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Eurodance news

Cascada is recovering after the surgery, in few weeks Natalie will be on tour again promoting her single "NN".

Luciana presented last week, on american tour, a new song called "So Hot", will be her new single !? more here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj who worked with Agnes & 2Brothers on the 4th Floor, is releasing a new single "City Where The Party's On".

September's new single "Resuscitate Me" is # 1 on Itunes dance charts.

Bad Boys Blue recorded new vocals for "Show Me The Way (Re-Recorded 2010)" which will be featured on the polish edition of "25".

Look Twice This week, Look Twice "Move That Body 2010" hit #2 in iTunes Dance charts in Sweden. We can help them doing better !

Dhany, Verona, Robert Abigail

Dhany will take a break from music scene for a while because is trying a diffrent role, being a mom.
Dhany announced on her official facebook account that on September 2nd gave birth to a girl called Beatrice.
Dhany says: "To be a mummy is a full time job and it keeps me happily busy all day , but I promise I'll be back on stage soon... I love you and miss you all :)"
Dhany's latest single was called "Dangerous", a tune dropped out in July on all digital megastores.

Verona Peter & Marketa are working on a new material, but this time for their Czech fans the new material will be released in 2011 Spring. The first single will be called "Ztracená bloudím(Lost.. Gone Astray)"  and can be listen here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj the one who remixed 2 Brothers on the floor 90's hit "Never Alone", it's back with a new single called "Meneando", launched on July 13th, it seems that release date was not an impediment, because the single enjoy a huge success, right now is kicking the dutch and belgian charts, on ultratop dance chart is # 7 this week.

Koyoto it's a new project please discover them here.

Lasgo, Robert Abigail, Nexx , Dash Berlin

Lasgo Jelle was yesterday on "The Life is Live show" an Belgium music television Jim to promote her newest video "Gone".

Info by Karine Sanche

Robert Abigail
the dutch dj Robert Abigail made a new hit in colaboration with Dj Rebel. The song is called Merengue and can be watch on TMF & Jim.
After "Mijito Song" it's time for "Merengue"

Nexx the new album is titled "Synchronize Lips" and has 11 groovy tracks including the first two hit singles "Synchronize Lips" and "Paralyzed", and the brand new single "Bitch Switch" . The album is produced by Jonas von der Burg and Niclas Kings.

The first release is happening this friday 6th of March in Poland!
Also they decided to open an romanian website
For more infos check the official website

Dash Berlin i think that past 2 months from their first release "Till sky falls down". Now the team lunched a new hot single called 'Man on the run". More infos here

The news was copy from Eurodance Blog

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