Trixi finds to be a great style and idea. We quickly finished writing the rest of the song together and have already recorded her vocals. We plan to release the song at mid to end of summer. We both have too much on this summer season to make it any earlier. There will also be a tour. I will rap for Trixi on her old tracks and she will sing for me on my old tracks and we will do a couple of new track together. The tour will only be for a limited time and is the promotion for the new singles. said Delroy Rennalls

The title of their new single is kept secret but we can't wait to see the result of this collaboration. So stay tuned on this blog.

Update:  Trixi ex female vocals of Masterboy and LayZee will be on tour from October to promote that single but for a limited period.

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