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Sabrina in studio

Sabrina Salerno posted on her FB this picture with the lyrics i don't know if is true or a joke !
Cause are nonsense.... even me can write better lyrics then those....

I Remember you
You'll remember me
We live in this world
Our world of fantasy

The moon is shining bright 
It's shining bright 2nite
'cause you're by my side 
And everything will be alright  ( lyrics by Eurodance blog)

I want to see your answer :) break a leg

Hotter then ever

                                    Source: Sabrina Salerno FB

Sabrina Salerno(44) one of the hottest artists of the disco 80's, shows in recent photo posted on her FB even now can drive man crazy. The 80s Diva wear  a black dress and a sexy look very natural  in recent photoshoot made for her site with the message "Everyone has a direction in which to turn the face ..."
In did!!
Sabrina looks amazing and very natural ...but what is her secret ?
In a recent interview gave to Rai television Sabrina revealed the secret of her youth is her family especially Luca Maria(son).

Bad Boys Blue, Claudia Cazacu, Sabrina Salerno

Bad Boys Blue's single Come Back And Stay Re-Recorded 2010 will be out in Germany on 9th July and the album 25 on 23rd July.


Claudia Cazacu now is playing with the sounds on Radio Di.Fm you can listen your weekly show there called Haute Couture. More infos about this project here

Sabrina Finally the most awaited moment just arrived, Sabrina & Samantha Fox just released the Blondie's cover "Call Me". The tune for radios was released on June 4th.
Sabrina explains : "It was a song that we loved and we wanted to do it in our style" says Sabrina.
"Call me" will be available from June 15th as a mini cd. Thanks to Karine Sanche

Sabrina Salerno, Basshunter, Ferry Corsten

Sabrina was invited yesterday at "I migliori anni" on Rai 1 to sing her 80's hit "Boys". Sabrina said that it's preparing for release the next single witj Samantha Fox "Call Me".

Basshunter yesterday was invited to turn on the Chesire Christmas lights and Jonas sung a few classics.

Ferry Corsten new single called "Because", the song it's made by Novastar and Ferry was imppresed by the song and he decided to contact Novastar and suggested to remix this great song. The result is this amazing song called "Because". For more infos here

Sabrina Salerno & Samantha Fox, Hadise

Sabrina Salerno & Samantha Fox It's not a match! just an collaboration of the disco diva's from 80's, yeap, you see it right!
Sabrina Salerno will record a song with Samantha Fox, a cover after Blondie hit "Call Me" the track was the soundtrack of the smash movie "American gigolo" with Richard Gere.
Finally the dream of the disco fans will come true to see this divas working together, the video will be shoot on Sabrina garden at the end of August and will be "explosive",the single will be released in September.

Hadise her next single will be called "Fast Life".
The track is included on her recent album with the same name "Fast Life". More infos here

AnnaGrace, Lasgo, Sandy Chambers, Sabrina Salerno

AnnaGrace (Ian Van Dahl) made it in UK because the same record company who is promoting September & Basshunter it’s interested about the 1st single of AnnaGrace "You Make Me Feel".
Hard2Beat just said about the single : “the debut single is set to follow on where she left off by achieving major commercial success with a driving funky beat that will ensure dancefloors across the country will be singing along to her infectious hooks and that makes us to promote her in the UK”. More infos here

Lasgo Another dance act choose by the Hard2Beat it’s Lasgo, “Out Of My Mind” is guaranteed for definite dancefloor destruction. A strong vocal, catchy melody and thumping club-edged beats mean that Lasgo deliver, yet again, another sing-along classic. “With massive success in Europe we have no doubt "Out Of My Mind" will have the same effect here” said Hard2Beat.
More infos here

Sandy Chambers the name of her new single will be called “This is me”.

Sabrina Salerno will be invited tomorrow on Canale 5 at “Pomeriggio cinque” in the show will talk about her charity act made for the victims from last week earthquake. The show will began at 16:30 Cet.

Finally I must post the reunion of the year 2009 and of the millenium Ray & Anita comeback at I love the 90’s show…
Here it is the performance:

Sabrina Salerno @ TGCOM

Sabrina: "We carry over the years 80"
New disc for the queen of dance
It 'been an icon of the 80s: physical burst and a series of hit tunes where the bridge was coupled with an explicit sensuality. Now, after nine years of silence, Sabrina Salerno back with a double album, "Erase Rewind Official remix." "It was a disk that had all the people that I have followed and loved - a Sabrina says It’s'also a revenge : after having been listed for years, as a phenomenon are still here ...".

With music and television personalities that creates lasting space of a season, is feeling alive and regain the music industry after of two decades of an artist that criticism was fiercely usual brand as a product of plastic and passenger. Instead Sabrina returns after years of theater, cinema and concerts iperaffollati. In France every weekend with the "RFM Party 80" draws 7000 people in the halls and on May 17 last year was dancing 48mila fans at the Stade de France in Paris.

TG COM : With such a success we can say that your return to the song is a furor of the people ...
Sabrina : First an act of love against all those who have followed. One thing that absolutely had to do.
TG COM : An double album. Why?
Sabrina: The CD includes the most significant dance songs from my past, that was a new look while not upsetting not to remove too much from the versions that people knows me. On the disc there are new songs, more pop-rock, which I represent perfectly and who were born over the years. My husband has a room incision room which have passed some of the greatest musicians of the world in which every time I asked to play a piece.

TG COM : You have already planned a special promotion?
Sabrina : First Friday October 3, at the time of removal of the CD, I will be in Milan to Mondadori course Vittorio Emanuele II (Milan) 18 to meet fans and autographed albums. Then the rest are still in negotiations, I can not say anything.

TG COM : Twenty years ago you presented with a very sexy image . Now, will be that Sabrina we expect?
Sabrina : Well ... the miniskirts I may yet! Since the image also has his part . I still look unscrupulous although today has a value other twenty years ago. Now on TV strips anyone, even those who can not afford it.

TG COM : Six returned from a radio program with Sandy Marton, Spencer Tracy and Den Harrow, all icons of those years. What was so special in the 80s?

Sabrina : They were particularly colorful. We were kitch, party and probably had the unbearable lightness of cattail who see things differently. Since 1990, with the Gulf War has changed everything, even music. The refrain of the 80s, as easy and light that were still remember them today. In the following decade in the house and dance tunes were tightened and succeeded TUNZE-TUNZE that he has done magic to lose everything.
TG COM : Yet the criticism then there were ...

Sabrina :
If people did entertain people then, after two decades crowd concerts to relive those feelings. A good book is a good book. Very often, especially if you sell a lot, that same book is very critisised. So is the music and what revolves around.

TG COM : You talked about the fan following you for years. With the Internet you've got to have an even closer relationship with them?

Sabrina : Some of these fans know from when I was eighteen. Some came from Spain, the Netherlands, Germany. I have followed all these years, were thousands of miles just to come to see theater. Now with Myspace the ratio is almost continuously and I have verified to have a hard core of fans: 250mila contacts are not by all.

TG COM : But with the criticism goes like today?
Sabrina : I have always been listed as a passenger phenomenon. In some respects she could be true, but if you return after nine years on the thrust of requests from the public and my disc is distributed worldwide, it means that I was not really a meteor Critics' meeting today that I filled with compliments. I do not know if I make them privately as a matter of gallantry, but these are the same as two decades ago, when I was ranking first in the world, I say to all colors.

TG COM : Your personal revenge ...
Sabrina : I think I have done in my life uncomfortable choices. From theater to reject the television. In particular I have always said no to reality.. Choices made by the head and heart.. Forty years I embark on a project unless we think and feel. Maintain the reputation going to do the opinion in a reality does not care if I have something to say, a disc to be presented well, otherwise it is required.

Interview made by Massimo Longoni
English translation EurodanceBlog

Morgana, Blank & Jones, Sabrina, Waldo's People

Morgana after three years of break the project Morgana came out with a new material “Turn it into love” the new material will be released next year.
The first single lunched from this new album will be called “Turn it into love” .
The project Morgana came with a nice chorus and a new vocalist ..this project is produced by the same publishing group like euroreggae artist Jessica Jay (SAIFAM)

Blank & Jones release single number 3 from the outstanding "Logic of Pleasure" album!
Just in time for the big final show of the album world tour in L.A. this week, Blank & Jones release the fantastic song "Where You Belong".

Basto! The Belgian dj join forces with John Dahlback and made a cool dance track called “Out There” the single contain remixes from Eric Prydz & Freemasons.

Dj Project ( aka Elena) is working on the new video Hotel, the shoot began this week.
The single will be on their new material called “In the club” for this material Dj Maxx said that he worked with many artists ..” this material will be a big surprise for our fans it’s just the way to say thank you to them” .
The new material will be released at the beginning of 2009

Anna Nordell( E-Type’s former vocalist) took part on Show for Christmas the clip with her performance can be watch Here

Sabrina in case if you missed the documentary about the shooting of the newest video from Sabrina Salerno here it is

Dj Cosmo you can vote for this dj here

Waldo's People shoot the video who will be on ESC 2009 preselection called "Lose Control"
They will be among the candidates to represent Finland at the next Eurovision Song Contest.
The preselection will be on January.
Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Sabrina Salerno, Samantha Fox, Alex Gaudino, Crystal Waters,Elize, Geo Da Silva

the "Sexy Girl" from 90's lunched her video "ERASE REWIND" a cover of The Cardigans success, the song is included on her album with the same name lunched on 3th October.
Let's hope that this song will be part in Playlist's of Italians Music Televisions..:)

Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Samantha Fox lunched a new song in 2008 called "Midnight Lover", a nice pop dance with oriental influence ...and was release in June 2008.
The new album will be release next year.

Alex Gaudino After his success with "Destination Calabria" & "Watch Out". Gaudino break the charts again with his new single called "I'm The Dj", the song is #2 in Club Chart after of week of release..

Crystal Waters the "Gipsy Woman" lunched her first single after a long break, the name of the single is called "Never Enough" and will be release on 8 December 2008, the song will precede her new album who will be ready next year...

Elize lunched her new single called "Hot Stuff" ( Donna Summer's success from 70's).The single was release on 4th September.

Geo Da Silva The Romanian Mc sign with Ministry Of Sound Germany label..
The next single will be called "Like The Flipper" and was performed for the first time on romanian show "Duminica in familie"(23.11.2009).

News: Activ, Sabrina Salerno, September,Benny Benassi,Channing

Activ Oana, Rudi & Avi lunched for europeans "Under My Skin" their latest single.

Sabrina Salerno Sabrina give an interview to "Vita in Diretta" on Rai 1 on 8th October. If u missed here it is ...

September The Team from September fan club Poland made an interview with Petra and the material is here.....

Benny Benassi Second highly acclaimed single from Benny Benassi!
"Come fly away" - featuring Channing - is now OUT.
The tracklist is crazy: eleven versions for one of the most appreciated tracks of "Rock 'n' Rave" album.
You can not miss the progressive remix by Soha & Adam K, the electro one by Mobbing plus the electro-house versions by Rivaz and Maurizio Gubellini!
The single "Come fly away" (feat. Channing)can be found legally on iTunes, beatport and all the digital stores.

Channing It seems to be a very busy time for Channing! After her featuring on Benny's new single "Come fly away", here you are her second solo single taken from her album "To Be Free".
The title track has been remixed by Favretto, Mobbing and Minimal Chic... you're gonna love it! :)

Enjoy "To Be Free" (The Single) on all the major digital stores, like iTunes, 7digital, traxsource, junodownload, trackitdown and so on.
In case you have missed and you cannot find Channing's album "To Be Free" anywhere, in three weeks you will be able to get it on Amazon!
...And last but not least, don't forget to post your comments about "To Be Free" (The Single) on Off Limits Forum. See all of you there!
Channing's MySpace