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Ice bucket challenge hits eurodance

The phenomenon Ice Bucket Challenge arrived in "eurodance garden" if i may call it this way, Ak Swift lead rapper of Magic Affair was nominated to drop a Bucket full of ice and water by his daughter Cleopatra Latifah.
Ak accepted the  challenge and also donate to ALS cause and he challenge Angela Merkel, Bernd Waldstädt, Franca Morgano of Magic Affair, and Penny Ford of Snap. The video can be seen here

The  Ice Bucket Challenge according to Wikipedia  is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone's head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or short ALS . Many people in the world  answered to this challenge but the videos who had many views were the failures...

Ak Swift's treasure

We all know that Ak Swift was the lead rapper of Magic Affair, and was posing in  posture of "bad boy" but his not like that. Recently the rapper shared with his fans the little treasure that he loves so much his children, and one who  follow him in show biz is her daughter Cleopatra Latifah..
 More about Ak Swift actual project here

Dan Balan, Down Low, Ak Swift

Dan Balan ( ex O-Zone) is preparing to release in Europe a new hot single, after a hot summer and Chica's Bombs (A song used by german Tv RTL as ident more) Dan just release in Romania the new single "Justify Sex" and soon will be released all over europe

Ak Swift( Magic Affair)'s new song "Do what I wanna do" was included on the compilation SEPTASS - Hoodlookgood Light Edition and can be download on itunes. Ak also features in the new material from PSYCOMATIC. more infos on AK facebook account

Down Low Mike Dalien lead singer of eurorap act Down Low is back this year with a new single called "The Thing Called Love". The single will be released soon all over Europe on digital megastores.

Jenny Bergren, Ak Swift

Jenny Berggren Ace of Base lead singer released her solo album called "My story", an material wrote by Jenny herself were she talks about love and hate inspired by life experince.
On the material will be included also and the singles  "Free me", "Here I am" & "Gotta Go", the material can be pre order here.

Ak Swift(Magic Affairjust gave a recent interview were he talks about his future projects, recently recorded new tracks with Pawel Tumbo Szczyrba producer for the eurorap project Legends & Dimonds. The first single with this project would be called "(The World Is) Hard & Cold" chours were made by C-Block former vocalist Misty aka Theresa Baltimore. more here

Passion Fruit, Guru Josh Project, Ak Swift

Leticia Pareja-Padron the one who was behind, and the voice of Bubblegum Dance group, Passion Fruit, release a new version of the hit "The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song 2010". The single was oficial release on April 6th and it's from Leticia solo album "Summer feeling". The tune can be found here.

Guru Josh Project It's been along time from Guru Josh Project last release, now they are back with "Frozen Teardrops 2010" the tune made with Lauren Rose and release on beatport on August 10 on Club Sessions compilation.

Ak Swift lead rapper of eurodance act Magic Affair will start a tour in Europe, more details about the show you can find here .

Look Twice,Activate,BG the Prince of Rap,Evi Goffin

Look Twice are back ! Patrik Wincent is the only member remaining from the original formation. They released a new version of their hit Move That Body. You can discover it on their official Myspace (thanks to Patrik Wincent himself)

Activate's hit "Save Me" was covered by DJ Brainstorm.(Thanks to Dance Music News)

BG the Prince of Rap's "The Colour Of My Dreams" was once again covered, this time in an handsup style by the German DJ duet Sequenza meets Megastylez.

Evi Goffin(Medusa, Lasgo) was featured by Alex Sayz on the dance single "Hate To Love".

Experience Of Music's new single can already be pre-oredered on Amazon Germany, Amazon France and Amazon US, where you can also preview the mixes (thanks to Frank Winkelmann himself)

Anthera's "Good Time Tonight" was remixed by DJ Mikey. You can dicover this brilliant mix on his Myspace.

Infos by Karine Sanche

The new interview with Ak Swift (Magic Affair) can be read here