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JES - Heartbeat Tonight

The trance diva JES is back with this amazing tune entitled HeartBeat Tonight. The tune  was made in collaboration with Elevven and was released in Armin van Buuren show #ASOT874.

JES - Get me through the night

After a long break, break I cannot say that cause she didn't took a break, but her latest works ... to be honest didn't touch my "music feeling' .
Now she is back with an amazing track made in the old style, that I really enjoying ... if you don't know about who I am talking is - JES known after collaboration with Motorcycle , Tiesto, BT , and the list is long... but this single entitled "Get me through night " is a piece of hit.
I don't know if will have the result of Taylor Swift videos , cause she is not in posture to buy views like many records labels from US , but this single deserves more views ...
Enjoy it.. cause is a piece of Gold from an artist who also sings and writes..  and writes very well .....
The tune can be found on all digital megastores... #GoodMusic 

Jes is back

The american singer, songwriter and producer - Jes is coming on dance scene with a new music packet entitled Runaway made in collaboration with Cold Blueand Dennis Sheperd. It's been a long time since Jes didn't release a new single because was very concentrated over the radio project Unleash the beat.
Runway will be available world wide starting from September 22nd.

Jes a new single

Aqua lead singer looks better ever, in recent photo posted on her official FB - Lene Neystrom shows that time for her plays in her favour, and can bes a normal person like anyone else...
The singer is preparing this days a show in Norway for danish television - tv2

JES made  new song  for Armin label called "As We Collide", JES team up with Christian Burns and american producer Paul Oakenfold, this song brings you one of the most exciting collaborations of 2012. preview of the new song here

Flying Blind

When you say music is like a drug .. i must confirm that is it true 'cause the new tune from JES is like a strong one..."Flying blind" is her new masterpiece, made with the German Trance DJ's Claus Terhoeven (Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (Bossi) aka Cosmic Gate. The tune was included on german compilation "Dream Dance Vol. 63" and was JES herself who wrote the track, and was included on Cosmic Gate album "Wake Your Mind". Preview of the song here

JES In Your Eyes

North American singer, songwriter, producer - JES is back with a new song called "In Your Eyes", the tune was included on Ferry Corsten album "WKND" that will be released on February 24.
Jes right now is working on her next material that will be launched later this year...


JES is back on track with a new tune entitled "Can't stop", the tune was official released on November 7th and can be found on JES

September Petra Marklund just released last week the new video "Party my head" .The video was shoot on July 18th by Patric Ullaeus the one who made and the latest video.

Pandora was nominated at OE Music Video Awards with "Why" the song extracted from her recent material "Head Up High". Soon Pandora will release another track here it is a preview
Pandora - Head Up High by andersnyman

Neja's single "Walking on a dream" was choosen by Coconuda their tv spot, the tune will be included on "Sushi club reloaded" . Neja says "the ones who appreciated the first volume of "sushi club 133", cannot miss the "reloaded" version, enriched by the warm and sophisticated sound of the FBI band... "
The new material will be done before Christmas.

Eva Simons released her 3rd single an amazing track made with Apster and it's called "I Need More" preview of the new single can be seen here.

Lili Rocha it's brazilian native singer and "Gold In Your Soul" it's her recent single launched on August 2011 and for this single she collaborated with Steven Wolf.
"Gold In Your Soul" is enpowering song that advocates self worth and challenges listeners to find the confindence within. More details here

It's to late

The trance singer Jes Brieden is back with an extraordinary masterpiece called "It’s Too Late" released under Magik Muzik.
Jes worked among the years with the best from this industry like BT, Armin, Tiesto to name a few releasing hit after hit... "It's To late' was released official on August 22 worldwide.
 If you know more about her read this interview.

It’s Too Late to turn back now ......JES

Dance News

"Show Me The Way" is the new single from American singer/songwriter/producer, JES. She kept the same line but the collaboration with Allure gave to this single a strong vibe.

Andain is a San Francisco-based duo with a musical approach at electronic music, the band was formed by Josh Gabriel, songwriter/vocalist Mavie Marcos, and guitarist David Penner. In Europe Andain blowed the dance charts with "Beautiful things" and "You Once Told Me", and after a long silence came with a new single called "Promises".

Above & Beyond single it's called ‎"Thing Called Love" and made in collaboration with Richard Bedford the tune can be found on amazon.

Lori Glori (Intermission, Dj Bobo) has a new single called "Jump" made with TUKLAN & FIRETIME, a preview of the new single here.

Samira Besic Maxx lead singer finally decided that it's time to bring out a new material - a dance track, the news was posted on her official facebook account but the name of the song was not confirmed yet.

News from Facebook

The belgian diva Kate Ryan is back with a new look and a new material you can listen "Madness" via soundcloud , the tune will be included on her album ...

Reset(Norway) is back with a new single called "One Love" the tune can be found via itunes (thanx to Tommy)

Rapture was the huge success of IIO now Nadia Ali is trying to bring this hit in our attention but in her own style ...

E-type release his new video "Back 2 life" i don't know what was the subject of the video cause i try to discover and it's hard .. to many hot girls more here

Alexandra Stan recently gave an interview about "Mr. Saxobeat" success. Alexandra said: I happy about that huge success but i'm down to earth person and i would like to do what i like singing and if people love what i doo soo i will keep doing and not sleeping on Mr. Saxobeat success.." said Alexandra

Melody Castellary is back with a new material "Roses are Not Flowers" the material includes songs wrote by her . Melody was the voice behind of many eurodance projects like Sundee, Lady Violet, Jessica Jay she likes dance but only to be the voice not the face of the projects.. DEAR was the 1st and the last project that appeared.
"Roses are Not Flowers" will be available on all digital megastores.

Jes single "Awaken" was remixed by Thomas Gold. Jes was the voice of Motorcyle project and she release with them the smash hit "As the Rush Comes" among the years she worked with many faimous people like BT, Tiesto, Armin and now is preparing her 3nd album ...

Captain Jack Team released this month a new material called "Back to the Dancefloor", their single Dream a Dream sung by Maloy & Franky Gee is promoted this days on Clubland Tv.

Alcazar is preparing a new single after "crying so many times on discoteque' Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Annikafiore Kjaergaard are ready for a new single "Feel for you" it's called.

Awaken JES

Photo from Awaken

After "Closer" , JES will release another masterpiece from her recent material "High Glow" the song is called "Awaken", and was written by Jes herself  in the same style emo/trance/poptronic. For this song Jes made a video who will be released soon. So... "AWAKEN YOUR HEART …YOUR MIND DON’T LET IT SLIP BY YOU" says Jes :)

Jes, Linda Estelle, Claudia Cazacu, Unique 2

Jes (Motorcyle) "Closer" her new single is # 2 in UK Dance Charts, the single can be found togheter with 12 remixes on itunes .

Linda Estelle ( T-Spoon former vocalist & Divas of Dance) broke the ice of silence with a hot collaboration, Linda join forces with dutch Dj Sinharaja to bring out this amazing electro track called "Hold one" released on June 2010, and it's the 2nd single with Linda as a vocalist. "Hold on" it's from Dj Sinharaja debut album called "Proud to be Dutch". More infos here.

Claudia Cazacu romanian trance deejay release her new single called "Rain". "Rain" is her latest release on her own Couture label for more infos about the single you can find here.

Unique 2 Another comeback on  european dance scene is going, i'm talking about the former Unique 2 singer Jade join  EK3 to bring out this new music project called Busy Bazaar, why this name !? very simple music industry is like a Busy Bazaar :). Right now Jade & EK3 are preparing new songs who will be ready for release later this year.

Jes, Luciana

Jes "Closer" is the 2nd single off Jes (Motorcyle) from the newest album "High Glow". The single and indeed the entire album, has been greeted with reviewers with unbridled enthusiasm, many calling it “pure magic” and “an astonishing return to form” and predicting a number one smash dance hit for the dimutive diva. The video was official launched in August.

Luciana(Bodyrox) After "I like That" and "Shout your month" with her collegues from Bodyrox, Luciana next single is called "I Got My Eye On You" made in collboration with Nari & Milani. The single enjoys good feedback from reviewers because the song is # 5 on Beatport Disco Chart this week. You can listen the single here.

Jes, Sylvia Tosun, Edun, Dhany

Jes join forces with BT, two of the biggest superstars of Electronic Dance Music, resulting this amazing video "Every Other Way". "Every other way" was released on all digital megastores and was included on BT album "These Hopeful Machines". more infos here.

Sylvia Tosun after the amazing success of "I remember" with Deadmau5 and "Push 'n Pull", Sylvia made another music piece called "Above All", a track produced by Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz. The single can be found on all digital megastores.

Edun It's in studio working at new songs with Deejay L.B, the material will be relasesd later this year.

Dhany Alex Gaudino released a new song after his huge success with "Destination Unknown" in 2007 now join forces with Dj Smash and choose another great voice, Dhany from Benassi Bros. The single is called "Moscow never sleeps", but the single does not seem to be available yet.The video can be seen here.

Armin van Buuren, Jes

Armin van Buuren will release tonight June 23th 2010 on itunes the next single called "Full Focus" a song who it will precede the next album and the fourth from Armin's career. The date of album's release will be this fall on September 10th.
On his official site Armin says about the single "it's a return to my core sound". The single will be fallowed by a promotion world tour more infos here .


Jes is preparing new stuff for her fans the first Jes podcast with songs from her album Disconnect more infos here

Kopatechnic it's a electro soul project from America, and their sound reminds me a little bit of Bingoboys and Blackbox. You can discover this band here

Jes, Luciana, Cascada

Jes just finished her new material called "High Glow", the album includes 15 tracks, all wrote by Jes herself. The material will be dropped out on March 15 2010 and can be pre order here.

Luciana will perform I like that at the 25th Annual International Dance Music Awards in Miami next month in front of an audience of over 2000 professionals, artists, DJs & press from 62 countries. You can still vote for her here

Cascada launched her new video "Pyromania", the single will be included on the future material who will be released later this year.

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