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Mike Candys feat Evelyn Again

On Evelyn's official page was posted a news about a her comeback in Mike Candys project.  Evelyn is a Swiss singer that was known after the hits :Togheter Again , One night in Ibiza, and 2012. The collaboration with Mike stopped because she wanted to go on her own, but Mike was still behind the tracks that she released. 
The tittle of the new track is unknown yet... but soon will be shout it out on Evelyn's page. Till then be Together Again..:) 

Evelyn back with Mike Candys

After her first solo single "Dirty Nights" who was a flap, the swiss singer with blue eyes, says that her future single  will be with Mike Candys. The dj who collaborate with her and launched  hits like: "Together again", "One night in Ibiza", "Around the world" and "2012" .
The name of the future single is not yet revealed but we glad that this project continues to do music as Micheal Candys and Evelyn .

Mike Candys is Around the World

Swiss project Mike Candys is back with the third single "Around the World" made with the same hot and sexy vocalist - Evelyn, but this time they team up with David Deen.
Another thing about this project is  are nominated at Eurodance Web Awards 2011 with "Togheter Again".
The new single "Around The World" is labeled by Kontor and can be found on all digital megastores...

The new can be seen on Eurodance blog  Facebook Fan Base Registered & Protected