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Real Mc Coy in Billboard Top 100 Pop Songs 1992-2012

Billboard posted the Top 100 pop songs from 1992 - 2012 and our Real mc Coy with "Another Night" is on no # 2.

O-Jay posted on his ofiicial Fb account and some pictures with  Karin Kasar the female voice behind of Real Mc Coy hits  is O-Jay thinking to start again the collaboration with this singer !?

Real Mc Coy are on the wave now !?

When you don't have inspiration, and you want to be quick on the eye of the press... i have the perfect ingridient :

Take a eurodance hit change the words of the song but the most important - keep the beats and the success is guarantee ...

Mista tried this with their new single "Never Hide" who sounds very - Real Mc Coy's hit "Runaway"

Real Mc Coy version

Dance News

RazMaTaz said on his official FB account that is preparing his future single with Anna Belle & Whitney Joesten, and will be released worldwide soon. Razmatas was the lead rapper of eurodance project E-Rotic, and in 97 he left the project for a solo career.

Zoë Badwi released her debut album called "Zoe".The material includes also the dance hits "Release Me", "Freefallin", "Accidents Happen" & "Cary me Home" more details onZoë (Deluxe Edition) - Zoë Badwi

Vanessa Mason one of the voice of Real Mc Coy came this year with a new project made with german rapper Peter Fox called "Zucker" and can be found here Zucker (feat. Vanessa Mason) - Stadtaffe (Bonus Track Version)

Indra, Mylene Farmer,Real Mc Coy

Indra after a 3 years of break from music scene, Indra thought that it's the time to release a new single called "Upper Hand (Sexy Mama)"a nice pop dance track.

The maxi cd includes 3 tracks:

1.Indra - Upper hand (Forty4s cold_mix)
2.Indra - Upper hand (2Frenchguys mix)
3.Indra - Upper Hand (Album version)

The single will be included on Indra's future album called "One Woman Show" who will be released this year.

Mylene Farmer 's new single will be called "Sextonik" and includes 2 club mixes.

More photos here
Real McCoy performed their brand new single "Two Hearts" at DJ Bobo & Friends concert in Engelberg. It should be released during next Autumn (thanks to O'jay himself). More news here

Kim Sanders, Dj Sign, Real McCoy

Kim Sanders former Culture Beat vocalist, has got a new deal with german record company C.A.R.E. music group.
Kim also recorded a new track called "Closer look" feat. Roberto Di Gioia and Christian Prommer.
Roberto Di Gioia is also known as MARSMOBIL. The new album will be released during fall 2009 and of course there will be a tour in 2009.
The the material will be mostly jazz, you get an impression of the new songs on Kim's Space

Thanks for the info to Cesar(Culture Beat FanBase)

Dj Sign the dj who collaborate with Alexandra Prince at "I Am Here for" single, released a free summer mix, you can download from here
You can see his work here, his recent single is called "Supermodels" and will be release next month, you can buy it from beatport

Real Mc Coy O'jay from the Real McCoy published some more teasers for the fans on his Myspace : a partial tracklisting for the future album, and some videos of Debbie (the new vocalist ?)
Also O'jay will be invited tomorrow on DJ Bobo & Friends concert from Switzerland.

We Love the 90's will open his gates on 14th November 2009 with Vengaboys, Fun Factory & Aquaguen more infos on Eurodance dates.

Thanks for the infos to Karine Sanche