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Ice Mc, N-Trance, Milk Inc, Lasgo, Abigail, Dj Bobo

Ice Mc after a long silence Ice Mc came back on music scene with a new track called "Could you be loved". The track si made with the greatest singer Katherine Ellis guilty for Freemasons succes "When you touch me".
The track can be listen on Ice Mc myspace.

Photo N-Trance website

N-Trance find a new vocalist her name is Lynsey-Jane Barrow. The N-trance team said: "The re-invention of N-Trance continues in 2009 with Lee Limer & Lynsey-Jane Barrow. Lee Limer the original dancer & showman from the infamous stage performances back in the early 90’s , and….. T-1K, the original MC & Rapper who performed on tracks such as ‘Set You Free’ & ‘Turn Up The Power’".
N-Trance are performing now in the UK.

Milk inc i have an announce from official Milk inc website, for all the people who pay it the tickets of Milk Inc concert from March 20th. The Full Live Show at the Brabanthal at Leuven will be postponed till December 19th, 2009 and all sold tickets for the show on March will still be valid at the show on December 19th, 2009.

Lasgo "Gone" was choosen by Radio 538 their dancesmash hit. The new song still goes up in tops this week on UltraTop is # 5 and on MNM dance chart still # 1.

Abigail Zsiga is back in 2009 with a new single "Forever Young" the song is club track and it's on the CD Compilation "Big Muscle Of The Rhythm". The track was produced by DJ Bill Bennett and is a cover version of "Forever Young" originally by "Alphaville". Abigail will be releasing "Forever Young" as a single with remixes by various international DJ's in early 2009. Abigail will be touring in early 2009 with a new line-up, new songs and a very new sound. The track can be order here
More infos here

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Dj Bobo has announce for his fans ...