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Violeta - THE BIZ - "I have great roots in my blood because i'm romanian"

She was born in Bucharest/Romania, and in 1990 she left the country to fallow a modeling career in Milan Italy a country that soon adopted her and give the opportunity to make a dream come true... Violeta is her name and was one of female vocalists of Benassi Bros Feat The Biz project that has consecrated her after the evergreen Satisfaction, "Rumenian", "I love my 6x"
So my next interview was made with her i hope you like it like i did....

How did you start to work with Benny Benassi ?

I started in 2002 when i went to Reggio Emilia at Off Limits Production for cast and there i meet Benny / and Alle Benassi .. and they said that i was perfect girl for their new project .

Who wrote the Satisfaction ? You believe that this tune has an potential to be a hit ?

Well, Satisfaction was written by Alle and Benny ... well we all believed in that ... it was somethin new for the market at that time .... and was great intuition...

One of Pumphonia material that kept my attention, not only mine, but all from Romania was Rumenian what can you tell me about track!?

When i heard the song for the 1st time i was electrified by that sound and i said this is it - my song i must put my "own touch", and immediately i propost to Larry Pignagnoli , Benny and Alle , if they agree to transform that tune with own  romanian words... and they were so happy and let me try it ....and soon become a hit all over Europe... and i was so happy.... because the lyrics were part of my old poetry that i wrote long time ago in Romania ...

The song was released as a single ? Does it have a video ?

Yes .. it was released as a single like I love my sex , Rumenian, all were in Pumphonia album togehter with onther single from other artist that we colaborate that time...
Unfortunatley not, at that time we all were in tour so ... honestley we had no time to do a video so we release only the single without video promotion.

How often you came to Romania ?

Well when i was on tour with the Biz i think i visit 5/6 times .. as a tourist and to visit my family. And after that maybe one time in the year.... except now in last 3 years i didn' t... came , but i have in plan to came back soon....

Do you cook !? You have favorite romanian dish ?

Noo i'm not soo good with cooking :), And i do love ,the famous: "mici & sarmale" .I love italian cousine, japanese and romanian off course...:)

I know that you were a model too, is true that the models don't eat when they have a presentation or a shooting !?

Yes is true, we eat maybe a fruct only /or a piece of fish (my case ) before the photoshoot or presentation... but i have great roots in my blood because i'm romanian:), so i was lucky with my body because i don't get fat so easy .... ;-) So i can eat pasta anytime :-))

If you have to choose between being a model and a singer what will be ?

Woow ! is a though question and so hard to choose.... is nice beeing a model ... but the music i think is more... gives me more chills, energy and fun ... so i will go with music ... and makes me feel more alive ...and i love to dance ...for me is like theraphy :)

How come a beatiful romanian girl didn't resist of italian charms.. !? 'Cause italians are known for that ...

Well i didn't .. cause my ex husband was an italian and italians are cool guys and nice but now i meet a nice guy and is not italian.. and believe me is so cool :)

Do you have a funny story that happen with a fan, and you want to share with us ?

Well i have a lot of funny story . when i was on my tour with Paolo ... but i should select one ... for example in Russia: a girl came to me and tried to kiss me after the concert when i sung "I love my sex"... she thought i was gay.... that was so funny ....:)

Let's get back to Italy and Benny Benassi project, why did you left this project!? Do you still keep the contact with your colleague Paolo or the girls from Benassi Bros. ?

Well i left the project because i moved to USA. Yes .. i'm still in touch with Paolo, Benny, Alle and the girls but as you can imagine everyone of us we have our won projects so we are not so close like before ... we do have a friendly relation .

Now you moved to US it true that americans are more cold then europeans people?

Depends of what kind point .. i don't think are more cold , but here is different system so the people put priority of business first so ... maybe that make a difference.. they live their live if i can say that, as an european we are more "slow" if i can tell that we like to live well and work less .... so we have more time to spend with our family in general... honestley i love both because America is my home now .. Europe is old fashion .. here is all fool of energy / i mean in New York i' m in love with NYC ... but i don't hide that part : I miss Europe tooo...

I know that you made a new track what can you tell me about that track and when will be released worldwide ? "Emotional" is called right ?

Yes. It  was released already with Avioground Record Label Milano and can be found on Beaport.It was recorded in Los Angeles in Burbank ...soon will be fallowed by "Move your body" by the same label .. but now we work also at a new project ..and i will open my label record so .... soon will be news from Violeta

Do you have a motto that you always fallow ?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

What genre of music you listen ..were you into eurodance music !? if you were what was your favorite artist or project !?

I love all kind of music i love David Guetta, Madonna but also i like Akon , Snoop Dog so i love music and different artists...

What do you think about romanian music nowdays ?

I think romanian artists have a lot of creativity and potential to become best in this business.. a lot hits come from romanians .. and i' m happy for that just look at the last years ... at "Mr. Saxobeat" & Hot" so go guys go "you are on the right track"...

In the future you like to do a collaboration with a romanian artist if you do with whom ?

Off course i will love to do and i think about ...maybe new artists ... there is a lot of talented artists that they need to be pushed ...cause i'm sure that are a lot of talent there and they are not yet up ....!! the biggers is all ready biggers .. Let's give an opportunity to the new wave of young artists...

A message for our readers ..

“Diplomacy is the art of allowing another to do it your way” I love you guys stay strong and intune ... xxx Vio

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