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Engelina is back or maybe not!?

The lead singer of danish project Dj Encore - Engelina is back this time with news, but unfortunately not as singer but as author of Nabiha newest single "Zen".

"It was fun to write this song for Nabiha" said Engelina

Nabiha is the Pink danish version, like i would love to say, and she release songs like Mind of the gab,  Ask yourself, Animals  and "Zen" metaphoric speaking "it's about to let go of bad things, and enjoy life " The single can be found here

Engelina in studio

The lead singer of Danish project Dj Encore Engelina Larsen confirmed that it's in studio, but is not recording songs for her but for the new danish artist Barbara Moleko. Dj Encore fans wrote to her if she's thinking to comeback on dance scene... but Engelina didn't answered at this question...

Pandora she also wrote on her profile that she's working on her new material. Photos from studio with the recordings session was posted on her Facebook and recently she posted a video with a message Think before you judge .. It's the title of the new song !? We don't know... yet

Alexandra Prince #Sqeezer #Nana #Laava is back with a new song, the singer recently upated her profile saying that a new video is ready to be launched.

Engelina ready for the next hit

Ex vocalist of danish dance project Dj Encore- Engelina is preparing new stuff for her. The news was posted  by the artist on famous social network. After she wrote a few songs for korean band f(x), the singer found the right inspiration for the next hit, unfortunately she didn't mention what the title is and when is ready...  

The Party is Over by Engelina

Engelina is back but this time with another project Svenstrup &Vendelboe. Engelina was the front vocalist of danish project Dj Encore. The collaboration  with Dj Encore started in 2000 when she was introduced to Dj Encore by an employee Sony saying that her vocals would fit with dj Encore music. And he was right, because their 1st single that Engelina released with Dj Encore was  "I See Right Through to You" , a big hit in Danemark, UK.
But unfortunately in 2002 after  Intuition release  she left the project, and she joined  the girl pop trio Sha Li Mar,  with Christina Undhjem (former lead singer in YouKnowWho) and Ida Corr.

In a interview Engelina confess that she hated to be compered with a poster girl,  and said also was the real reason of her departure form Dj Encore.

I wanna be remembered through my music work as an artist,  not being  just the pretty face from a dance project . said the singer
Engelina wrote songs for famous artists like Kyle Minogue, Medina, Bass Hunter, F(x) and Asle who had a big club hit Remedy and My  war.

Now she came back on danish dance scene with a new song entitled The Party Is Over Festen Er Forbi who is included on Svenstrup Og Vendelboe debut album.

*UPDATE I hope that i will see her in more dance projects...and she did with Rune RK. The new song it's called Are you burning and was released under Spinnin records

Simone Angel, Engelina, September

Simone Angel gave an interview to daily mail where is talking about her house from Belize. If you are curios to see the article more infos here.

Engelina former Dj Encore vocalist said on her official blog that she is working on her solo album, the material will be released next year, a few tracks can be listen here

September is working hard on new tracks for her forthcoming album who will be released in 2010, pics from record studio can be seen here. Also on 4th December will have a concert with Backstreet Boys at Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Engelina, Dance Nation

Engelina former Dj Encore vocalist, came this year with a new single called " Do you feel ". The single was made in collaboration with Funkstar Deluxe, known after his summer success in '99 "Sun Is Shining", and will be soon released on iTunes.
The single can be listen

Dance Nation released a new album on Beatport, the material includes 17 tracks and it's called "The vocal trance years 2001 -2004". More infos about the album you can find here.

Baracuda,Dj Aligator, T Seven, Engelina, Jeny Shy, Armin Van Bureen

Anthem made a remix after La Bouche success from '95 "Be my lover".
The song can be found on Juno.

Barcauda official lunched their video "Where is the love". The vocalist who sings the new song is the Verena Rehm(Groove Coverage).

Dj Aligator done 14 tracks for his new album who will be lunched next year. The new single from party dj will be called “Calling you” a nice dance track in dj alligator style.
Right now is on USA tour called Las Vegas INVASION 2008 with Arash & Basshunter.

T Seven(former Mr.P vocalist) did a new song called "Teardrops" a nice soft dance .The song can be found and listen on her My space.
T said that she working with her band for her new material who will be lunched next year.
You can listen T Seven every weekend on EnergyBremen .

Engelina (former Dj Encore vocalist) new tracks from her can be listen on her Myspace

Jeny Shy( T-Spoon) the new Jean Shy & The Shy Guys CD "The Blues Got Soul" , the Blues Foundation has nominated JEAN SHY for the 2009 Blues Award s in the Category of " Soul Blues Female Artist of the Year.

Armin van Buuren put his touch on The Killers song "Human".