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Two blondes on the dancefloor

Two blondes are coming on dance floor. The first is Ian van Dahl lead singer Annagrace who's coming with a summer song called  "Girls like dancing" a song produced by Peter Luts and Annagrace. The tune is already release on itunes and soon will be available on amazon
This song makes me laugh and dance... said the singer on FB

 The 2nd one is no other then Silvy de Bie (Sylver) whos coming with a new video entitled "Watch out for him". A single who will be included on her solo material as Sil.
Sill said that was fun to make this video because she worked with a wonderful team and the result will be showed soon.

Black Angel Unreleased Track by Ian Van Dahl

                                   Source : FB
  Annagrace posted on her FB account an unreleased track by Ian Van Dahl, the project were Annemie was involved as a singer and songwritter, the tune it's called Black Angel, and was wrote for a lost friend in the tragic car accident... so the story of the track reflect that story...
 "A few years ago, a good friend of mine lost her boyfriend in a tragic car accident. I wrote a song to help her express all the emotions that she was going through. This song was only heard by a select number of people. Sometimes music can express those words which are so hard to say... May it bring comfort for those who need it. " said the artist
 The tune can be found on amazon for more details click on the photo


Sylvia Tosun, Linda Mertens, AnnaGrace,Gabry Ponte

Sylvia Tosun house diva came on dance scene with two new songs, the first one is a remix made for Alex M.O.R.P.H."World Keeps Turning" and the 2nd it's a collaboration between Alex M.O.R.P.H. and it's called "An Angel's Love" trance anthem of 2011 named by Armanda Music. All the tunes can be found on digital megastores.

Milk inc lead singer Linda Mertens cover this week P-Magazine.

AnnaGrace made for Q music 10th annyversary a cover of Black Eye Peas,the tune was recorded in Regi studio with Jelle Lasgo and Kate Ryan you can see it here.

Gabry Ponte former Effel 65 release a new single called Skyride, the tune was release in Italy on July, and the video for this video gather almost 305000 visits.

Dance Updates

‎PowerFrancers "Pompo nelle case (Pump up in the speakers)" from PowerFrancers also gather 3.200.000 views, the project is supported in Italy by MTV Italia director Luca De Gennaro, M2O radio and by the Italian pop star Luciano Ligabue..

AnnaGrace(Ian van Dahl former vocalist) is in studio working on her future material.

Lasgo Jelle from Lasgo said in a recent interview that it's pregnant and the new Lasgo material will be done next year.

Scooter just released last week the new video "David Doesn't Eat" right now the team are in promotion tour. preview of the new video here.

Dj Bobo just release a new video called "Everybody's Gonna of dance" and will be included on the future material. The first who will buy the EP will get for free unreleased DJ BoBo Song "Heaven". "Everybody's Gonna of dance" will be released on November 11 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche) Preview here

2 Unlimited Nothing 2 loose will be called Ray & Anita's newest single. The ep will be available soon woldwide via itunes! Preview here

Unique 2Finally Jade Davies Unique 2 lead singer released her 1st video called - "Taking Over" the tune can be found on all digital megastores. Preview of the new video .

On Youtube was posted also a new song from her will be the future single !? more here

Offlimits said on their official FB account that Sannie & Annerley are working both on some new tracks. The release date is not yet known.

Experience of music made a remix for dutch project Shrink Reloaded called "Beat of Zen 2k11", the tune will be included on the compilation "HouseNation 2k11" that will be release this December.


Ace of base made a new song called "Hold Me", will be the future single?
Ace of Base are now Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny.
The new material will be probably released later this year.

Peter Luts announced on his official twitter account that he is in studio with AnnaGrace working on her new material that will be ready this September. Let's hope that this material will bring some new sounds very diffrent from what Peter Lust used to produce..

Susana Armin's favorite vocalist is preparing a new single made in collboration with Anej. The tune is called "Dark Side of the Moon" and was presented on Armin's show ASOT 500. Preview here.

Andrea Britton comes back on dance scene with a new song called "Kontrol", a song made with Warner Power. The news was posted on her official twitter account and will be released later this year.

Jessy's next single was revealed it's called "Angel" and it's made with the rapper Kaly Scott. The tune will be released soon on all digital megastores.

Discover this new artist Ricky and his newest single 'Waiting 4 You,' the video was shot in Cabo San Lucas earlier this year and features the creator of 'The Dirty.' Preview here

Dance News

September's album Love CPR will be launched in US on July 5th. The material can be found also on amazon US in mp3 and audio cd format, more details here

Dj Sammy made a remix for Fawni called "Ready When You Are", the single can be found here.

AnnaGrace just announced on her official twitter account that the new material will be ready for release this autumn.

Also Sharon May Linn confirmed that is working on her album with most famous dj's in the bizz, the material will be ready later this year.

Annemie is pregnant ?

AnnaGrace aka Annemie Anne Francine Coenen (Ian van Dahl) from a periode of time the belgian singer appears on dance gigs with bigger clothes .... it's true that you're pregnant Annemie ? What are you hide under that large clothes !?

Dance Updates

Infernal woowed everybody with the new single "Speakers On", a tune made in collaboration with Kato.

Kim Sozzi released the new single "Little bird" and will be available worldwide on 31 May.

Kim Leoni is in studio working on her first album, the new material will be released later this year. The news was posted on her twitter account.

AnnaGrace & Jelle join forces for Dance 2 Life United, a charity project, the tune will be played on radio 538 tonight. more details here

Melody Castellari ( DEAR, Jessica Jay,Sundee, Lady Violet) is the image of italian hair salon Temptation Hair Look.

Eurodance News

Kim Sanders announced on her facebook account that is recording in the studio new songs with Aural Float team. The new material will be release probably next year.

Robyn was nominated on Swedish Awards this year, she is nominated in 4 categories you can support her by voting here .

Kristine W new single "What i like about you" hits # 1 on Itunes singles Charts.

Nadia Ali single "Fantasy" was nominated on Grammy Awards this year.

Regi and his project Milk Inc were nominated at the MIA awards in the category Dance/Elektronica and Live act, you can vote for him till December 20th. more here.(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

AnnaGrace (Annemie Coenen) is nominated in the category female solo artist at MIA's awards. You can vote for her till December 20th(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Charles Shaw is back on music scene with a new single called "Mendocino" made in collaboration with Julian Heldt.

Dee Dee just made a new video for "Will I be Free" the shooting was made in Switzerland during first weekend of December. (Thanks to Karine Sanche)

AnnaGrace, Max Deejay

AnnaGrace after a hot summer and full with tv appearences and concerts, Annemie Anne Francine Coenen aka AnnaGrace and ex Ian Van Dahl vocalist is ready to dare for another single . "Don't Let Go" it's the new tune and it's from recent material "Ready to Dare", the song was played last Friday on Peter Luts radio show MNM Dance.

Max Deejay covered Don Henley's 80's hit "The Boys of Summer", the song was also covered by Dj Sammy & Carisma in 2002. The new version from Max Deejay was released on August 29th and can be found here.

Sabrina, Alexandra Prince, Sandra, Regi, Annagrace, Vengaboys


Sabrina is trying a different job this summer on July 5th, why? because will be the new tv presenter on "Voglia di anni 80".
"Voglia di anni 80" it's the new show from italian television Italia 1.
The new video with Samantha Fox, "Call me" was launched, the song entered on national dance sales charts directly at #6.

Alexandra Prince launched a new single! After the shooting of "So alive" the new video, Alex recorded a new single "Set me free" a track made by Jeroenski & Jorn, 2 dj's from Netherlands. "Set me free" was released on June 14th and can be found here.

Platinum Collection
Sandra release last December a "Platinum Collection", a compilation that includes all her success from 90's till now. The material can be found on Amazon.

Regi Last night Regi played on his radio show MNM Dance, new tracks from his recent material "Registered 2". The album includes collaboration with Turbo B, Ray, Jessy, Katerine and many others, for more infos here

AnnaGrace was protagonist of the new pictorial for EEN magazine. AnnaGrace was dressed like a princess, this was and the theme of  photoshooting. You can see the hole material here.

Vengaboys Kim & co were nominated at TMF Awards for The best dance. The show will be brodcast today live on TMF more infos here . The new single "Rocket to Uranus" will be also release in UK this July.

Haddaway, Zippora, AnnaGrace

You Gave Me Love

Haddaway it's been a long time from last Alexander Nestor's single release, after a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Alban in 2008 and with Klaas in 2009, Alexander aka Haddaway decided that is time for a new song called "You Gave me love", the tune is in Haddaway style and wants to conquer european tops and for sure...because has an easy chorus and is a very happy and uplifting just perfect for a summer hit, the tune was dropped out in March 2010 and was produced by Tony Hendrik.. more infos here

Zippora released "Lotus Eater reloaded" an material who includes 14 mixes sold as a digital album only for more infos check this page.

AnnaGrace Peter Luts announced on his official facebook account that the AnnaGrace's ( ex Ian Van Dahl)solo album it's done and ready for release on June 21st 2010.

Groovewatchers (Peter Luts project) will release a new single called "Sunshine" a preview of the single here

Scooter, Ace Of Base, AnnaGrace

Scooter announced on their official facebook that they finished the new single, the tune will be the official hymn of ... !? who knows... the members said that it's a secret. Right now are preparing the world tour and the dates will be published on their official website.

Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren said on her official twitter account that it's preparing some new songs.
Jenny: "Sometimes the mood of making music captures me. Now it's only me and the piano... New songs comes pouring out from my heart."

The new solo material of Jenny's will be ready later this year, in 2009 she also launched a book about her life and was adressed to swedish public.

AnnaGarce (Ian van Dahl)is nominated in the category "Best HiNRG/Euro Track'at Miami Winter Music, you can vote for her here

AnnaGrace, Simone Denny, Blank & Jones

AnnaGrace launched the new video "Love keeps calling", the video features image of the new belgian movie "Bo" and will be out on 10th of february 2010, AnnaGrace new single is part of the movie's original soundtrack.

Simone Denny is preparing a new material with Barry Harris who will be dropped out later this year. The last single "Drama queen" was peaked at Top 5 on the Billboard Dance Chart this week.

Blank & Jones released on 22th January a compilation called "Eat Raw for Breakfast Beatport EP PT. 2" The material can be found on beatport

Ferry Corsten, AnnaGrace,Jes

Ferry Corsten released a new single called "Twice In A Blue Moon", this dance floor destroyer also includes the Festival Edit and remixes by Mike Saint-Jules and DJ Eco. The tune was launched on 14th December an can be found here .

AnnaGrace the track "Let the feelings go" made it on AOL Top Dance Songs of 2009, more infos about this top you can find here . The new single "Love Keeps Calling" is the must requested songs on iTunes.

Jes released a new track called "Lovesong", the tune can be found on all digital megastores. The track "My Love" is # 10 on AOL Top Dance Songs of 2009.


AnnaGrace Peter Luts confirmed that it's working on Annagrace material, the album will be released at the begining of 2010.

A new show will start on french television TF1 called "Le Grand duel des generations". Among the artists featured, there will be Corona, Sabrina and Dr Alban, first show will start on Friday 4th December 60's vs 80's. More infos here

Thanks to Karine Sanche

AnnaGrace, Whigfield, Terri B!

AnnaGrace her new single will be called "Love keeps calling on", the tune was played on Peter Luts show MNM Dance and also was performed on Lasgo's new album release party.

Thanks to
Karine Sanche & Dancevibes

Whigfield gave an interview to magazine Momento.
The interview was done in Denmark just before a TV interview on national station DR. Whigfield went to Denmark this summer to play at Skanderborg Festival in front of 20.000 people. The interview from Memento can be read and seen here

Info by Anders Bøgh

Terri B!( 2 Eivissa, Future Breeze, Avant Garde , DONS) was invited last weekend on french radio station House nation to promote her latest single.