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Scandal in Bad Boys Blue

John McInerney one of lead members of eurodance project Bad Boys Blue it's very angry on his ex collegue Carlos Ferreira who's using in concerts the name Bad Boys Blue

Well, well, well... Carlos Ferreira is using the name that belongs to me (BAD BOYS BLUE) and the artwork which was done for me and my album "HEART & SOUL" released back in 2008. No comments... said John McInerney on his official page..

Bad Boys Blue it's a multinational eurodance group that was formed in the summer of '84 in Cologne, Germany by German producer Tony Hendrik and his lyricist wife Karin van Haaren.
Among the years they release many hits like "You're a Woman", "Pretty Young Girl", "I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat" and "Come Back and Stay".
The original team was formed by Trevor Taylor,John McInerney and Andrew Thomas Carlos. Jhon came in ' 89 when he replace Trevor, and Carlos in 2005.
Among the years the team changed a lot and now the team consist only in John McInerney and 2 vocalists rumors said that one of them is Lydia Madawjewski (E-Rotic)....

Let's hope that this conflict will end soon because are grown up man's not 17 years old boys.. leave the envy and proud behind and concentrate over music ....let's hope..
Or this scandal is to get the attention of the press, and to relaunch the project 'cause the new album is so close ....hmm will see ....

Dance updates

Veronathe pop/dance project from Czech Republic just release their new single "If only you", a senseless track about love and combined with Markéta voice.
The tune will be included on Verona's english album that will be ready for release this Spring.

In-Grid When you say In-grid you think automatically at "Tu es foutou" & "In Tango" two tracks  released in 2003 with massive impact on  international charts.
"Lounge Musique" is the new material and will be released this days on all digital megastores.

Double You "Definitely sure" is the the new single from Double You, a track who sounds like Bobby McFerrin's hit "Don't worry be happy" and is moving away from the Double You 90's sounds, it's a pop/ rock tune that William Naraine prepared a video , more details here.

Bad Boys Blue MS Project made a cover after Bad Boys Blue hit "You're a Woman", the single can be found on their material "The 80's Remixes Collection".

Sash! "Stay" was covered by Den J Rose and the preview of the single can be listen here.

Eurodance news

Cascada is recovering after the surgery, in few weeks Natalie will be on tour again promoting her single "NN".

Luciana presented last week, on american tour, a new song called "So Hot", will be her new single !? more here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj who worked with Agnes & 2Brothers on the 4th Floor, is releasing a new single "City Where The Party's On".

September's new single "Resuscitate Me" is # 1 on Itunes dance charts.

Bad Boys Blue recorded new vocals for "Show Me The Way (Re-Recorded 2010)" which will be featured on the polish edition of "25".

Look Twice This week, Look Twice "Move That Body 2010" hit #2 in iTunes Dance charts in Sweden. We can help them doing better !

Euro dance News

Dj Project Elli White(ex Dj Project) new single will be called "Nu te mai vreau(I don't need you)", the tune was made by Inna's producers Play Win, and was already released in Romania. A preview can be listen here .

Fragma Damae announced that her new single will be called "The chains are gone", the tune will be available soon on all digital platforms.

Terri B!(DONS, Future Breeze, 2Evissa) just said the name of the songs that will be released next year as music pack, this are : "Deeper Love"& "Big fun" the tracks are remixed by DONS, Roger Sanchez & Shahin and will be available on all digital platforms, a preview here.
 Terri's last master piece it's called "I Still Believe" and was made in collaboration with Damian William. The tune was released on beatport on October 28.

Bad Boys Blue Made a new song called "Russia In My Eyes 2011 (MS Project RMX Edit)" and is featured on the russian edition of thier album "25".

Neja made a cover after Nirvana's hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and can be listen here

Bad Boys Blue, Captain Jack, Pandora, Regi

Bad Boys Blue release "Comeback and stay 2010" it's a remix of their hit single from 1987. The tune will be launched in Germany in August and is included on Bad Boys Blue - "25" who will be also released in August. more infos here

Captain Jack Bruce Lacy & the vocalist Laura Martin aka Captain Jack are back with a new single called "Deutschland schiess ein Tor"an anthem for this World Cup championship and was released on itunes. You can listen the single here.

Pandora aka Anneli Magnusson launched the new video "You Believed" and can be seen here.

Regi release his new single and video "Hang on" a song made in collaboration with Stan Van Samang . The new album "Registrated 2" has a huge success in Belgian Sales Charts from his debut release, a compilation that includes collaboration with many stars from Ameerah, Katerine, Turbo B, Ray 2Unlimited and many others.

Bad Boys Blue, Claudia Cazacu, Sabrina Salerno

Bad Boys Blue's single Come Back And Stay Re-Recorded 2010 will be out in Germany on 9th July and the album 25 on 23rd July.


Claudia Cazacu now is playing with the sounds on Radio Di.Fm you can listen your weekly show there called Haute Couture. More infos about this project here

Sabrina Finally the most awaited moment just arrived, Sabrina & Samantha Fox just released the Blondie's cover "Call Me". The tune for radios was released on June 4th.
Sabrina explains : "It was a song that we loved and we wanted to do it in our style" says Sabrina.
"Call me" will be available from June 15th as a mini cd. Thanks to Karine Sanche

Eurodance News

2 Unlimited Discover Ray & Anita's (2 Unlimited) single "In Da Name Of Love". (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite and Klems)

BG the Prince of Rap is back for good in the musical business ! Him and Janet Taylor were featured by Michael Thomas on the single "We Stood In Flames" Buy it here

Bad Boys Blue Seems like the Bad Boys Blue 25 album, which was originally planned for octobre 2009, has been postponed to the beginning of 2010. All the remixes presented on the official website now carry the mention "2010" instead of "2009".

Taleesa was featured by the DJs duo Muthagroove on a cover of the classic "My Body And Soul" Buy it here

Flo Rida did a remix of Corona's hit The "Rhythm Of The Night". Listen to it here

Neja was featured on Lanfranchi and Farina's new single, entitled "Sorry". Listen to it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

2Unlimited, Bad Boys Blue, Sandy Chambers, Kate Ryan

2Unlimited Ray & Anita (former 2 Unlimited) announced a world tour. No date or place was mentioned yet... (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

Romy and Marion (former 2 Unlimited) confirmed that they are planning not only a single (for January) but also an album (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

Bad Boys Blue End of October, BMG plans to release a new Bad Boys Blue compilation, tribute to the 2 former members Trevor Oliver Taylor and Andrew Thomas who recently died. It will be entitled Unforgettable (thanks to Chris Gipsmen).

Klaas Meets Haddaway What Is Love 2K9 peaked as #12 on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Eiffel 65 A Decade In Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2009 is #9 this week on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Infos by
Karine Sanche

Sandy Chambers(Benassi Bros,Double You)gave voice for the italian drink Santal, the spot it's already played on italian channels also and on romanians channels too.

Kate Ryan new single will be called "Evidemment" and will be released soon. The tune it's from newest album called "French Connection" launched this month.

Bad Boys Blue, Culture Beat, Milk inc

Bad Boys Blue Another loss for the Bad Boys Blue family ( after Trevor Oliver Taylor who died on19th January 2008 by an heart attack ).

"We are really sorry to inform you that Andrew Thomas passed away at Weyertal hospital in Cologne (Germany) in the evening of July 21st 2009 at the age of 63."
Andrew Thomas was one of the original members of BBB’s till 2005, he died
from a pancreatic cancer.

Source :

Thanks to Karine Sanche

Culture Beat released only on digital megastores Mr. Vain and includes radio version, extended version, recall mix , Cj Stone Mix and a short version of the song "Obsession" for more info check this site

Thanks for the info to Cesar (Culture Beat Fan Base)

Milk inc. The time arrived and for Romania , because the Blackout will come on 29th August in Zalau ( Salaj) with Linda Mertens & Regi Pexten Milk inc. This summer will end in Romania with the band who broke the charts in Belgium and took 2 TMF Awards last year.
Romania get ready for Blackout!!

Milk Inc, Bad Boys Blue

Milk Inc will be next week on the show from VTM Hit the road with Kate Ryan. The show will be rebroadcast Wednesday at 20 CET & Sunday at 16:30 CET.

Bad Boys Blue finally the fans decided which song will be included on the 25th Album anniversary, the song chosen is "FROM HEART TO HEART" with 293 votes, the song will be included on the album but with the new version.

Mtv Dancefloor Chart This week Freemasons still # 1 this week with "Heartbreaker", Cascada - "Evacuate the dancefloor" # 6, September was eliminated from the top ...
You can vote here

Dj Project, Liza Da Costa, Bad Boys Blue

Dj Project Finally the romanian dance project Dj Project released their new album "In Da Club" in all megastores.
The album was released official in April an has 13 tracks includes the smash hits 'Hotel, Departe de noi & the new single Miracle of love"
The new material can be found here .

Liza Da Costa (former Captain Jack vocalist) released her solo album called "Supresa". The material is made with her band Hotel Bossanova and was released in February, if you love brazilian music for sure you will love this album. More infos here

Bad Boys Blue is choosen the best tracks for their 25 anniversary. You can vote once per a day till 14th July. More here

AnnaGrace, Bad Boys Blue, Kate Ryan

AnnaGrace released her video "Let the feelings go" you can see an preview from the video here.

And here is the live performance from MNM 50

Bad Boys Blue single "Queen Of My Dreams" will be the next single . The date of digital release as well as the artwork will be posted soon.
Samples of all versions are placed on BBB myspace
On youtube a person took the nick John McInerney put some slanderous comments on YouTube. From that reasons Bad Boys Blue close that accounts and soon will take legal actions against these said persons....

Thanx to Karine Sanche & DJ Hooligan

Kate Ryan The new single from Kate Ryan it's called "Your Eyes" and can be found on 538 Smash Hits 2009 vol.2 ..
Also you can vote for Kate Ryan on Mtv Dance

Photo: Felix Andersson
Announce for Dj's Radio Seven will organise Mixbattle 2009 the ultimate challenge for all DJ's the contest is held once a year with participants from all over europe. A jury will select the ten best mixes of all those entered into the contest, and those final ten mixes will compete in a live broadcasted event.

Mix rules
The mix must contain atleast seven (7) different songs and must be between seven (7) and fifteen (15) minutes long. Two of the songs needs to be released during 2008, and one song needs to be released in 2009. The music style must be Trance/Dance/House, but it is OK to mix in other styles as long as the final result is Trance/Dance/House. The mix must not contain complete mixes or parts of other mixes, however it is ok to use remixes of songs. Every mix must contain a sample provided by Radioseven. The mix must be produced by the participant exclusively for this contest. The mix must not be spread on the internet before, during or after the contest. A participant may only submit one (1) mix to the contest.

If the mix doesn't comply with all the mix rules, or if it is found out that the mix has broken any rules during the contest, then Radioseven has the right to exclude the mix and the participant from the contest. Participants in the contest grants Radioseven exclusive access to the mix, even after the contest has ended. There will be a signup form on the website where participants can sign up.

Uploading of mixes will be open between 2009-05-01 and 2009-05-14. The mix must be uploaded as a Zip-file containing the mix, a tracklist of all the songs used in the mix and preferrably an audio file where you present yourself and your mix. The audio presentation should be something like "Hi, this is DJ NAME. This is my contribution to Radioseven Mixbattle". The mix should be of atleast 192kbit/s, 44kHz Stereo and in MP3 format.

For more info check this

Bad Boys Blue, Brooklyn Bounce , Lasgo, ESC 2009

Bad Boys Blue on the official website appear a news about a new single from the guys, "Queen of Dreams" will be the next single !???
You can discover the song here .The song is from their last album released in 2008 "Heart & Soul".

Brooklyn Bounce The new single from BB Nation it's called "Louder & Prouder" and it was released in all digital megastores on March 20 2009. The track is made in collaboration with 89ers.
BB nation said on their official website "When the Sample Rippers, Picco and Paul Hutsch aka 89ers, had the idea to work on the classic hit "Loud & Proud" Brooklyn Bounce was more than happy and give their permission!Even more they pushed it up a level and the result is "Louder & Prouder" .

Lasgo Peter Luts( producer) is working at new tracks for the new material Lasgo with Jelle the lead singer. The date release of the material will be at the beginning of the summer.

ESC 2009 The last info is from Eurovision song contest 2009, France put on this "music fight" the one and only Patricia Kaas( the new Edith Piaf ), who came in 2009 with a new album called "Cabaret". We keep our fingers cross for Hadise, Elena Gheorghe & Waldo's People because they have a big rival on ESC 2009 from Russia.

Fusion Radio Suck

Bad Boys Blue, Indra , Dj Sammy , Brooklyn Bounce, Mr.President, Jes

Bad Boys Blue the first single of this year from the guys from Bad Boys Blue will be called "Queen Of My Dreams" , the song can be found on their album "Heart & Soul". The single will be released in March 2009.
More info Here

Indra She will be acting in a theater play entitled "Ma femme est folle" (means : my wife is crazy) from January 10th to March 30th at the Théâtre des Nouveautés. She will have the female leading role..
Info Karine Sanche

Dj Sammy New songs from Sammy can be discovered on his official website

Brooklyn Bounce team is working at a new album who will be released in February.

Mr.President on Jens Neumann website i found an news about Mr.President comeback...
Who will be in the band who knows !? will see this year!?
Thanx for this info to Jessica

Jes the new single from queen of chill out will be called "Lost".
The video will have the same idea like her last one "Imagination".

JES Lost In The Sound Live