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Frankie Gee part 18

On October 17th Franky collapsed on Monday at a party in Palma de Mallorca. He was taken to the hospital with the suspicion of stroke. He already had one 3 years before. In the night to Friday 21st October, he fell into eternal sleep without ever regaining his consciousness, according to his ex-wife Daniela Schaefer.

Franky Gee's son took the alias "CJ Jr." to start his musical carreer. He released a song "I Miss You, a slow rap in which Junior describes his feelings about losing his father."

Liza Da Costa(Captain Jack lead singer) describe him:"Franky was the funniest man and most enerving man I know. In terms of party you could always relay on him finding something funny to do."

Maloy (Captain Jack singer) : He's always having fun & laughing & fooling around. And we always have a good time & do a great show. :)"

Ak Swift (Magic Affair): "He was a good person, Father, always smiling and laughing."

LayZee(Mr.President): "Franky was a good friend".

Linda Rocco( Masterboy): "I agree whole-heartedly, love you Frankie.."

Special thanks to Ak, Maloy, Liza, Linda, Layzee & to Karine Sanche

Frankie Gee part 17

In 2003 a new single was release in February it was called "Centerfold". The next album "Party Warriors" was first released in Japan in December 2002. It contained 11 tracks plus 6 bonus tracks. Then it was released in Europe in March 2003.

In Summer 2003 Captain Jack released their new single Viva La Vida, as well as Franky's book. In October, Franky recorded a song with another Cuban artist : Roberto Blanco. The song was entitled "Ein Bisschen Spass Muss Sein (We wanna have some fun)". It was featured on some DanceDanceRevolution compilation.
Illi Love got a role in the TV-serie Ein Fall für Zwei. She also played in Der kleine Zauberer and Verbotene Liebe, did a advert spot for the Lufthansa and another one for the Dresdner Bank-Spot, in collaboration with Günter Netzer.
2004 : Franky and Roberto appeared live on the RTL-II broadcast Apres-Ski Hits 2004. In March, they released their new single, called Miss Ibiza. It contained a B-side which is a cover of the old hit Blame It On The Boogie.
A new single entitled Samba Brazil and a new album called Music Instructor were released in October.
2005 : Illi Love was replaced by Sunny/Sabrina (real name : Sabine Repas). In June, after a 6 months tour, Captain Jack presented his new single Capitano during the TV show ZDF Fernsehgarten. Franky was working on a new album, and also busy writing a second roman. The title would be Silent Death. (Thanks to Karine Sanche).

Frankie Gee part 16

In July another single was released, called "Give It Up". During the summer 2002 Franky escaped from a car accident and during his recovery wrote a book : RATTS (an action thriller about an anti-terrorism organisation).(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Frankie Gee part 15

In 2002 Frankie released a single duo with DJ Ötzi, and performed at the Apres-Ski Hits 2002. The single did well in the charts,according to the official website. Meanwhile Frankie & Illi Love was already working on a new album called Party-Warriors.

Frankie Gee part 14

Frankie second single from Top Secret was "Say Captain Say wot" a nice dance the song, who entred on Radio Contact Romania Charts at # 20. The album "Top Secret" was finally released but did not have that much success, it even failed enetering the Top 100. Meanwhile, during the summer, a Best Of album was released in Japan. Thanks to Karine Sanche

Captain Jack - Say Captain Say Wot

Frankie Gee part 13

In 2000 Maloy left the group and was replace by Ilka-Anna-Antonia Traue aka Illi Love ex model Meanwhile Captain Jack's carreer kept on in Japan, an album entitled Top Secret was released, with a single entitled Hi-Ho (coming with another track of the album Oh La La La).

In Europe Frankie and the new vocalist Illi released their first single from "Top Secret" the song was  Iko Iko summer song  cover after James "Sugar Boy" Crawford . The new remix from Frankie finnally entred into European  charts :   on Top 50 Radio Contact Romania and on # 16 in Austria Top Charts. (thanks to Karine Sanche)

Frankie Gee part 12

Maloy & Frankie presented in the summer of '99 the new single "Only you" a pop dance song with 60's flavours and the last one with Maloy as vocalist. The song was extracted from "The Captain's Revenge" and was release with a great video shoot in Netherlands. Fans of the Konami arcade game Dance Dance Revolution know them from the numerous songs used by this game.

Frankie Gee part 6

In the same year Frankie & Liza made a cover after Queen hit "Another One Bites The Dust" the song was included on german compilation "Queen Dance Traxx".