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Alexandra Prince ready for summer

The voice of Sqeezer, Blümchen, Hot Banditoz Laava, is coming this summer with a cover after Bobby Hebb entitled "Sunny" . The cover was made with Ferry Ultra

Being a huge fan of the original by Bobby Hebb, Ferry decided to have a go on this classic his way…a beautiful uptempo rendition sung in Portuguese by Alexandra Prince. 

"Sunny" will be released on August 23nd and can be pre order on all digital megastores.

Alexandra Prince is the Queen

Alexandra Prince known as the voice of Sqeezer, Hot Banditoz, Laava, and many more came with a collaboration this month with international superstar Jessie J. The half Brazilian singer worked on new material of Jessie and her single that will be release will be entitled Queen . 
Preview bellow 

Diva Prince is back..

  It's my first time when i write again an article, and this time is an honor to open the blog with this artist - Alexandra Prince
Don't worry i am not doing because i must, just because this artist amaze me with her voice, and this time she did it, once again! 
Her new single it's an collaboration with Ben Delay and Nervos Records  after Brandy & Monica huge hit "The boy is mine". 
What is so special of this cover !? For me the rhythm, the old rhythm that really want to hear more often, but also the voice that is pure, and not synthesized voice with different programs that today is used to be more robotic then human, of course  .. when you are high you cannot make difference... but i like the natural voice and not the other one.. 
Anyway.. i am so glad that this lady, who gave so much to eurodance scene came back in 2016 with this amazing dance track, and i hope that she will shock us in a good way with more tunes like this... Preview here 

Engelina in studio

The lead singer of Danish project Dj Encore Engelina Larsen confirmed that it's in studio, but is not recording songs for her but for the new danish artist Barbara Moleko. Dj Encore fans wrote to her if she's thinking to comeback on dance scene... but Engelina didn't answered at this question...

Pandora she also wrote on her profile that she's working on her new material. Photos from studio with the recordings session was posted on her Facebook and recently she posted a video with a message Think before you judge .. It's the title of the new song !? We don't know... yet

Alexandra Prince #Sqeezer #Nana #Laava is back with a new song, the singer recently upated her profile saying that a new video is ready to be launched.

Bellini are back with Samba do Brasil

The euro house german project came this year with a new song and new members. Bellini who hit international charts with Samba de Janero in 97, came this summer with a new team: Myrthes Monteiro,Maria Efeldt and Tracey Ellis  are the new faces of the project.

Samba do Brasil is a re edit of their 90's hit, but this version is more special because diva Prince provide the background vocals and also wrote the track.

Samba do Brasil can be found on the new material entitled Festival that will be out this month. more infos

Alexandra Prince said:

Hey:) I've wrote the Track and sang some Background vocals:)The Bellini Girls are marvelous.I love

Alexandra Prince a happy mom

We all know that Alexandra Prince is one of best vocalist in dance music and her tunes hit international charts. But we also know that is a wonderful mom. On  January 15th the singer announced on her personal twitter account that she gave birth to a healthy boy named  Mateo Luan, and the second son from Prince family.

Alexandra Prince : I'm so proud to announce of my son birth Mateo Luan.

Alexandra took a break from music scene but she promise that will comeback on dance scene with her stage sister Melbetz aka Durstlöscher.

Another artist on the break

House Diva - Alexandra Prince shared with her fans a great news: she's pregnant!
 The singer looks amazing in a role of pregnant mom and this can be seen  in the picture posted on FB. 

Alexandra we wish you all the best an easy pregnancy! And we hope to come back soon with more dance tunes.

Alexandra Prince - Cada vez

Prepare your player because your summer track is here - "Cada vez or Ever" in english is the new single that Alexandra Prince( Sqeezer, Blumchen, NANA) tries to conquer us the listeners.
What is so different from other summer songs !? Her unique voice and the team that Alexandra choose to play - The Cube Guys. Who from what i see the guys are hunting divas to collaborate with them, and Alexandra is one of them.
Cada vez was already released in Europe by Energy production  more infos here 

Studio Time!!

Her music became a phenomenon all over the world - Inna it's the most appreciated singer outside  without doub, the awards and concerts confirms that ... The Romanian Ambasador as i would like to call her is on Tour in America transmiting  thourgh her music the image and this message " Romania has something to say also in this industry and will like to be part also"  
Inna also confirmed that she's working hard on her 3nd album  but she didn't say when will be release.....

Another eurodance diva who announced that she is in studio it's Alexandra Prince. The Queen of House as she want to be called, Alex said in a recent post on Twitter that a new song it's on  date to release right now the singer are preaparing de vocals and remixes, but she didn't tell the tittle of the new song....

We still love - Alexandra Prince

The Queen of house - Alexandra Prince  confess on her twitter account  that sometimes the inevitable to happen - to forget the lyrics of your song..
In a recent concert made in Hamburg Germany, Alexandra forgot the lyrics of the Durstloscher - new song and she had to google it - was the most embarissing moment - confessed the singer  on twitter.
"The embarrassing when you have to Google your own Lyrics! Ay ay ay."
 But fans still love her because the singer showed to everybody that is not a robot she is a human,  even she can make mistakes .... Love is in the air !!! :)

Beasts party

When you say Alexandra Prince for almost all eurodance fans will bring in their mind Sqeezer, Blumchen Dj @ Work, Nana, Hot Banditoz and many other projects that was not credit for, but for many of us knows that behind of those commercial images stands a strong women and beautiful voice , that this days join forces with Melbeatz (female rapper) for an electro house project named Durstlöscher (Thirst quencher). 
The 1st video made togheter is called Tanz bis zum ende who has a good  support of german press.

The new electronic duo  - Durstlöscher is preparing the first album called  "Feierbiester" (Beasts Party) that will be available on all digital platforms starting from 06.07.2012. For more infos check the page.

Show me what you got

The ultimate queen of house - Alexandra Prince is back in 2012 with a new single called "Mas Que Nada".
Alexandra early career started as a studio singer for many eurodance projects but the success came with Nana and Booya Family in '96 when she decided that is time to "get out from the closet", her first single as Alexandra Prince came in 2002 when she launched the single "Besame Mucho" with Gadjo fallowed by "So many Times" in 2006, "Are you (Watching me, Watching you" 2006 all songs were wrote by her.
"Mas Que Nada" is her recent masterpiece launched recently and made with Richard Grey & Nari & Milani more info here

Dance News

Alexandra Prince the house diva is working also an a new single the news was shared on her official FB account. Alexandra Prince was one of the voice behind of europop project Sqeezer till 1999 when she close the deal with the record label, now is working on her solo project and for sure will a success..

Schiller got a new track on his official Fb Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller announced that it's in the studio working on new songs. The new material will be released probably next year.

Medina was choosen by the danish Reebok to be their image we don't know the check value but i think he has many zeros, right now the danish artist is working on her 2nd album that will be ready next year, till then you can enjoy her recent single "For Altid".

Alexandra Prince is ready to set you free....

Alexandra Prince the german/brazilian dance diva is ready to attack the dancefloor with a new hit, the tune is made in collaboration with Jeroenski a famous dutch dj & Jorn, and it's called "Set me Free". The single is allready launched world wide and can be found here.

T-Seven alias Judith Hildebrandt recently gave an interview to a local german magazine where she talked about Mr.President time and how decided to be a dj at Radio Energy. The hole article can be seen here.

Pandora is like a box very hard to open to know what's new with her :), recently she gave an interview to russian television where she explained how hard is to be on top and to keep the feet on the ground. Pandora is an tour to promote her new single with russian  singer Stacy, the interview can be view here.

Terri B! just said on her official FB that is working on new tracks, Terri was one of  voices behind of dance projects 2 Eivissa, AvantGarde, Future Breeze and this days is working on her material that will be released soon.

2 Unlimited Ray said on his official FB that this days is shooting the new Ray & Anita video, and a fan will be invited to appear on their video.

Velvet will be invited on August 4th on WORLDS BIGGEST SCHLAGER AFTER PARTY, there Jenny will perform her new single "Love Struck".

Niki Haris is still alive and doing music, last week Snap! vocalist appear on american event more details here.

Alexandra Prince said Yes

The half brazilian & half german singer Alexandra Prince said yes to her boyfriend Simon Ihmig. The event took place last weekend when Alexandra was conquered with a beautiful golden ring.
Alex "shared this event" on her facebook were she posted pics with the new Ms Ihmig.
Profesional speaking Ms Ihmig is very busy with her german project DURSTLÖSCHER, recently released a single called "Durstlöscher--Der N.D.E. Sound" more infos here

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer released with her project Hotel Bossanova a new material "Bossonomia" with 11 tracks wrote by Liza in her genre that she loves - jazz more details here.

September released in Canada her 2nd single "Me & My Microphone" from her recent european album "Love CPR".

Linda Rocco is preaparing a new single , the news was posted on her official facebook, the date and what genre will be the future single - we don't know...

Leila K From what i read on scandicpop the eurodance legend Leila K will be back with the new project Wallenberg, the tune is called "Legendary" and Leila will do the raps. The new tune can be found on soundcloud for free, more details here

Brooklyn Bounce are back with a collaboration with King Chronic Miss L entitled Cold Rock A Party, to be released on May 20th. Not really the usual style... The following month, they should release a antoher collaboration, this time with Maurizio Gubellini, entitler Bass, Beats & 5 Seconds. Listen to it here Buy it here (Info Karine Sanche)

Alexandra Prince is ready to rock!

Alexandra Prince the real voice of many eurodance acts like Sqeezer, Hotbonditoz, Laava, Dj@Work, Neo Cortex, is back on with a new project called DURSTLÖSCHER, for this act choose to team up with Melbeatz and their first single is called "Der N.D.E. Sound" and can be listen here.

Benny Benassi took a break with Benassi Bros (project made with his cousin Alle) cause he made a new single for Chris Brown called "Beautiful People", and can be found on all digital megastores.

Pandora just release her new material called "Head Up High", the album inlcudes 14 tracks and can be found here .

Pearl the new single will be called 'Like A Video Game", the song was played last week on Peter Luts radio show MNM Dance.

Dj Project The new single from Dj Project aka Elena will be called "Mi-e dor de noi( I miss us)" and will be released soon with the new album.

Kate Ryan just released the new single "Lovelife" the tune was inspired after Liquido's hit the new version made by belgian dance diva is pure amazing "One life on love" and can be found on all digital megastores...more details here.

Erika will be back

Erika Another comeback this year will be from Erika's part, the italian dance singer and Tristano De Bonis( Magic Box) sister, will be back with a new material . The first appearance was on November 31 at Odissea. Antoher news is that - her single "Save my heart' was included on Eurodance Web Compilation.

Alexandra Prince said in a interview that she is planning to have a 2nd baby soon, but she will keep doing and producing music. Her next single should be a collaboration with Supafly inc.

Sylvia Tosun gave an interview to Fashion news were she spoked about her future projects: "a new material soon with David Vendetta and Alex Sayz".

Nadia Ali new single it's called "Call my name" and it's made with Sultan and Ned Shepard and was included on Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Diamond Edition (Extended Mixes).

E-Type signed a contract to have his songs broadcasted on French and US radios. Does it mean a comeback in these countries ? He was a guest in the TV show 'Rum för en stjärna med Simon & Tomas' last Monday on TV3. This days E-type is filming his new video "Back 2life".(Info KDJ)

T-spoon Shamrock (T-spoon rapper) teamed with John Macraven under the name A.Lua'Sol on the single "Make Me Happy". (Info KDJ)

Eurodance News

Terri B! is going back in studio to record some new tracks with Gerald G &Smoking, the date release is unknown yet.

Also Queen house diva Alexandra Prince(Sqeezer,Nana) is preapring new songs with latests djs and producers.

Pandora sung Madonna's song "Frozen" at In Bed With Riku Niemi show the performance can be seen here.

Peter Luts(Lasgo,Ian van Dahl)started the new year with right foot 'cause is ready to release with Groovewatchers the new single "Echolights & Sexy Sexy Cool" on January 24th, preview here.

Also and Peter Luts collegue David Vervoort release a single "Iemand zoals jij" with the project Get Ready! like the title says, is ready to conquer the flemish charts. More here

Alexandra Prince and Pandora

"I am here for Hip Hop" says Alexandra Prince(Nana & Sqeezer), recently Miss Prince put her touch on Phantom Black new track called "Home", and is not the first time when Alex is doing this kind of collaborations, in '97 and '99 she marked Nana's hits "Lonely, "He's Coming",  "In My dreams", so the new tune will have the same fate,  "Home"will be released soon on all digital platforms, more details here.

Pandora showed on facebook the name and the front cover of  her new single, the song is called "Anne's song" and is made in duett with Peter Jezwski a ballade who is available on itunes and amazon, but more details here.

Eurodance News

Alexandra Prince release the new single it's called "Treat Me Right", the EP was made in collaboration with Chic Flowerz and was released officially on November 5.

Twenty 4 Seven released on itunes a "Best of". More infos here

Marcia Juell and the project CyberSutra were nominated at IDMA,and you can vote for them here

Gabry Ponte made a mash up of "Barbra Streisand" and can be listen here.

Susana( Armin Van Buuren) release a new single called "If I Could" from her recent material "Closer". The EP was made with Bart Claessen and will be official released on December 20. More infos here.