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Basic Element new single

The swedish eurodance project Basic Element is coming this days with a new single. Basic Element aka Peter Thelenius, Jonas Wesslander & Andrea Myrander made a new single  but they didn't tell the name.
Contacted by Eurodanceblog, Jonas Wesslander confirmed that Basic Element is returning on eurodance scene with a new single.

Jonas: Yes, we are coming back ...
Eurodanceblog : Can you tell us what is the title of the new single ?
Jonas: Sorry no! But we will present it this Saturday, and release it on the same time on this event

The event it's in Helsinki - Finland  and it's called We love the 90s , Pandora will be on guest list also.

More details about the new single i will coming back soon, after the event so stay tune!

UPDATE : The new single from Basic Element will be called Someone out there and soon will be released on all digital platforms. Preview of the cd cover here (Special thanks to Jonas)

Toni Cottura is Back

Toni Cottura The former member of Fun Factory came to Romania to promote his recent single made with Raluka D called "Party 4 Free". For this single Toni shoot  also a video in a famous club from Bucharest, that will be soon released on all music channels, in a recent interview Tony explained that Romania came attractive for music producers, cause after the success of Inna, Edward Maya the hole Europe are pointing here, and he wants to try if this single will be a hit or not... till then will see. You can listen the new single here.

Basic Element in a gig in Umeå Sweden presented a new song called "Everybody searching" who is not included on Basic Element latest materials, it's a new song ?More details here (Thanks to KDJ)

Sylver, Nexx, Basic Element

Sylver's new single will be called "It's my life", and will be included on "Decade (The Very Best Of Sylver)" an album who contains all Sylver's hits and this new single. The material can be found here

Nexx released in Romania the new single "Paralyzed" for more infos check this page.

Basic Element made a new single called "Got You Screaming" and it's included on the Absolute Dance Summer 2010. ( Thanks to Eurokdj & Klems)

ATB , Basic Element, Captain Jack

ATB will release his compilation ATB The DJ 5 next year on January.

Basic Element launch the new website for more infos here

Captain Jack a new vocalist replaced Nadja Biereth,the new formula is Bruce Lacy rapper Sunny (Sabine Repas)& Jamie Lee.

Basic Element, Ice Mc, Jam & Spoon, Plavka

Basic Element "Touch you right now" it's on radio compilation 538 Dance Smash Hits 2009 Vol. 2.The compilation can be found here.

Ice Mc a new song can be discovered on Ice Mc my space the track is called “Don’t do that”. Ice performed Saturday 11 on the I love the 90’s – The Party…
Thanx for the info to Music Express

Jam N Spoon The producer of Jam N Spoon , DJ Jam El Mar, is honored to be on the list of remixers of the new track Hands Of Time by Tested Records. This track will be with the stunning Eva-Diva on vocals.
Info by Music Express

Plavka revealed the tracks from her solo material "Plavkalicious", Plavka was the lead singer of the project Jam & Spoon & The Shamen. Today she plays small gigs in London with her band and more of the songs she sings are influenced in jazz.
This are the songs included on her new material:

Im A Woman
Dont Get Attached
Chasing An Illusion
Be My Sundae
String Of Pearl
Read My Lipstick Lips

For more check her page
Info by Music Express

Infernal, Basic Element, Karma, Kate Ryan, K-Pital

Infernal the single "Downtown boys" was nominated at DDJA 2009 awards. Infernal will do a big concert in May 6 , the show will be recorded on the future DVD called like the show "Live DVD Electric Deluxe Edition." The DVD will be released at the end of 2009,the concert will include and a little acoustic concert at the begining of the show.
Tickets of the show can be found here Info Eurodanceblog

Basic Element if you missed the premiere of the recent video from Basic Element i just found it with the help of Dj Duck.

Karma their new single it's called "When i stop". The single was released in Croatia in January 2009.
Info Eurodanceblog

Kate Ryan participate at the event "The Staying Alive Foundation's" Worldwide ambassador of the foundation is Kelly Rowland. The event took part Wednesday the 25th of March in The Body Shop Meir - Antwerp Belgium.

K-pital Miki (former vocalist) will be Friday April 3 on Tv show from Pro Tv 19:30 CET called "Dancing for you". More infos here
Info Eurodanceblog

Fusion Radio Suck

Milk Inc, Daisy Dee, Natural Born Grooves, Basic Element, Booty Luv, Armin van Buuren

Milk Inc the next single from Regi & Linda will be called "Guilty" (u know why).
The single is from the album "Forever".

Daisy Dee the Club Rotation moderator is back with a cover of Playahitty succes from 90's "The summer is magic".
Daisy Dee can be seen live on We love 90's on 15th Nov 2008 with Snap, Haddaway and many more...
About her activities u can find more info about her here

Natural Born Grooves are Jaco van Rijswijk ( producer Danzel) & Frank van Herwegen( aka Dj F.R.A.N.K. international dj producer Underdog Project, Cuva.
After their success with the single "Candy of the dancefloor", NBG called Terri B (former 2Evissa vocalist) to put her voice for their new single called "Running Back To You". The single was released in Belgium in June.
More infos about the new single you can find on their Website

Basic Element the new album from the guys will be called "The Truth" and will be released on 7th November.
This are the songs from the new album:

11.TO YOU (2008 version)
12.I´LL NEVER LET YOU KNOW (2008 version)
13.RAISE THE GAIN (2008 version)

Booty Luvis an English dance group formed in June 2006 via the Hed Kandi label. It is fronted by two R&B vocalists, Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd, both of whom were in the original line-up of the successful hip hop band Big Brovaz. Their debut album peaked at #11 in the UK Album Chart and has so far spawned four big hits in their native UK.
In Europe are known for their success with the songs like "Some kind of rush", "Don't mess with my man".
The new single from the girls is called "Dance Dance".The song is included on their album "Boogie 2night"
More Infos about the girls can be found on Website

Armin Van Buuren the new single will be called "Fine Without You" in collaboration with "Jennifer Rene".

Aka The Junkies are Willie Wartaal and Arjuna Schiks. Aka The Junkies are prominent faces in the Amsterdam after party circuit and with local dealers better known as the “Cheapskates” Willie Wartaal and Arjuna Schiks really got to know each other in rehab clinic Smith & Jones in Amsterdam. For them the reason for their rehabilitation was a mystery, but it sounded very logical to others around them. After being released from rehab, Willie Wartaal and Arjuna Schiks bond was so strong that they decided to join forces and make music together. Due to the many contact they made while being in the rehab clinic, collaborations where made with Meikbar, Melle Mel, Hitmeister D, Mason(known for his mega hit Perfect with Princess Superstar) and Seymour Bits who all made a remix for their first hit single Konijntje. Besides the aka The Junkies project both Arjuna and Willie Wartaal have a solo career as well. Arjuna Schiks performs in many different clubs in Holland with a fresh and elevating electronic live set combining ambient tech-house en electro. His performance at one of the biggest festivals in Holland (Mysteryland) was one of the many highlights in his, still young career as a musician. Arjuna Schiks has competed in the finals of De Grote Prijs Van Nederland (one of the leading talent contests in Holland) and is also producing an collaborating with Holland’s finest producer and DJ 100%Isis and Club Roxy veteran DJ Dimitri. Willie Wartaal is best known as a member of De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, who scored the number one hit single and national media hype of 2005 “Watskeburt” and played all over country and abroad. (Lowlands, Innercity Sensations etc..) Besides that, his DJ career took of as well, playing Amsterdam based clubs like Jimmy Woo and Paradiso and now has his own club night called Riot in Studio 80. Willie Wartaal is also known for his television work. He first had his own talk show on BNN, and now is co-presenting Villa Life which is a kids program for the VPRO. Aka The Junkies are musically inspired and influenced by artists like Jimmy Hendriks, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Sid Vicious and Herman brood. With music made on an 808 in combination with a Roland d20, aka The Junkies will be taking over the musical torch from masters like Kraftwerk while cycling through out the musical landscapes. Better believe the HYPE!

From their Myspace

News: Mojito Song, Basic Element, David Jost, Akcent, September, Kristine W, Dj Aligator

Robert Abigail born and raised in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) - started his successful DJ-career at the tender age of 15 in different clubs.
Within two hours he guarantees to give your dance floor the impulse that it needs! His sets are fresh, original and well thought in which he combines different styles like Latin House, Electro and Vocal House.
The past few years the crowd enjoyed his music in clubs and party's like Cinema (Rotterdam), A20 Alexanderpolder), Havana (Schiedam), Club Red (Rotterdam), Tropicana (Rotterdam), Bubbels (Purmerend), Club RIVA (Rotterdam), BLM9 (Bloemendaal), Pacha (Ibiza) and many other residences.
Form official website
In Europe is known for his success with Mojito song , a song who can make you dance….after the Samin with Heater now comes Mojito Song.
Mojito did his first success entering on his first week on Ultratop 50 in top 10… and now is played on Radio 538 Dance Department in heavy rotation..

Basic Element The new single from the guys is called "Touch you right now".

David Jost known from the boyband Bed & Breakfast is the one responsible of Tokio Hotel, because it's their producer.

Thanx for this infos to Karine Sanche & Klems

Akcent a boy band from Romania known in Europe from their songs like Kylie, Jokero, now in 2008 lunched in Romania their next hit single "Stay with me"

September Petra did a quick visit to Bucharest for o concert on 17th October in Turabo Society Club.

Kristine W her new album will be with Christmas songs and the new material will be released on 4th November.

Dj Aligator did a remix for Upcoming Pop R&B Queen Medina the name is Kun For Mig

Mark Oh on 1st November 2008 will be in club Lemon Bar for a concert.
More details here

Fresh News

Hermes House Band is launching the new single called “Please don’t go” cover after the british group KWS .
From the 90’s was inspired and the new album HHB called "The ryhthm of the 90’s", there you can find all the euro dance success of the 90’s in Hermes House Band style.
Other news about the party guys is that... they have a Tv called HHB, more infos HERE

Dj Encore lunched his new single called "Fallin’" the single it’s from his album "Unique".
From this album was released also : "You Can Walk On Water", "Out there", "Changes"..

Fragma will release in a couple of weeks the new single called "Memory". You can listen the Original and Klaas Remix on the Fragma MySpace page.
This week the first vinyl will be released including the Original Mix and a very cool Jerk & Bastard Remix. Two weeks later we will release a special Klaas Remix Edition Vinyl incl. the Klaas Vocal Club Mix, Klaas Dub Mix and a massive Klaas Climax Mix. Please check your local record dealer and your favorite internet vinyl shop.

Nexx The group NEXX consist of Johanna “Jo” Eriksson, Robert Skowronski and Sebastian Zelle. The story of NEXX began already in the end of 2001 when Robert and Sebastian met while auditioning for another pop project. They both got the job and went on tour in 2002/2003. When the job was finished they decided that they wanted to continue working together and so in the end of 2004 they started to write new songs in their studio in Stockholm. They had many contacts with different Swedish producers which helped them with finding the right sound and they slowly started to form a new group. Robert has previously been staring in musicals in Sweden and he’s been backing up other artists as dancer and singer. Sebastian is a top DJ in the world of nightclubs in Stockholm. They both always had a passion for clubbing and spending time at the dance floors so they got influenced by artists like Madonna, Basement Jaxx, Kylie Minogue and disco artists from the 70’s and 80’s. In December 2004 Robert started rehearsals with the world famous ABBA musical MAMMA MIA! in Stockholm where he became very good friend with Johanna "Jo" Eriksson who also was part of the cast. At that time he and Sebastian wanted to find a female vocalist for the new group. Shortly after the premiere of MAMMA MIA Jo listened their material and asked Robert if she could put her vocals on it. She went into the studio and she basically blew Rob and Seb away. NEXX was born! The group continued to write and record new material during next two years and in 2006 they went on tour in Sweden, Finland and Latvia. In 2007 they got in touch with Swedish top producer Jonas Von Der Burg (September, Danny, Alcazar) and together with him and Ivar Lisinski (Bananarama, Danii Minogue) they wrote their upcoming single “Synchronize Lips”
The band is in the same record company like the Basic Element, Lemon Records..


Basic Element I just got this video with the making of .... Basic Element - Feelings Enjoy it!

Basic Element - making of

Dip Project From Russia is comin' the rain lool.. and the newest project called Dip Project & Infiniti.
It’s a trance, dance progressive band from Moscow. They release a song "Gde Ty" who is a big hit in Russia and now wants your attentions :D

News: Annorah, Armin Van Buuren, Arsenium, Basic Element

Annorah( E-Type vocalist) will be on 20, 22, 30 August at NRJ in the Park in Sweden.

Annorah va participa pe 20, 22 si 30 August la showul organizat de radio NRJ , NRJ in the Park.

Armin Van Buureen nominated on Top Famimos deejays of the world by Dj Mag Magazine, lunched his new single"In & Out of Love" with Sharon den Adel

Arsenium if u missed the performance of Arsenium with his new single Rumadai at Ballerman hits 2008 here it is..

Basic Element

Basic Element Today begins the Festival Sopot the show will be brodcast by Poland TV's TVP2 ,guests there, will be: Basic Element Kate Ryan, romanians bands like Crazy loop, Morandi, etc..
If u want to support your fav. at Sopot Festival 2008 HERE.

News:Basic Element,Trixi Delgado,Starstylers, 2unlimited,Fun Factory, LayZee,September

Basic Element the guys from Basic element put on their myspace a new song called "Feeling". The song will be on thier new material who will be lunched next year.

Basic Element au pus pe profilul My Space noua piesa care va face parte de pe viitorul album.Piesa se numeste "Feelings".

U can listen the track HERE

Trixi Delgado(former Masterboy vocalist)did vocals on a track by Store n Forward, no info wether it will be released or not as single.

Trixi a dat voce unei piese a celor de la Store n Forward dar nu sunt inforamtii daca aceasta piesa va fi lansata.

Starstylers are back with a new single entitled "Won't You", a collaboration with NG.

Noul single Starstylers se va numi "Won't You" si o colaborare cu NG.

2Unlimited Anita and Ray, former 2 Unlimited members, are currently negociating for a possible 2 Unlimited reunion, for live gigs. Among other demands, they would like to be authorized to use legally under the band name. Both will also release their solo album at the same time, in September.

Anita & Ray negociaza pentru o posibila reuniune a grupului 2Unlimited.
Amandoi vor lansa in toamna noile albume solo.

Fun Factory Dennis replaced Joel in the new Fun Factory performers team. The forthcoming Fun Factory album title (previously known as In The Heat Of The Night) has been changed, it will be called Storm In My Brain.

Se pare ca vor fi noi schimbari in noua trupa Fun Factory , Dennis l-a inlocuit pe Joel, noul album se va numi "Storm In My Brain".

News brought by Karine Sanche

LayZee will be this week at RLT Ibiza Promo Party this week. The party will be on the german tv Pro7 Taff.

September the song "Cry for you(new edit)it's used by the german Tv Rtl 2 for a movie promo.