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Studio Killers - Party like it's your birthday

After a long break, i think was for inspiration, the european project Studio Killers are back with this smashing hit "Party Like it's your Birthday ". Thanks Radio Dancing Did you know that the vocals are provided by the Finnish musician - Teemu Brunila? Enjoy!

Eros and Apollo

Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink are back!!! The UK project  keep amazing me with their 2nd single "Eros and Apollo". The fresh sound and the cartoon combination makes the "Eros and Apollo" the next dance hit sensation. 
Already the new single is bumping on Slam Fm playlist and keeps draging the attention of all critics.
Finally something new that it's not only a sexy chick dancing on parties showing her "talent" just to gather more views on the channel..

Enjoy this new single from Studio Killers


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