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Kim Sozzi is official back

The american dance singer is back on dance, after a short break were she tried to find herself, the singer was in the posture to decided what road to follow after she experimented the Broadway stage participating in a few musicals, but Kim Sozzi decided that this is not her route, and she turn back on dance. And i'm glad that she decided to come back, because i really missed her voice.
Her new signature is on the new track called Never saying goodnight, a love song with dance beats wrote by her and Eric Sanicola who also is the producer of the track with Jordan Palmer and Jason Nevins.

Kim Sozzi:  .....the new song was written by me and Eric Sanicola ,and is about being with the love of your life and Never Saying Goodnight.

The big american newspaper New York Times also wrote about her :

"Ten years ago she toured with the Lilith Fair as a singer-songwriter; today, she’s one of the most promising vocalists in club music, a nebulous world that prizes producer over singer, thump over texture, body over mind. " 

The new single can be found on all digital megastores and include a remix from Jason Nevins.

Kim Sozzi a new song

Long Island girl - Kim Sozzi makes her first appearance this year on live gig from Brooklyn New York.
The singer announced early on her Fb account that a new single will be released, and will be performed this Saturday at that event from New York, the tittle was not mentioned.
Kim future projects !? she still thinking with whom she would like to collaborate:

"I would love to work with Deadmau5, David Guetta. I'm a big fan of Kaskade; I've been trying actually to get Ryan to work on one of my tracks. There's so many great people doing great music and great tracks that I would like to work with." said the singer

So don't miss this event for more infos check this page

Dance Updates

Fragma came out on  dance market with another remake of "Toca's Miracle", the song was remixed by a new dj called Ashari and will be released soon worldwide via itunes.Fragma

E-Type or Erik Eriksson was invited last week on swedish tv show "Så Mycket Bättre" and he performed live "Sommaren Är Kort" a swedish cover, more details here

Kim Sozzi released a new material called "LP 1", and includes 6 tracks 2 remixes of "All Night Long" and 2 new tracks. A new single is done and ready for release on November 15th called "Crystallized" followed by "EP2" in December.Kim Sozzi

Dance Updates

Infernal woowed everybody with the new single "Speakers On", a tune made in collaboration with Kato.

Kim Sozzi released the new single "Little bird" and will be available worldwide on 31 May.

Kim Leoni is in studio working on her first album, the new material will be released later this year. The news was posted on her twitter account.

AnnaGrace & Jelle join forces for Dance 2 Life United, a charity project, the tune will be played on radio 538 tonight. more details here

Melody Castellari ( DEAR, Jessica Jay,Sundee, Lady Violet) is the image of italian hair salon Temptation Hair Look.

News updates

Zoë Badwi released "Accidents Happen' a new tune, recently her last single - Freefalin' is now promoted on Dance Nation Tv & Clubland TV.
"Accidents happen" the video was filmed in a Sydney street and had some incidents too, you can read the hole story here.

Dan Balan (ex Ozone)next single will be called "Freedom".

Simone Denny Love inc lead singer made a new song with Barry Harris a great club track called "Whoosh! Boom!".

Luciana (Bodyrox) will launch in May the new video "I'm still hot"

Kim Sozzi next single will be called "Little Bird" and will be released on May 24 under Ultra Records label.

Bad Jokes released a new single called "World keep tumblin' down", the tune is included on “...just a matter of time” the album. (thanks to Alessandra Ballarini)

Kim Sozzi

Kim Sozzi is ready for another album release.
In a recent interview Kim said that her second studio album is ready and will be called Kim Sozzi, the material will include also Rate-R and a cover after Annie Lennox classic, and probably will be the 2nd single.
Kim : "I love, love, love this record. It came out great. The guys from Beatport actually did the production. They did a killer job. This is definitely going to be a standout track on the album ... It's totally a song for the fans." Kim explained.
Also was asked about Mynt project and why she left : "I always wanted to be a solo artist, so I'm happy we did it amicably. It sounds like a divorce, but it kind of was.
If there was one thing that I regret about that project it is that we never really got to do another album. I think that with what we both know now, we could come up with something very special." said Sozzi.
Kim Sozzi new material will be released worldwide soon on all digital platforms.

Eurodance News

Cascada Natalie just show up with a "new video call" for her fans, saying that will be ready to sing next year and to attend to all the gigs ... right now her schedule is visiting her doctor and home. Also Natalie confirmed that the new album will be done and ready to release at the beginning of 2011. Till then you can enjoy "NN".

Robyn was  nominated on Grammy Music Awards  with "Dancing On My Own".

Loona's next single will be a collaboration with Movetown entitled "El Cucaracho". It should be released in the beginning of 2011.(Info Karine Sanche)

Dj Project Gino Manzoti just release with the new dance sensation Ella Rose the video "No U, No Love", you can watch it here

Kim Sozzi new single "Rated-R" will be official released on December 6th.

Pandora, Gabry Ponte, Kim Sozzi

Pandora's single "You Believed" was release in Europe by Toco-international. You can buy the single here.

Gabry Ponte release a new song called "Love 2 Party", a song made in collaboration with SpoonFace and was dropped out on August 30. Infos about the single here.

Kim Sozzi the american dance singer from Melville it's working on her future EP, after "Just one day" who was a success, Kim thought that it's time for a another smash hit EP called "Rated-R",  i don't know if is a cover after Rihanna but soon will find out when the tune will be available on all digital megastores.

Magic Affair, Sandy Chambers, Kim Sozzi

Magic Affair Ak Swift Magic Affair member, works on new hip hop project with MCBEE, Harv Dent and Gravy Mavis, the song is called "Gs Up Sneek peak" and will be released under Zulu King label, for this song Ak made also and a video, more here .

Sandy Chambers Dance diva, came with 2 new songs, the first one is made with Mood Velvet and called "Summer Of My Life" and 2nd one is called "Catch Me Now" made with Pro-Hunters, an unique and smashing ragga-dance track with amazing sounds . To catch the new tracks you have all the infos that you need here.

Just One Day

Kim Sozzi appeared with a new song called "Just one Day". The song is from recent solo material with the same name released on July 21 2009, and includes the hitsingles like :"Break Up", "Feel your Love", "Kiss Me Back(cry 2ite)" and "Secret Love".
The new single fallows the same music line with retro beats and drum synths. The tune entered on all american radios playlist and enjoy a huge success from critics part.

Claudia Cazacu "I love electronic music world so much that I decided to be my job. When I'm on stage, my music is telling a message to the crowd, and when I see the reaction of people everything turns into a dream come true." You can read the hole interview with Claudia here 

Kim Sozzi, In-Grid, 2Unlimited

Kim Sozzi new single "Secret love" is officially #1 this week on the Billboard Dance Airplay Chart. Secret love is the 6th single released from Kim's debut album "Just one day" .

In-Grid aka Emiliana Alberini launched her second single called "Les Fous (Stick to you)", the tune is from her new album "Passion". For this song Emiliana made a great video. more infos here

2Unlimited Ray & Anita are #1 this week on Netherlands Itunes dance chart and #18 on Ultra top dance chart with their single "In da name of love" .

Kim Sozzi, Magic Affair, 2Unlimited

Kim Sozzi released last night on all digital platforms the new single "Secret Love". The material includes remixes of:
1. Stellar Project Radio Edit
2. Josh Harris Radio Edit with Intro
3. Josh Harris Radio Edit
4. Josh Harris Bedtime Mix
5. Wendel Kos Radio Mix
6 Stellar Project Extended
7. Josh Harris Mixshow Edit
8. Wendel Kos First Sunlight Remix
9. Wendel Kos First Sunlight DubMix

More infos here

Magic Affair Finnally the secret of new album was revealed by Franca Morgano.
Franca said that the new material is done and includes new tracks write by her and now depends only the labels when will be released the new Magic Affair album. Thanks to Franca Morgano

2Unlimited The single of Romy and Marion aka Two (former 2 Unlimited members) is postponed to March. It will be presented during a special charity gala in Zeelandnet studio, Kamperland (Netherlands). More here Info by Karine Sanche

Kim Sozzi, 2Unlimited

Kim Sozzi after "Kiss me back" the song who blow up the american charts and was the most played song on "Z100 New York". Kim prepared a new song called "Secret Love", the tune is from debut album "Just One Day". Soon Kim will do and a video for this track who will be released officialy with the song at the end of this month.

2Unlimited Ray & Anita is preparing the first video from their comeback,on RTL4 Anita & Ray said that are working at the new video "In da name of love", the song who was choosen by Radio 538 their smash dance hit. Also Anita in that interview told that is suffering of breast cancer. more here

Sylvia Tosun, Kim Sozzi, Regi

Sylvia Tosun (Kaskade & Deadmau5) released a new single called "Push n Pull" in collaboration with Noferini & Marini, the tune is launched digitally and can be found here

Kim Sozzi's single "Kiss me back" is # 2 spot this week on the Billboard Dance chart. Also you can help her to request the new song on KTU Radio .

Regi Penxten announced on Twitter that he finished his new compilation Regi In The Mix vol. 8, release date is set for December 8th. A CD+2DVD package of his concert in Hasselt of last February has just been released. His next single should be entitled Loaded gun, featuring Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman. Buy it here
The craziest rumors run about Milk Inc's forthcoming Blackout concert DVD. According to some, there should not be any DVD this year because of the lights. According to others, there could be a DVD, maybe only a limited edition, but of course without the 90s medley and the 2 Unlimited appearance... and even without Sylvi's performance.Info by Karine Sanche

Kim Sozzi , N-Trance

Kim Sozzi finally, after her success with "Feel your love, decided to launch a new single from her first album "Just one day", the tune is named "Cry Tonight (Kiss Me Back)" and soon the track will have and a video.

N-Trance made a new song called "Stronger", the demo can be listen on N-Trance official facebook

Mr.President, Kim Sozzi, S.E.X Appeal

Mr.President Finally, the new material with unreleased tracks was lunched on Itunes worldwide. The material includes 10 tracks and a cover after Abba song "Thank you for the music".
This are tracks on the album:

01. Circus(Show Intro 1997)
02. Gonna get along (Stage Version 1999)
03. I'll follow the Sun (Nightclub Tour Mix 1997 )
04. Outcuts 01 (Station ID)
05. Up'n Away (Nightclub Tour Mix 1997)
06. 4 on the Floor (Nightclub Tour Mix 1998)
07. Coco Latino (Coco Jamboo Stage Mix 2002)
08. Outcuts 02 (Station ID 1999)
09. Christmas Today
10. Thank you for the Music

The album can be found here

Thanks for the info to Jessica

Kim Sozzi The most awaited video from the american dance artist Kim Sozzi,was released and here is the result.
The single was included on Kim's first album called "Just one day"

S.E.X Appeal Do you miss E-Rotic ? The german eurodance project who sings about sex ? I have a news for you Lyane Leigh ( Ex E-rotic) and the real voice of E-Rotic is back this summer with her project S.E.X Appeal, the new single it's a cover after E-Rotic song "Sex on the phone" , the single will be released in August .
The single includes 6 remixes :

1. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Radio Edit)
2. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Bootleggerz Radio Remix)
3. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (D. Mand Radio Remix)
4. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Album Version)
5. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (Bootleggerz Extended Remix)
6. S.e.x.appeal - Sex on the phone (D. Mand Extended Remix)

You can pre-order HERE

Thanks to Andy S.E.X Appeal Fan Base.

Le Monde , Kim Sozzi, Snap

Tribe of Two (another Lab records production) released a cover of Robert Miles' hit Children.

The Vengaboys' hit single Up & Down was covered by a project called the Bengatoys (once again from Lab records).

Infos by Karine Sanche

Le Monde aka Petra & Derrick Wilson also know as Mr Le Monde. They meet in summer of 2005 in Derrick's travels over Europe, to be more precisely he stopped in Czech Republic to try his luck in music and signed a record deal with Hitfactory Records.

Petra said about Derrick: " has music in his blood and he's really good with that. I think we are cool together. With him i can never be bored. Cooperation with all of the team is so pleasant that it surprised me. I´m glad, that I can be a part of it.“ Petra.

Now they worked togheter at their new material who will be lunched at the end of 2009.
Their first single released is called "Fortunate" on Toco International. The song is a nice pop dance and reminds me a little bit of Unique 2 - "2Be As 1" & C Block - "Everything it's good" .. if you love the bands i mentioned for sure "Fortunate" will be in your mind this summer...
Fore more info check their official website

Kim Sozzi lunched on amazon her debut album called "Just A New Day". The material will be in stores on 21th July 2009. Right now Kim is shooting a video who will promote the material, the video will be called "Feel your love" .

Snap!'s hit single "Rhythm is a dancer" was covered by Vitamin T.
The single can be found here

Sofia covered the song "Last thing on my mind" from Bananarama. The single was released in June and can be listen here

Kim Sozzi, Corona, Randy Boyer

Kim Sozzi the next single after her success with "Feel your love", will be called "Letting Go" a nice pop ballad, you can listen the song here

Corona was last weekend on Chalons en Champagne France and our colleague Karine Sanche was there and here are the pics

Randy Boyer This new dance I just discovered with the help of Kevin Binger, it’s Made in America: Randy Boyer is one of the most established and sought-after DJ & Producers in the United States today. With an infectious energy behind the decks and a niche for producing some of the world’s most explosive progressive and electro-trance tunes, Boyer has rocked crowds all over the world from New York City to Los Angeles and from Canada to South America; yet his fans stretch the globe.
He has carved himself a permanent position in the electronic dance music scene with numerous chart topping singles for music moguls at Ultra, Armada Music, Flashover, Vandit, Coldharbour, A State of Trance, Def Jam, Arista, Tommy Boy, and Warner Brothers. Boyer is a true veteran of the game and has shared the decks alongside the biggest DJs in the industry including Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, ATB, M.I.K.E., Darude & more.

He also a dj and producer of his own radio program, "BUZZ," on WKSS (KISS) 95.7 FM; Clear Channel's largest Connecticut Radio station. More infos check this page
The song I want to catch you’re attention it’s called "No Limit" and it’s made in collaboration with Kristina Sky f. Cari Golden and was released in US in February 2009, the song has enjoyed huge success so far… you can find the single here

Eurodance Blog Wallpaper 1280x1024

Kim Sozzi, Cascada, Kristine W

Kim Sozzi her single "Feel your love" is #1 in Billboard Dance Chart and it's hit single on Z100. You can vote for her here, also you can listen a nice interview take by KTU to September.

Cascada the single "Evacuate the dance floor" was released, you can see the video here. The song will be lunched to all digital mega stores at the beginning of 29th June. More infos check the channel All around the world

Kristine W the new single will be called "Be all right" and will be included on her album "The power of music" album who will be lunched in June, the release date of the single is unknown yet..

Paffendorf, Manian, Kim Sozzi, Robyn.

Paffendorf after a long silence ...the guys from Paffedorf are breaking the ice of silence with a new song in 2008 called "Self Control"

Manian after they did many covers finally they decided to do something else and they release a new song called "Welcome to the club", was release on 14th November under All Around the World label.

Eurokdj News
E-type's track True Believer was released in the Netherlands in October, along with The Tide.

On November 14th, the Welcome to the Club Best of 2008 double CD compilation mixed by DJ Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh Masterboy). The compilation was recorded live from Tommy's radio show on Sunshine Live and during the WTTC edition 12, 13 und 14.

According to rumors, among the 648 songs competing for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009 (the Danish selection to choose the song which will represent Denmark at ESC), one could have been written by Me & My, who already competed to represent Denmark in 2007.

After more than 20 weeks in the top 10 on the danish dancechart September is now #12 this week with Cry For You (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal are currently #2 on the danish airplay chart with Whenever You Need Me. Their album Electric Cabaret peaked as #2 on the danish album chart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Kim Sozzi Axelrod (born Kim Marie Sozzi) is a pop and dance musician originally from Long Island, New York.
She was born in a family of artists: her grandmother was an opera singer, and her grandfather was a latin percussionist, and her father was a musician as well as owner and founder of the entertainment company [Creations Music]. Her mother was a Hawaiian dancer.
Kim is of Italian,Filipino and Puerto Rican descent. During the late 1990s, she was headed in a singer-songwriter direction and was recruited by Sarah McLachlan to appear in the final installment of her Lilith Fair women tour festival in 1999.
She is married to Derek Axelrod.
Kim's vocals and sound have been compared to that of 90s Canadian dance icon Emjay.
info from wikipidia

Her success came out in 2006 with the song "Break Up" who riched #1 Dance chart #8 In Netherlands.
In 2008 lunched 2 singles "Like a Star" and "Feel Your Love" a nice soft dance track
For more infos check her Website

RobynAnyone who has seen Robyn live will recognise ‘Dream On’ as it’s long been one of the highlights of her show.
This thought provoking slice of pop brilliance finally gets the full release it deserves with the Christian Falke produced original heading up a full remix package from Moto Blanco, Ashley Beedle (Xpress 2), Tiger Stripes, Wez Clarke and Mr. Virgo!

For more infos check RobynMusic