Atb, Despina Vandi, Jes, Zippora, September

ATB Finally we can discover the tracks from the Andre next album, who will be called "Future Memories" and will have 26 tracks. The album is the forth material from ATB career, a double CD compilation, with the second CD being "ambient" in type, the release will be on May 2009.
Here it is an preview...

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Despina Vandi The famous singer from Greece known for her singles "GIA & Opa Opa".. took the plane to USA, not for fun, just for a tour.
More infos about the tour dates you can find here

Jes is busy with charity projects in Africa you can help her buying her last single "Lost in Sound"
A great Making of Imgination video was posted on her myspace and here it is ..
Enjoy it!

Zippora will be in the show "I love the 90's" on 11 & 12 April in Belgium. Zippora will perform with "Pat Krimson & Friends" @ the Ethias Arena.
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September Great news guys! September this week is # 10 on Dance Floor Chart, with her video "Can't get over". You can vote for her and Velvet here Registered & Protected