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Short News

Medina launched the new material "For Altid (Special Edition)", the material includes 21 tracks in danish but in the same Medina style. For the moment the material is available on itunes for danish public only.

Verona  announced last week that she has a third member, Peter one of the lead members become a father to beautiful boy called "Petya". Congrats Peter. Right now the team is concentrated over the new release "Fallin in love".

Jack Holiday  made a remake after  Nik Kershaw 80's hit "The riddle" the same song that was remixed in 00's by Gigi D'Agostino.

Ida Corr is coming this day with a new material called "Singled Out" who gathers the most famous songs of Ida.

Medina, Ida Corr

Medina release a new single for the danish public called "12 Dage(12 Days)" the story of video is about "wrong love" and was release this days. The single was official presented last week at "X Factor final in Denmark" also there Medina presented the english version of"For Altid" "Forever".


Ida Corr came with a new single called "Naughty Girl". Corr got her professional singing start in the Danish girl group Sha Li Mar with Christina Undhjem (formerly the lead singer of YouKnowWho) and Engelina Larsen (formerly the featured vocalist of DJ Encore); the short-lived trio released a self-titled album in 2002 before disbanding. In 2004 Corr she wrote her own career releasing many songs but the international success came in 2007 with dutch producer Fedde Le Grand and now is trying to conquer the public with this new single..


Terri B! is back on track with a new look and a new song called "Keep on Rising" made in collaboration with Micha Moors.
Terri B! aka Terri Bjerre is the most known voice on european dance scene she collaborate with artists such as DONS, Jerry Roppero, AvantGarde, Future Breeze but was best known as the former vocalist of 2Elvissa. "Keep on Rising" her new song, will be out probably later this month... till then you can watch the sneak preview of the new single here.

Ida Corr is back with a new single called "What Comes Around Goes Around", the tune will be included on Ida's future material who will be out later on all digital platforms.

Pandora just announced that a new single is ready for release and ready to turn up the charts,the news was posted on her facebook account. Pandora or Anneli Magnusson is the best artist from eurodance scene, she release many hits among the years like "Tell The World", "Come On And Do It", "Don't You Know", "Trust Me" and "On A Night Like This"...
The tune will be released in Finland on the end of January .. the title is "kept secret" in "Pandora's box".

Regi compilation "Regi in the mix 9" is the best selling compilation in Flanders Ultratop album charts, Regi( Milk Inc, Sylver producer) is busy lately with the new Milk Inc. material who will be ready later this month.

Ida Corr, Perpetuous Dreamer, Groove Coverage

Ida Corr danish singer faimous after the huge hit with Fedde le Grand, "Let Me Think About it" , it's ready for another success called "Time" a tune release under Minsitery of Sound label. A preview of the song can be listen here.

Perpetuous Dreamer hit single "The Sound Of Goodbye" was covered in 2009 by Armin and now by the new project called T. Tommy & Vicente Belenguer Feat. Patrizze infos about the new remix here.

Groove Coverage Finnally after a long break Groove Coverage aka DJ Novus and the vocalists Verena are releasing a new single called "Innocent", the video premiere will be next week on Viva Germany and the official single release will be on October 1st.(thanks to Kdj)

Ace Of Base, Ida Corr

Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base former vocalist) is working on her solo material who will be launched in 2010, till now, one song is done and soon will be released.

Ida Corr finnally decided to make her move on music scene but this time not alone with Mr. Lover lover aka Shaggy, and the result is a great dance track called "Under the sun" launched on November 2nd. "Under the sun" is also and the name of third studio album which was released on August 31, 2009. More infos here

Nexx gave us an exclusive interview you can read it here

Hadise, WMA 2009, Ida Corr, Mr.President

Hadise winner TMF best R'n B artist in 2007 was selected to represent Turkey on Eurovision song contest from this year with the song “Living in Dreams(Düm Tek Tek)”.

WMC 2009 This year on WMC 2009 the nominees are :September, Amuka, Paul van Dyk & Armin van Bureen
You can support them whit your vote Here.

Kirsty Hawkshaw some cool songs from Kirsty can be found on her my space

Ida Corr after she said “Let me think about it” in 2007 Ida thinks that is the time to “Ride my Tempo”.

The single was released at the end of 2008 in Scandinavia and her collaboration with Wideboys makes this single a dance hit.

photo from

Mr.President Daniela Haak said “Yes” to her boyfriend Markus Beyer .
The Wedding Ceremony took part at the beach of Keys Biscayne/Florida on 25th December 2008 .
On their weeding came close friends to couple & family ...

On German wikipidia appeared a rumor that the old team T , Danii & LayZee will be in the studio working at a new material who will be released in 2010.
The rumor it’s untrue, LayZee said in our interview :”There will be no Mr.President comeback”.. said LayZee .

Dance News

will release his newest mix compilation on December 6th. He recently finished its recording, therefore we can tell you what you may expect on this awesome compilation
Also It's the time of the year, the Belgian music scene focuses on the Eurosong participation. At the beginning of 2008, the Belgian people begin to vote which song they'll send to the Eurosong contest.

Regi already did let know, he doesn't want Milk Inc. to perform at this contest, but he wouldn't mind producing a song for this contest. And that's what he did. On Februari 10th, Regi's song (My Music) will be performed by 3 young girls: Sabrina, Grisha and Valerie. They call themself Ellis-T. 'My Music' is a Jump-style song, it might become a hit in Belgium, but if it will go to the Eurosong contest, we'll see on Februari 10th


Sylver In the next episode of the reality soap "Regi's World" Wout and Silvy will be recording a new song for the brand new album in the Whisper Studio in Heusden Zolder (BE). A few weeks ago the viewers witnessed the birth of another new song "I Hate You" which will also appear on the new album. In contrary to what most people think this is not based upon the recent divorce issues of Silvy, but upon a recent broken relationship of Wout. The show is on air from next wednesday at 20h30. It is being repeated on saturday at 16h30 and 19h30. The final repeat is on sunday at 18u30.
(Source: JimTv)

Ace Of Base you can discover some new tracks on Ace of Base Myspace.
The songs are recalls of Lucky Love and Don’t Turn Around.

T-Spoon Linda Estelle and a male rapper Shamrock are back the join forces for a Tour called T-Spoon Reloaded .

Terri B (2evissa) did a song with D.O.N.S , the name is called “You Used To Hold Me”

Ida Corr is back with a new track “I Put my faith in you” in collaboration with Morten Trust.

Milk inc will perform on 31 December with Jessy at Silverster Party on Casino Knoke. Also Milk Inc. officially released their DVD from this years live concert at the Sportpaleis at Antwerp
The CD+DVD combination features the complete Forever album including live versions of Sunrise, Forever, Tonight, Guilty & Perfect Lie, remixed from the multitrack and from different dates and offcourse the DVD. On This DVD you can find over 2 hours of footage from the concert. It's the complete concert except for the 90s medley

Anna Vissi "Apagorevmeno" the new album will be out in stores December 9, 2008.

Romanian News

AnnaGrace noul single al Annei ( Ian van Dhal) poate fi gasit pe Everybody Dance now vol. 3. pe aceea compliatie mai sunt Whigfield, Yamboo, Captain Hollywood, Natural Born Grooves si multi altii mai multe detalii despre artisti Aici

Armin Van Buuren
a lansat noul sau album si in Romania tot aici mai puteti descoperi noua sa compliatie Armanda Trance pe care sunt incluse formatiile produse de el un exemplu Dobenbeck feat. Joanna – "Please Don’t go"...

Blank & Jones Noul albumul The logic of Pleasure poate fi gasit si la noi.