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Gina G is back for a quick "Just a little bit"

The Australian eurodance singer is stuck in time cause she still looks amazing i don't know what's her secret but she thought to come back this days after 6 years of break with a new material.
Gina G aka Gina Mary Anne Gardner came with a new single called "Next 2U" which will be soon released worldwide, and today on Joy Radio Australia will be the premiere of the new tune.

Soundlovers aka Nathalie Aarts is preparing a new single release with Kim Lukas, the new tune will pe performed on Luca Zeta private party this June and it's called "Breathe Again".

Love Inc Simone Deny lead singer recently was asked if she thinks to do a remake of Love Inc hitsingle "Superstar". Simone "If my fans want that song why not".
Right now canadian diva is working on her future material that will be released soon on all digital megastores.

N-Trance lead singer Kelly Llorenna is shooting a video with Freak Asylum, the material will be released next month and can be seen on Clubland TV.

Double You aka William Naraine is releasing his first video "If i could fall" and will be released soon on armanda tv channel.