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Alexia, Sylver, Sugarbabe, Dobenbeck, Enya

Alexia was invited yesterday on Rai Uno at Festa Italiana to promote her new album.
At that show told what it was her big disspoitment .... (lost her dad) “that’s is the price that we pay for success” said Alexia.
Today at 16:30 on Radio Italia Tv will be an concert with her.

Sylver lunched their new video “Rise Again” In the next episode of the reality soap "Regi's World" wout and Silvy will be recording a new song for the brand new album in the Whisper Studio in Heusden Zolder (BE). A few weeks ago the viewers witnessed the birth of another new song "I Hate You" which will also appear on the new album. In contrary to what most people think this is not based upon the recent divorce issues of Silvy, but upon a recent broken relationship of Wout. The show is on air from next wednesday at 20h30. It is being repeated on saturday at 16h30 and 19h30. The final repeat is on sunday at 18u30.

Sugarbabe the next single form the babes will be called ‘No Can Do’ from their new album ‘Catfights and Spotlights’ the release of the single will be on Dec 22nd .

Dobenbeck are Maurizio Colella, Tatana Sterba and their first single in this formula is “Please Don't Go” feat Joanna a dance track who makes you dance ... why!? Because behind of this band is ..... Armin van Buuren and his record company !!

Enya i know is not dance artist but i will say it anyway, because i like her music, her new master piece will be release on 11th November 2008 called "AND WINTER CAME".