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Atb a new material soon

Atb is working on his new material, the news was shared by german dj on his twiter. 

Working on new tracks.. said Andre Tennerberger

The dj felt the inspiration after the last weekend performance in Moldova were the crowd sung all his songs, and Andre was overwhelmed  by the public emotions. 

Atb's new album will be done probably next year, because right now is doing the instrumental of the songs and the writing .

Atb has a new friend

If you are a fan of ATB page for sure you are familiar with Andre's Tanneberger  new friend, who follows him everywhere. The "new friend" it's  a teddy bear, ATB new mascot, and appears in every picture with ATB. I really don't know if Andre is a fan of Ted movie but is not the only friend adopted by the german dj, a few months a go he adotped a black bunny named ATBunny who now stays home with the  family .
Recently ATB launched the new single entitled When it ends it starts again, and this summer can be seen in Ibiza Space were is a dj resident.

Scooter a new album

Cascada launched a new single called "Au Rvoir", the video was recently added to Clubland Tv and can be seen here. The single will be release in France this days and is from recent material "Original me" a name very original but the syle approached is very gaga, maybe for the promotion of this single Nathalie will do another pictorial just in case...

H.P. Baxxter and Co are preparing the new album the forth from their career and will be entitled "The Big Mash Up". The news was shared in a recent interview: "We are recording our new album, that's going to be out in September or October". The new album will be out world this Fall worldwide .(thanks KDJ)

ATB said on his official FB account that the new material "Distant Earth remixed" will be dropped out on September 16, 2011.(thanks KDJ)

Dance News

Leticia Spormann is back this summer with a new dance latino song called "Alma Latina" released on June 10 and wrote by Leticia. Leticia was the lead singer of Bubblegum Dance project Passion Fruit she contribuite in 2000 on the album "Spanglish Love Affairs". She received a gold single with Passion Fruit, and was nominated for Echo. "Alma Latina" can be found on all digital platforms including Itunes.

Jessy just said on her official twitter account that is working on new songs, the new material will be released later this year.

Hadise the belgian r'n'b singer is back with a new hit called "Superman", the new song was presented last month on Balkan Music Awards 2011 and will be dropped out as EP soon on all digital platforms.

ATB canceled his concert from Topfest Festival in Slovakia because of major health problems. We hope is nothing serious and he will be back again. ATB recent single is called "Gold" and can be found here .

David Brandes scandal i don't wanna talk about that but for someone is a way for promotion ...and i have to say that you choose the PR wrong.

Nathalie Aarts(The SoundLovers) teamed with Kim Lukas and producer Graziano Pegoraro (T42, Ava & Stone, Mato Grosso) for a single entitled "Breathe Again", and can be buy it from here.(Info Karine Sanche)

Dance updates

ATB announced on his official FB account that the new material is almost done right now is doing vocal recordings for the album. The new material will be out later this year.

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer is preparing a new video called "Passarinho - Little Bird", the single will promote the future material Hotel Bossanova - "BOSSANOMIA".

Cascada gave an interview to Capital Fm were she explain her success, and she talked about the new material.
Natalie : "Will be the same cool eurodance stuff but also we tried and something different".
Cascada new single will be released next week and it's called "Enemy". more details here

Terri B! finished a new single called "Flirt" made in collaboration with John Dahlback, the single is out now and can be found here.

DaBlitz Vivian B made a new song with italian artist Fabio, the tune is called "Anima nell'anima"(Soul to soul) and was released on itunes.

Alexia just announced on her FB that is expecting a new baby..
Alexia: "The new year has begun in the best way for me and I decided to share with you just because of the affection that I have a good news to you: I will give a little sister to Maria Vittoria! I do not know how the call but I know it will be a great joy, I hope you can feel with me!"

Eurodance News

SAIFAM project DJ Space'C's new single is entitled "Just The Way You Are" Buy it here

ATB will release his new compilation "ATB the DJ in the mix 6" on December 31st,2010. It includes his new single entitled "Twisted love". more infos here
Infos Karine Sanche

Kate Ryan launched on internet the preview samples of her forthcoming album who will be out in January/February 2011. more infos here.

LayZee( Mr.President) made a remake of his 90's hit "Up 'n' Away 2011" with Dj Othello the single will be out soon on all digital platforms and right now LayZee is on promotion tour in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova. ( Thanks to LayZee himself)

No artist No tracks released  his new video "Say Bye" and a christmas song called "The night before Christmas". More details you can find here.

Sylvia Tosun was nominated on International Dance Music Award (IDMA) at 3 categories: Best Trance Track, Best Pop Dance Track, Best Break-Through Artist(solo) you can vote for her here.

Robyn released a new single called "Indestructible" the video can be seen here.

September Petra Marklund was nominated at QX Awards and her new single "Me and my microphone was chosen by UK press record of the year.

Above & Beyond The dj's behind of Oceanlab project released on Itunes for free their podcast "Trance Around The World #351 with Above & Beyond". Infos here.

Enigma released on his webiste a free track "MMX (THE SOCIAL SONG)", more details here .

Corona Steve Angello made a mash up of Corona's hit "Rhythm of the night", the mash up was played last night on Peter Luts radio show. A preview here.


ATB refused to play at this edition of Love Parade festival in western Germany, after the tragic event happened last saturday when 18 people have been killed and a few seriously injured at the entrance to a tunnel in Duisburg near Dusseldorf.

ATB said on his official page "Now to the really important things. I´m so shocked about the things happened a few hours ago. I decided not to play my set a the Loveparade and I really hope you understand my decision. I´m so sorry and I feel kind of guilty. My heart is with families of the victims. I´m so sad and I´m still shocked..." said ATB

ATB, Da Buzz, Dhany, Alexia

ATB is back! The new song is called "Could You Believe" the single will be released on July 2nd on all digital megastores and includes 4 remixes: Airplay mix, Original mix, A&T NY Nights mix and Taylor & Gallahan remix . The tune will be included on ATB's future material. The world premiere of the video will be tonight. more infos here

Da Buzz aka Annika Thörnquist says "U gotta Dance" is the new single from Da Buzz and was released in Sweden on June 14th. The gossip( rumor spread by american radio fusion Chicago) about the split was denied so this summer will dance with Da Buzz.

Dhany(Benassi Bros) is very busy lately with new collaborations, the new single is called "The love you've got" and was released on itunes on March 9th for more infos check this page .

Alexia new album "Stars" will be released in Italy tomorrow 22th June. You can pre order here

ATB, Layzee, Miss Irma Derby

Atb Tonight March 5 Atb will have a concert in Cluj Romania. If you live there and you want to see him more details here.

LayZee(Mr.President) is workin' hard on his solo material who will be done later this year, for now is done one single and is made in collaboration with Dustin Falls and it's called "Overloading". You can see Layzee and his "Special guest" on We love the 90's.

Miss Irma Derby Shelter You is the first single of the upcoming album of Miss Irma Derby.
The single, who is written & produced by Wolffman, was an anthem that was released at the Wethouse Event on the luxiourious Pure Liner Ship where it smashed the dancefloors and gained immediate support from Peter Gelderblom, Baggi Begovic, Rob Boskamp and the massive crowds. Info by Toco International

E-Type, ATB, Marcia Juell

E-Type Martin is back in studio recording new stuff for the future material Martin explains on his facebook account:
"I know I should only do as I have always done, but if it does not sound fresh, radio won´t pic it up and you, my friend, may never even hear the song .. so I have to follow the rules of the game .. learn everything from scratch and then use the knowledge to the new songs .. somehow .. but I think it's funny, new, scary, but I do not intend to rush .. the new single is finished, when it is finished!" Martin.

ATB released the new single "9pm Till i come 2010". The song is included on ATB In the mix launched on Itunes.

Marcia Juell Is internationally known singer-songwriter voted "One of the best new rising stars" (World Arts Celebrities Journal -Paris), is best known for her 2007 Dance Hit "BEAUTIFUL DAY" (Koch & AATW/Universal) with Matt Darey, which spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart peaking at #16, was #1 on XM Radio BPM, & touted as "One of the biggest Spring/Summer dance records of the year."
The new single from Marcia is called "Fly away" an amazing track with brilliant vocals. The single includes many remixes and it's out now on all digital platforms.
You can listen the track here .

ATB , Basic Element, Captain Jack

ATB will release his compilation ATB The DJ 5 next year on January.

Basic Element launch the new website for more infos here

Captain Jack a new vocalist replaced Nadja Biereth,the new formula is Bruce Lacy rapper Sunny (Sabine Repas)& Jamie Lee.

ATB, Velvet

ATB The new single will be called "Behind" and it's from his recent material "Future Memories".

Velvet Chemistry now hits the UK with full force and will be this summer hit. The next single lunched in Europe from Velvet will be called "Come in the night".

RiX Festival On this year at Rix Fm Festival will perform: Velvet, Alcazar,Agnes & Basic Element for more infos check here

E-Type in July will start a tour in Sweden.

Dr.Alban on his website was posted a new video "No coke"...will be the next single, a recall !?

Tina Cousins, Kim Wilde, Dj Cosmo, Kristine W, Helena Paparizou, Atb

The new remix of Tina is just released in Germany under the name Resource feat. Tina Cousins - Hymn. The project Resource is formed by the ex-Bass Bumpers Henning Reith and Reinhard Raith.
Another new track Cant Hold Back is released on March in the USA.
In April 2009, Tina announced that she has recorded a cover of "Sex On Fire" by the Kings Of Leon but it is slated for a summer release.

More infos and listening of tracks at :

Kim Wilde The all-new Music page on the Kim Wilde's website features all of Kim's albums from 1981 to now. Listen to samples of every song and buy your copies on cd or click to legal downloads of some of the albums. The samples from 'Kim Wilde' and 'Select' are from the new remastered cd's, to be released on Cherry Pop on April 20! Pre-order your copy via the provided links. To reach them visit .

The next Concert of Kim : April 16, 2009 - Vikingline Cruise ship, Stockholm (Sweden) to Mariehamn (Finland) .

She also will took part in HERE AND NOW TOUR 2009, UK featuring Rick Astley, Kim Wilde, Howard Jones, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Altered Images, Brother Beyond and Hazel O'Connor (14-23 May 2009).
Info By Music Express

Dj Cosmo Thomas Godel aka DJ Cosmo Remixing "Blank & Jones - Where you belong" for more infos about the track you can find here

Kristine W's new single Love is the Look is #2 on the Billboard Club Charts! Thanx to Kristine W

Helena Paparizou (Antique former vocalist) winner of ESC 2005 lunched a new single the track is called "THA 'MAI ALLIOS" and it was released now in Greece . The song can be listen on Helena Paparizou MYSPACE!

Atb lunched his new video “What About Us” more infos about the track you can find here
The track can be found on his new album Future Memories

Atb, Despina Vandi, Jes, Zippora, September

ATB Finally we can discover the tracks from the Andre next album, who will be called "Future Memories" and will have 26 tracks. The album is the forth material from ATB career, a double CD compilation, with the second CD being "ambient" in type, the release will be on May 2009.
Here it is an preview...

Info Tavi Meran

Despina Vandi The famous singer from Greece known for her singles "GIA & Opa Opa".. took the plane to USA, not for fun, just for a tour.
More infos about the tour dates you can find here

Jes is busy with charity projects in Africa you can help her buying her last single "Lost in Sound"
A great Making of Imgination video was posted on her myspace and here it is ..
Enjoy it!

Zippora will be in the show "I love the 90's" on 11 & 12 April in Belgium. Zippora will perform with "Pat Krimson & Friends" @ the Ethias Arena.
Info Tavi Meran

September Great news guys! September this week is # 10 on Dance Floor Chart, with her video "Can't get over". You can vote for her and Velvet here

ATB, Tony T, Maria Rubia, Spike, Echo , Eurodance Web winners!

ATB The new album ATB will be called “Future memories” and will be lunched on 1st May 2009.

Tony T ( Beat System, RIO) last weekend was in concert on Sibiu picture from his concert can be found here

Thanks for this infos to crazysexxymarvellous

Maria Rubia(Fragma) release a new single on 1st February 2009 called "Hey Boy". The track can be listen here

Photo from

Pamela Knight(Spike former vocalist)will do a show on the February 7, 2009 at the H&H Banquet Hall, 2036 Haines St, Philadelphia, PA 19138. 7pm to 11pm, together with musical Divas Chaka Khan, Teena Marie, Phyllis Hyman, Sade, Erykah Badu.There will be an evening of elegance and art honoring and more to raise money for Healthy Music Matters. For more infos about the tickets or donation call this number call 215-454-9860 email

Echo Awards The show will be broadcast on February 21 2009 on german tv channnel ARD.
Will be presented by comedian Oliver Pocher and comedian/singer Barbara Schöneberger.
Live on stage : german singer Udo Lindenberg, Katy Perry and Amy Mcdonald.
Some nominees:
male artist national rock / pop
Thomas Godoj
Herbert Grönemeyer
Udo Lindenberg
Peter Maffay
female artist national rock / pop
Sarah Connor
Stefanie Heinzmann
Annett Louisan
Ina Müller
male artist international rock / pop
David Garrett
Jack Johnson
Lenny Kravitz
Paul Potts
Kid Rock
female artist international rock / pop
Leona Lewis
Amy MacDonald
Amy Winehouse
group national rock / pop
Ich + Ich
Söhne Mannheimsgroup international rock / pop
Maroon 5
One Republic
Pussycat Dolls
Yael Naim & David Donatien

Thanx for this info to Cesar

Alex C feat. Yass The German dance act Alex C feat. Yass wins the eight edition of the Eurodanceweb Award with the song "Doktorspiele"! The project was created in 2007 by the producer Alex Christensen, who in the past co-worked with big names of the international dance scene such as Right Said Fred, ATC, Rollergirl and many others. The winning song is taken from the debut album "Euphorie" released at the beginning of the year almost all over Europe, which features 14 songs performed in German, English and Spanish.
More than 25.000 people voted on the Online Poll and lected Romania's "Your Love Is High" sung by Mihai Traistariu as their favourite track.

Info from

Modern Talking, ATB, Jes, Dj Sammy, Scooter

Thomas Anders On 14th February will celebrate with his fans for more infos about the event & reservation check this site

ATB Andreas is happy because finished his second single .. the name of the single is unknown yet...
Andreas promise that will release and his next album who will be different from the last ones... but an material with fresh sounds ..

Jes the queen of chill out Jes is #1 in Billboard dance chart with the song "Imagination".
The single is from her debut album lunched last year "DISCONNECT". More infos about this artist check his website

Dj Sammy will be on 30 and 31 January "Sundsvall Dance Event" in Sweden more infos here

Scooter will be on tour in Uk & Ireland with Kelly Llorenna(N-Trance) in February playing three special dates ..
12th Feb - RDS Dublin
15th Feb - Royal Theater Castlebar
16th Feb - INEC Killarney
More infos and tickets HERE

MTV Dance On Dance floor Chart are nominated this week E-Type with True believer, September and the romanian Mc Geodasilva.
You can vote for them here

Plavka(Jam & Spoon former vocalist) will play tonight 30 January in Bucharest at Bellagio Club.
More infos here
I will come with more infos about this event later..

Tom Boxer the romanian artist released his single called "Beautiful day" in collaboration with Jay (not Jay Supreme rapper from Culture Beat) it's pure coincidence of names!!

Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche & Cesar Culture Beat FanBase

September, Atb, Blank and Jones, Aqua, Bed & Breakfast

September The new single from Petra will be called "Can't Get Over" and will be release on 9th March 2009 for UK only.
Petra also shoot a new video for this song and can't be found on September & September Gold.

Blank & Jones The new album released in 2008, "Miracle Cure" is the best selling album, also was nominated officially as "best trance track of 2008" by BEATPORT.
You can vote for them here

photo from
Aqua will perform on 3th July 2009 on Nibe Festival in Denmark.

Bed & Breakfast The guys are working on their solo project:
- Daniel Aminati is a presenter on german television Prosieben but also sings whit his band more infos here.
- Florian working in studio for his solo material you can discover more here
- Kofinger released last year his first single called "My Dear" from his album "Can't take it away".
More infos here