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In Loving Memory ... Mark Spoon

In 2006 the world of dance music was shaken about Mark Spoon dead.
Mark was born on November 27 1966, and he began his professional career as a cook before changing direction and working as a DJ in the late 1980s, he meet Jam El Mar (a classically trained guitarist) in the early 1990s and they made Jam & Spoon.
In Europe they were known after their hits like "Right In The Night" (who reached # 10 in Israel and a # 10 in the UK),  "Find Me", "Angel"," Kaleidoscope Skies" and "Set me Free".
Mark Spoon was found dead in 2006 on January 11 in his apartment from Berlin the cause of death is assumed to be a heart attack.
On July 15, 2006, Mark was remembered at the 2006 Love Parade with a live performance of his popular song, "Be Angeled", which was featured in the 2001 German film Be Angeled, in which Mark Spoon performed.
In 2008 the "Sexy Eyes" girl, Whigfield, made a cover after "Right In The Night" bringing this way a tribute to Mark Spoon the one who made  "Right In The Night" an anthem and brought happiness and joy with Jam & Spoon music all over the world.

Sylvia Tosun, Luciana, Jam & Spoon, Alice Deejay

Sylvia Tosun new single "Above all" was last week # 6 in Billboard Dance Charts, the single it's from her recent Ep with the same name "Above all" and includes 5 tracks and the newest single  "World Keeps Turning".

Luciana gave an interview where she talks about her music & big success of "I like that". Luciana recently wrote a track for Kylie's new material "Aphrodite",the tune is called "Cupid Boy", The hole interview can be listen here

Jam & Spoon A new remix of Jam & Spoon single "Be angeled" was released and can be found on all digital megastores.

Alice Deejay till of Dutch project Alice Deejay return , a new dance project M25 covered Dj Jurgen & Alice's success Better of Alone, the new version can be found here.

Alexandra Prince, Natural Born Grooves, Dj Bobo, Milk Inc, Jam & Spoon, SoundLovers

Alexandra Prince Great news Alex finished filming her new video "So alive", the  new tune made in collaboration with Syke'n'Sugarstar the video will be out this month. "So Alive" was played last night on Peter Luts radio show MNM Dance.

Natural Born Grooves are back or  half  of them,  Frank Ti-Aya (Aka Dj F.R.A.N.K) release a new track called "Missing" the Everything but the girl hit also covered by No Mercy in "96 and this year by belgian singer Jessy. A preview of Frank new remix can be listen  here 


Dj Bobo's new single will be called  "This is my time" the tune was released as a promo single. "Superstar" the 1st single from "Fantasy" album was released this month in Europe, right now Rene is on tour to promote the album "Fantasy".

 Higher, Faster, Further, DJ BoBo! This is the slogan for the new "„Fantasy" show . A giant, as high as a 5-storied building will be the new stageset and therefore the center of this spectacular show. A dynamic production, a powerful performance, as well as the most modern special-effects and very complex light-technique will set a new benchmark in the music-entertainment. Enchanting costumes, new songs of the upcoming album (release on January 29, 2010 ), as well as 20 DJ BoBo hits will make "Fantasy" to a spectacular top-class experience. "Fantasy" is making a long harbored dream come true for DJ BoBo: I`m so looking forward to this sensational stageset and all the talented artists, dancers and musicians coming on tour with me. Welcome to my fantasy!" ( info from

The single "Superstar" includes a Premium single and a poster more details here 

Milk inc  new single will be called "Chasing The Wind" and for the single they shoot also and a video in Spain. Milk inc won the MTV networks Cool Brand Award for Coolest Band in Belgium, you can see them live on stage on September 24th on Eclipse show 

Jam & Spoon Plavka former  vocalist made a song with J. Nitti called "Surrender", the song was dropped out in April on itunes under Armin van Buuren label Armada music. 

 SoundLovers Nathalie (former vocalist), Vivian B (Da Blitz), Kim Lukas join forces to form Bandance and they release a single called "Guiding Star", a tribute song dedicated to King Of Pop M.J. All the incomes will go to San Paolo Hospital Mailand. The tune will be out on June 25th and can be found here.  

Basic Element, Ice Mc, Jam & Spoon, Plavka

Basic Element "Touch you right now" it's on radio compilation 538 Dance Smash Hits 2009 Vol. 2.The compilation can be found here.

Ice Mc a new song can be discovered on Ice Mc my space the track is called “Don’t do that”. Ice performed Saturday 11 on the I love the 90’s – The Party…
Thanx for the info to Music Express

Jam N Spoon The producer of Jam N Spoon , DJ Jam El Mar, is honored to be on the list of remixers of the new track Hands Of Time by Tested Records. This track will be with the stunning Eva-Diva on vocals.
Info by Music Express

Plavka revealed the tracks from her solo material "Plavkalicious", Plavka was the lead singer of the project Jam & Spoon & The Shamen. Today she plays small gigs in London with her band and more of the songs she sings are influenced in jazz.
This are the songs included on her new material:

Im A Woman
Dont Get Attached
Chasing An Illusion
Be My Sundae
String Of Pearl
Read My Lipstick Lips

For more check her page
Info by Music Express