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Radu Sarbu a new song..

After his ex Ozone member -Arsenium launched the summer song Porque te amo with Sati Kasanova. And Radu Sarbu decided that it's time to start the party with a new song. 
The tune who was posted on his official utube was made with female singer Dee Dee(no relation with beligian singer), and it's not the 1st collaboration of those two. Drive, City of Sleeping Hearts were other songs that Dee Dee was involved as a singer in the project Dj Layla. 
The new tune is called "You are too perfect" and was wrote and produced by Radu Sarbu and Rassada Music. And it's a love song for those who believe in true love. 

Radu Sarbu explain:  "You are too perfect" is exactly  what I like to made and listen . Although initially it was made with another female voice, but Dee Dee suave voice brought warmth and color to the song. It's a song that I did it from the heart and the maximum pleasure without thinking about the target, trends or other commercial stuff. It is a song with a simple message and beautiful and I hope to reach not only the ears but also the hearts of listeners and my fans. "