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Sheila Fernandez is Back

One of the vocalists from austrian project  Unique II - Sheila Fernandez is coming these days with a new tune.
On Top Of All it's called  a groovy pop song with some 70's influence, and in my opinion has  it's the same style that Sheila sung with Uinque II .
 On Top Of All  can be found on all digital platforms and will be included on her first solo album - "Better Than I am" characterized by the singer a hilarious and fun album to listen to.

Sheila she is also responsible of Unique II  european hits like : Forever, 2be as 1, Lonely , The way i need to know, she joined the project in 1998 when Austrian top producers Erwin Geppner &; Werner Freistätter contact her and offer a deal with Sony Music.
The singer stick with the project  till 2003. 
Forever is the album  released with the project and one of the best dance albums, but unfortunately was released in the era of mainstream music.

Sheila Fernandez " Who cares what i do"

                                                     photo: Sheila Fernandez FB

Was one of the Unique 2 vocalists and she stick in that project for four years. Sheila Fernandez released with Unique II  two  huge songs 2 be as one and Lonely,  both promoted on Radio Contact Belgium and Romania, and included on  the material Forever.
After that the singer took her diploma in aerobics (specialty in tae boxing, indoor cycling, body force and step aerobics) and in 2011  came back on music scene with a new music project who basically do covers of various artists.
Last week the singer posted on her official Fb some photos with her project but also clearly specify a message from a shirt  "Who cares what i do".
It's a message of  what showbiz become today ? Or, she does love what is doing now without doing compromise herself....who knows !?


Dance Updates

‎PowerFrancers "Pompo nelle case (Pump up in the speakers)" from PowerFrancers also gather 3.200.000 views, the project is supported in Italy by MTV Italia director Luca De Gennaro, M2O radio and by the Italian pop star Luciano Ligabue..

AnnaGrace(Ian van Dahl former vocalist) is in studio working on her future material.

Lasgo Jelle from Lasgo said in a recent interview that it's pregnant and the new Lasgo material will be done next year.

Scooter just released last week the new video "David Doesn't Eat" right now the team are in promotion tour. preview of the new video here.

Dj Bobo just release a new video called "Everybody's Gonna of dance" and will be included on the future material. The first who will buy the EP will get for free unreleased DJ BoBo Song "Heaven". "Everybody's Gonna of dance" will be released on November 11 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche) Preview here

2 Unlimited Nothing 2 loose will be called Ray & Anita's newest single. The ep will be available soon woldwide via itunes! Preview here

Unique 2Finally Jade Davies Unique 2 lead singer released her 1st video called - "Taking Over" the tune can be found on all digital megastores. Preview of the new video .

On Youtube was posted also a new song from her will be the future single !? more here

Offlimits said on their official FB account that Sannie & Annerley are working both on some new tracks. The release date is not yet known.

Experience of music made a remix for dutch project Shrink Reloaded called "Beat of Zen 2k11", the tune will be included on the compilation "HouseNation 2k11" that will be release this December.

Jade Davies Vs Bob Sinclair

After many years of silence Unique II lead singer Jade Davies came out with a new project - Jade Davies, and she team up with King Richman and General Sens of Richvibes Records to produce a series of songs.
I don't know what happen with her last project that Jade was happy about Busy Bazaar, let's hope that Jade will continue to do dance music and we enjoy her delighted voice.
The new single it's called "Taking Over (I Found Beauty)" and will be dropped out on September 9 2011 worldwide.Preview here.

Bob Sinclair This summer i think will be the mash up times, because Bob Sinclair made one called "Far L'Amore" after 70's success "A far l'amore comincia tu" from italian diva Raffaella Carrà.
The tune was used as gay anthem but also in TIM ads, and now Bob tries to bring this year that seventen success.
"Far L'Amore" was official released in Italy on March and can be found Far l'amore - Single - Bob Sinclar

Jes, Linda Estelle, Claudia Cazacu, Unique 2

Jes (Motorcyle) "Closer" her new single is # 2 in UK Dance Charts, the single can be found togheter with 12 remixes on itunes .

Linda Estelle ( T-Spoon former vocalist & Divas of Dance) broke the ice of silence with a hot collaboration, Linda join forces with dutch Dj Sinharaja to bring out this amazing electro track called "Hold one" released on June 2010, and it's the 2nd single with Linda as a vocalist. "Hold on" it's from Dj Sinharaja debut album called "Proud to be Dutch". More infos here.

Claudia Cazacu romanian trance deejay release her new single called "Rain". "Rain" is her latest release on her own Couture label for more infos about the single you can find here.

Unique 2 Another comeback on  european dance scene is going, i'm talking about the former Unique 2 singer Jade join  EK3 to bring out this new music project called Busy Bazaar, why this name !? very simple music industry is like a Busy Bazaar :). Right now Jade & EK3 are preparing new songs who will be ready for release later this year.