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Neja it's a Good Friend

Neja announced on her Twitter account that a new song was made, and it's called "Good Friend" i wonder who's that friend :) oh yes ...Yago and Alexanna who convinced Neja to turn back on dance, and was a great ideea 'cause the new single it's a smashing dance track just the way i like it, let's hope this tune will conquer and the public sympathy ...."Good Friend" can be found on Amazon


JES is back on track with a new tune entitled "Can't stop", the tune was official released on November 7th and can be found on JES

September Petra Marklund just released last week the new video "Party my head" .The video was shoot on July 18th by Patric Ullaeus the one who made and the latest video.

Pandora was nominated at OE Music Video Awards with "Why" the song extracted from her recent material "Head Up High". Soon Pandora will release another track here it is a preview
Pandora - Head Up High by andersnyman

Neja's single "Walking on a dream" was choosen by Coconuda their tv spot, the tune will be included on "Sushi club reloaded" . Neja says "the ones who appreciated the first volume of "sushi club 133", cannot miss the "reloaded" version, enriched by the warm and sophisticated sound of the FBI band... "
The new material will be done before Christmas.

Eva Simons released her 3rd single an amazing track made with Apster and it's called "I Need More" preview of the new single can be seen here.

Lili Rocha it's brazilian native singer and "Gold In Your Soul" it's her recent single launched on August 2011 and for this single she collaborated with Steven Wolf.
"Gold In Your Soul" is enpowering song that advocates self worth and challenges listeners to find the confindence within. More details here


Neja finnally released her 4th album from her music career entitled "133 SUSHI CLUB VOL. 2", the material  contains 11 tracks all wrote by Neja but in a different style pop/rock, the album was released last month under Saifan Music, more infos here.

Euro dance News

Dj Project Elli White(ex Dj Project) new single will be called "Nu te mai vreau(I don't need you)", the tune was made by Inna's producers Play Win, and was already released in Romania. A preview can be listen here .

Fragma Damae announced that her new single will be called "The chains are gone", the tune will be available soon on all digital platforms.

Terri B!(DONS, Future Breeze, 2Evissa) just said the name of the songs that will be released next year as music pack, this are : "Deeper Love"& "Big fun" the tracks are remixed by DONS, Roger Sanchez & Shahin and will be available on all digital platforms, a preview here.
 Terri's last master piece it's called "I Still Believe" and was made in collaboration with Damian William. The tune was released on beatport on October 28.

Bad Boys Blue Made a new song called "Russia In My Eyes 2011 (MS Project RMX Edit)" and is featured on the russian edition of thier album "25".

Neja made a cover after Nirvana's hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and can be listen here

Neja it's back!!

"I don’t know why - we’re so restless/I know - you know - that it’s true" do you still remember the chorus of italo dance diva Neja!? The song was "Restless" and can surely be defined a Super  Hit,  and in only one year have made Neja one of the most famous and danced artist not only in Italy but also Europe riding the top of both the sales and the Dance charts.
After that she release 3 albums but the last 2 were not so successfully like the 1st one, and now in 2010 italo dance diva took her dance shoes for an new hit .
"Loving you" it's the new single and for sure you'll love it electro sounds mixed with 90's and not for last the amazing voice of Neja.  
The new tune can be found on all digital megastores and was released with  a new it's not only "Restless" it's just "Loving you" . You can grab it from here.
(Thanks to Massiel)


Eurodance News

2 Unlimited Discover Ray & Anita's (2 Unlimited) single "In Da Name Of Love". (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite and Klems)

BG the Prince of Rap is back for good in the musical business ! Him and Janet Taylor were featured by Michael Thomas on the single "We Stood In Flames" Buy it here

Bad Boys Blue Seems like the Bad Boys Blue 25 album, which was originally planned for octobre 2009, has been postponed to the beginning of 2010. All the remixes presented on the official website now carry the mention "2010" instead of "2009".

Taleesa was featured by the DJs duo Muthagroove on a cover of the classic "My Body And Soul" Buy it here

Flo Rida did a remix of Corona's hit The "Rhythm Of The Night". Listen to it here

Neja was featured on Lanfranchi and Farina's new single, entitled "Sorry". Listen to it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

Lasgo , Neja

Lasgo The new single will be called "Lost" and will be included on the newest Lasgo album called "Smile" who will be released soon.
The single was released on 10th August and can be found here

Neja The new single "Loving You" was released on 3th August.
The single entered in UK's club chart #11 and you can buy it from here.

Neja, Pandora

Neja It is all ready for the comeback of NEJA on the national and international dance stage. NEJA is the author of text and melody of the new single "Loving you". The album has been produced in cooperation with two DJs from Turin (Peter Damir and Gianluca Argante - production) and it is currently being promoted in England. It is possible to download the song (11 versions available) on (keywords NEJA or wag011). Another acoustic album - 133 sushiclub (interpreted by NEJA EVOLUTION) - has also been released. This includes 10 songs distinguished by jazz arrangements and sonority. To purchase the album please contact:

Info from

Pandora is preparing new tracks for her future album who will be lunched at the end of 2009.

Katerine her newest single it's called "Treat me like a lady" and was sung for the first time Monday on "Hit The Road" from VTM.

Cascada, Plavka, Brooklyn Bounce, Neja , N-Trance

Cascada will release in US and Canada a single called "Perfect Day", the release date will be on 24th February. Natalie was nominated at winter conference awards for the best dance act you can vote for her here
Her impressions about the Perfect day tour 2008 are in this video.

Thank you for the video to CascadaWebsite

Plavka ( Jam & Spoon) will release a new material called "Plavkalicious"on an independent label based in Los Angeles called Wheat Recording .

Brooklyn Bounce the Brooklyn Bounce dj released his 3th compilation called "Bounce vol. 3", you can buy it from here

Neja was invited on Radio Monte Carlo at the end of December, the material can be viewed here

Baracuda with her song "Where is the love" is # 1,
NovaSpace with "Dancing into danger" on #3 place,
Micheal Mind - Baker Street on #6,
Alex C & Yass - "Liebe zu dritt" on #8,

Eurokdj News
Kandystand's new single is entitled Love Invasion. Discover all the mixes as well as the new video on their official website

Kelly Llorenna( N-trance) should be releasing a new solo single in 2009 (no precise release date yet), a cover of the Madonna classic Dress You Up. This track along with many others was sung at the Clubland Live tour at the end of 2008.

Smile-DK Apart from their album track Koko Soko, another Smile-DK track will be included on Konami's game Dance Dance Revolution X. It's a collaboration between Smile-DK and NAOKI titled A Geisha's Dream.
Infos brought by Eurokdj


The interview was made by Andrea Conti from TG Com

Remember the dance hit "The Game" by Neja? She won a disc for summer 1999 and was in every stage of Festivalbar. Since then much time has passed and Neja’s (real name Agnes Cacciola) back to music with "Acousticlub", revisiting the sound of a hit 80 years and 90.
Why today is no longer “bother’ us with your songs?
Then I was in search of artistic quality. Now I’m very happy the success of Giusy." Said Neja
What happened from that distant 1999?
Neja : Many things. Moments of ups and downs, artistic choices that I have formed ...
Do u have great memories of the success of The game ?
Neja :The summer of'99 was a success for me.. These are important things happened abroad tour in Japan and I lived a certain type of musical reality. It was an important moment for my life. That song has been a qualitative leap that has not happened then.
Then your record company was universal?
Neja :Exactly
What they want from you?
Neja :They wanted to do the jump from music dance to pop music. But it was absolutely the right time. Now I am game 'chewing' jazz and soul music and dance was a lucky 'accident path'.

There is some mistake that you committed in'99 and today u regret?
Neja :Believing in the wrong people. But they are fatalistic if things went well is because today I had to take a different path.

This year the Festivalbar has not aired in recent years and is struggling to find a true hit . Why?
Neja : The dance in 90 years was taken into account, although lately I have to say is a little 'back in fashion radio. But I think that in general is returning the desire in people to sing the melody of a songs.

And what do you think the success of Giusy Ferreri, from the first five weeks in the charts of albums?
Neja :I like and I am very happy for her. I think that his song, "Non ti scordar di me ever," is absolutely good song and refined.

Its song can be considered a hit?
Neja :I think that his' case 'is the result of research quality. It can be a good sign for all artists. And I also believe that X Factor, unlike programs such as Friends or Operation Triumph, has given un'acceleration to this trend.
There is a council that want to give to the artists around the world?
Neja :Do not be easy to push the success and prepare a lot, studying .. All are able to sing but lack the basics.
Returning to the new Neja, "Acousticlub" is your third disc that was self. An ambitious goal ...
Neja : I reinterpreted in a sound the successes of famous artists. It was not easy. The comparison scares anyone, but it was one thing that I had to myself.

From the sexy version of a refined elegant dance in "Acousticlub." Choice wanted?
Neja : Absolutely yes. With my stylist, we thought that the figure of a girl who remember the pin-up, the girls from Coca Cola in ‘50s could be well to this new recording project. The new look is certainly a detachment from my past dance, it is clear not innocent.
When was the new album?
Neja : Three years ago. But the path to achieve it was very long and has only materialized in recent months.
Is there any song that you have not been able to enter?
Neja : Many from Depeche Mode to Duran Duran (I was crazy in love, guitarist Andy Taylor) but also Ciny Lauper and Madonna. Who knows maybe find space in a hypothetical "Acousticlub 2." Among the Italians would have liked to redo "The cure" Battiato.. But for now I'm thinking of a new album.
In English?
Neja : Yes.
Have you ever sung in English?
Neja : Never. I have always heard black music and it is obvious that if sing in Italian also change my vocal style.

What can aspect from the disk unpublished?
Neja : I wrote about fifty songs. I suffer when in love are particularly inspired and compose a lot ...
Now you're in love?
Neja : Yes, I'm happy and in fact write little (laughs, editor's note).

The translation made by EurodanceBlog ..
The Italian version u can read HERE

News: Alexia, Pandora, Neja

Alexia the new video from Alexia was lunched and her it is....

Thanx to Karine Sanche Pandora she did a new collaboration with DeeJay Jay the song is called "Call Me", cover after Spagna hit single from 80's and can be listen HERE

Neja is doing a summer show with the italian dj Fizz the show is called "Estatissima". Neja did and the jingle for this radio show and can be listen HERE