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4strings revealed who was the real singer..

It was no surprise when 90s projects are revealing nowadays who are  the real voices behind their hits. For me is like a deja vu  (Milli Vanilli, Blümchen, SqeeerCorona, Mr.President, Fun Factory , Real McCoy ) , and today i found out that another singer was behind of the dutch project 4strings.
Susann Gesang it's a pop soul singer from Wettringen Germany, and was the real voice behind of the singles "Take me away", "Let it rain""Turn it around" & "Summer sun".

That's a strange feeling that a musician and producer from Chicago writes something about me. But it is so. 4Strings and especially all the songs I have sung are internationally known. Today I'm glad that my name "Susanne Teutenberg" is right next to 4Strings. And the current recording, which was recently made in the studio of Raz Nitzan in Hilversum, is now available as preorder.  Susann Gesang

Now 4 Strings  continue the collaboration with Susann for their new single "A brand new day".

Thanks to Trance House Vocalists

4Strings, Fragma, Tiesto

4 Strings Take Me Away 2009 was played by Tiesto on his radio show Club Life Friday April 3 and the release date will be Monday 20 April 2009.

Remixes include:

A1.Dennis De Laat Vocal Mix
A2.Dennis De Laat Dub Mix
B1.Dave Darell Mix
B2.Dave Darell Dub

Infos by 4 Strings

Photo: Maria Rubia

Maria Rubia(Fragma) New songs you can discover on Maria Rubia space and you can tell your opinion about them. Maria is working at new tracks for her solo material. The release is unkown yet. More info

Tiesto Google made a theme with Tiesto if you have IGoogle on your browser you know about that theme, also i found on wikipidia an news that a new album is expected to be released at the end of 2009, with the first single being released in the summer, till then Tiesto is busy with Giorgio Armani because was the first dj choosen by a fashion designer for A|X:Time Watch advertising campaign.