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The girl next door is back

Maruja Retana the girl next door is back with some fresh songs. On her official soundcloud profile Maruja posted two new songs, the 1st one is a ballad  called "Naive" and the 2nd one is "Back to the future" an up tempo song who i think, reminds me a little bit of Alexandra Burke style.
When will be released the new single is not yet mentioned but we still wait great songs from Maruja's part. Preview here. 

Maruja Retana was discovered by the dutch producers on the internet where she posted some acoustic videos performed by her, and in 2011 released worldwide the 1st single "Right through me", a song who was the powerplay on Radio 538.

The girl nextdoor - Maruja Retana

Recently i just dicovered a new dance project who comes from Holland and it's promoted by Spinnin rec the same label who's promoting Inna and Ray&Anita.
The artist has the look of "the girl next door" :) her name is Maruja Retana an ex psychologist who discovered that her true passion is music who can be considered also a modern way to treat people!
Spinnin' discover her thru' utube where she posted a few videos performing various songs..and immediately sign a deal with her.
Her 1st single is called "Right Through Me" a catchy song with modern sounds, who gather from release 320.000 views.
Maruja said "her ultimate goal is to connect with her audience on every level, and to make music that not only stays up to date with the current trends, but that has a timeless quality to it that rises above and beyond typical pop."
Let's hope that will give more songs like this....