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Helana Paparizou the new image

The winner of ESC in 2005 - Helena Paparizou, was choose by Italian brand  - Diesel to be their image, for the Spring campaign. The news was shared by the singer on her account.

Doll who looks like Helena Paparizou?

Tonner doll is known by doll collectors the website were they can find dolls not for babies but for the old babies if i can say that - art collectors.
People around the world are visiting this website to buy dolls with clothes made by famous designers, and one of them is Tyler Wentworth.
If your are looking for christmas present for your girl i think is the best choice,anyway between the new collection i found also the doll who looks exactly like Helena Paparizou, and is from Fall collection.
I think the creators of the doll are fans of greek singer and ESC winner because the doll looks exactly like her.
For more infos about this doll here Helena Doll

Eurovision Sweden ready steady goo !

When many european country's  hardly found sponsors to participate and Eurovision Song Contest next year, Sweden prepared an army of musicians to participate.
Queen of europop - Elena Paparizou, Father of euroreggae - Dr. Alban and God of House - Avicii will fight next year to obtain swedish people votes for ESC in Copenhagen.
The swedish press announced last week who will go on swedish Eurovison preselection: Helena Paparizou
 winner of ESC in 2005, Dr Alban and  Avicii.Avicii was also responsible of   last years Eurovision Anthe.
About Helena's song will be writting by  Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström and Sharon Vaughn. Helena has also recorded a song with former Swedish Eurovision contestant Jill Johnson.
So next year will be a war, a war of music and fun on national swedish television. :)

UPDATE Dr. Alban will participate on Melodifestivalen with Jessica Folcker. Alban posted a photo with her  right before rehearsals.

Helena Paparizou in UK

The greek singer announced that she's in UK for a business trip. The singer will work on her next single with a british team from Black Rock Studio, among the people that Helena joined is the turkish dj Kaan the one who signed the last hit of Smiley - "Criminal".
Helena didn't mentioned when will be released and the title of the future single.
 "Save my heart" her recent single has a lot of  success in Sweden and in Greece.  

Helena Paparizou

Recently invited to perform her new single on swedish televison TV4, Helena Paparizou was very touched by the song when she perform, and she tried to hide her tears.
"Save me this (is an SOS)" was  written by Yannis Doxas with experience from Helena's life, it's  a very strong song with chances to become a billboard hit.

Helena was also nominated the tourism ambassador in Greece, and artist of the year by MTV Greece. 


Sqeezer a new member

Helena Paparizou After passing through a strong depression,  having as factors  the death of her father and the separation from Toni Mavridis. The winner of Eurovision 2005  returned with reinforcements ... "Save Me (This is an SOS)" the new single who's already promoted in Greece.

Sqeezer has a new face, Jim Reeves lead band member announced on his FB account that  Bella Me will the new vocalist of the project.
Right now the team are studio working on the new tracks but also on the choreography with  Marvin A. Smith


Overload it's called the new single from Julissa Veloz, a powerfull dance track with strong synths and beats who will be out on october 30th. The tune was wrote by Julissa and soon will be fallowed by a new material. The story of this track ...
Overload came about as a fun, festival track. Julissa wanted to write a record that everyone in the dance music scene could relate to, the feeling of your entire body being overwhelmed when you see your favorite DJ or Performer, when you hit “Overload”.
What means for Julissa this new track ...
This new track is the beginning of a major change in Julissa’s music. Her records will all be different, fun and soulful with a rebellious edge keeping her fans guessing about what’s coming next!
Overload can be pre order here.

Helena Paparizou posted on her FB account that a new single will be soon released on October 19th. The song was recorded with greek singer Natasa Theodoridou and it's called "Lathos Agapes" (Wrong Loves)and was written by Giorgos Theofanous and Thanos Papanikolaou. 

Molly Smitten Stunt lead singer came with a new song called "Lost Generation" preview here

Life will hit you even you are superstar

Recently i read an article in Down Town about eurovision winner Helena Paparizou, in that article the singer tells the darkest moments from her life, losing her dad on Christmas day, losing a baby and the brake up with her boyfriend Tony.

"We all get depressed for a time, after such events ... It's very difficult to get out of the depression and I know this because I've never experienced before.
It does not concern anyone if I lost a child.It's a difficile moment for every womon not only for me.
My personal life is fine as it is ... I prefer to be single and to be fear, but I got married and was wrong.
That was the hardest experience I've pass in my life but I did psychotherapy "confessed Elena Paparizou in the weekly magazine Down Town.

Another thing is that Elena's contract with Sony had formally ended in early 2011, and her A&R representative Giannis Doxas officially announced that she signed with a new label.
Let's hope that she will get back soon with new stuff and near to her will be always her family, real friends and fans ..

Helena Paparizou is looking for Mr.Perfect

The Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou is looking for "Mr.Perfect", that's the title of the most recent single of Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou released this days from her future material. The single will have also a video that was shoot last month and will be out this days. Till then you can see her on Greek Tv show "Dancing on Ice".preview here

Dhany - Benny Benassi's most loved voice is back with a new collaboration made with dj Mike Crystal. The tune is called "The Hottest Emotion" and was released on November 2nd on Beatport.

S.E.X.Appeal release a new single from her recent material called "Love is the code", preview of the song can be see here (Thanks to Ladislav)

2012 Calendar can be download for free here

Now is clear ....Baby it's over

Elena Paparizou divorced from her boyfriend Tony whom she'd been dating for 12 years and she moved to Cyprus where she gave a 2-day concert. Helena was caught by paparazzi on the beach swimming with her friends and it seems that she lost some weight. In the material made by greek television she talked about her recent divorce and said that it's well known that "I broke up with Tony but when you have a relationship with a person for 12 years, you don't simply walk away. You continue to be cordial and touch base here and there but one has to be very careful. If I had any doubts that things would have been different with Tony, I would try to be flexible. Things happen for a reason and you need friends to forget and to spend some free time with them." said the artist.
Thanks to Karine Sanche

Helena Paparizou a new single

After "Baby it's over" who recived three nominations at the annual Mad Video Music Awards, "Fashion Icon", "Female Artist Of The Year" and "Artist Of The Year", Eurodance diva Helena Paparizou is preparing her next single" Love me crazy (Oti niotho den allazei)", that probably will be released soon on all digital megastores, preview here .

Gala 's hit was relaunched by do it youself media group, the ep includes remixes by Bimbo Jones, Da Brozz & Klaas. The Ep was official released on May 18th, this was released again because past almost 15 years from Gala's debut with this megatune. Preview here.

Medina is preparing a new hit this days from her album "Welcome to Medina" called "The one"(Ensom) the new single will be released on Europe soon. preview here.

AngelZoom aka Caludia Uhle from X-Perience just launched "Everyone Cares", the tune was included on Caludia's album "Nothing Is Infinite".

Helena Paparizou a new look for a perfect video

The ESC winner in 2005, Helena Paparizou came this days with a new material "Greatest Hits and More" and a new video "Baby it's over". For the video Helena came with new look right for a dance diva that she is, and was sponsored by a greek phone network. Critics says that the tune is pure amazing and ready to conquer european charts.

Eurodance News

"Slave to the music 2011" from Twenty 4 Seven entered on TMF NL playlist. The tune is a comeback of this project on european dance scene with Rudd Van Rijen producer, Stay-C as rapper and Li-Ann vocalist. A new material will be launched soon.. till then "Slave 2 the music Reloaded".

Helena Paparizou The winner of Eurovision Song Contest Helena Paparizou presented on X-Factor the new single "Baby It's Over". The performance can be seen here

Nadia Ali released a new single called "Pressure" made with Starkillers & Alex Kenji more infos here.

Matthew LeFace remixed Britney Spears new single "Hold It Against Me" you can listen here.

Helena Paparziou "Baby it's over"

Like the title said "Baby it's over" is the new single of ESC winner Helena Paparizou, the dance diva finally decided to close the pop/rock chapter and to comeback to a genre who fits her well - dance music.
"Baby it's over" is the first single from her new english material who will be released proablly later this year.
What we've have to say - Welcome back Helena, and make us happy with your golden voice !!
Preview of the new song here (Thanks to KDJ & Klems)

Alexia, Helena Paparizou

Alexia In a recent interview gave to InFly, said that she is working on new tracks that will be included on the future material, an material that also will be in italian .
Alexia said "Many of my collaborators asking me to make some pop dance but i'm not into it anymore, because i can't express my feelings like i wish too".
In old interview gave to Rai 1 right on period release of her new album "Happy", to be more precisely in '99 she was asked by Carlo Conti  why she sing in english and not italian... Alexia answer was that she hate to listen her voice in italian.. and  few years later she conquered the italian public on Sanaremo with "Dimmi Come ".
So in the near future will be dance or pop/rock !? A question that only time can answer it....

Helena Paparizou presented on MAD Music awards 2010, were she won an award for Best Video, 2 new tracks in english "Dancing without music/ Together".

Mylène Farmer, Helena Paparizou, Gabry Ponte

Mylène Farmer I really love this european singer not because it's beatiful and she has that 50's look of classical french actor, 'cause it's enigmatic person and rumors are hunted her like ravens looking for dead bodies... A few years ago european press named her Madonna because she has more fans then her ... and it's a notorious singer every  appearance it's a subject for French tabloids... now i leave the description of this big star alone and i will tell you what i saw o her twitter fanbase account that a new single it's one the way, the name it's "Oui mais... non" and it's # 1 on top of downloads and includes remixes by Chew Fu the same who remixed the new single from Ysa Ferrer "French Kiss".

Helena Paparizou the winner of ESC in 2005 and ex lead singer of eurodance project Antique posted on her twitter account that her new single it's called "Psaxno Tin Alitheia"(Searching For The Truth) , the truth we try to find also...!? why she forgot her european fans and why is still doing greek music and also why she posted this single released in May !? i think we never find the answers to this questions!? because Helena forgot us and it's concentrated over her greek public....

Gabry Ponte(former member Eiffel 65)made a new remix to Italian project Fabri Fibra and the name of his song is "Vip in trip" like the the title, the subject is very common: Television , and how it's manipulate the people, with a very hilarious video, where appears and italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, the project it's ready for italian dance tops.

Helena Paparizou, Ysa Ferrer, T-Spoon

Helena Paparizou made a video called "An isouna agapi" , the single is from recent material "Giro Apo T' oniro( Deluxe edition) . The video can be seen here.

Ysa Ferrer announce the title of her fourth album, it's called "Ultra Ferrer" and will be released on September 27. You can listen the preview here.

T-Spoon The new members of T-Spoon are Raw Jawz & Blondi and they recorded and a new song with american rapper Akon, the single will be dropped out in September.

Nick Cold(Groove empire and United Passion) release his first solo single called "It's my life" and will be released on October 1st . You can listen the track here.

Ocean Drive, Helena Paparizou, Smile Dk

Ocean Drive made a new version of "Some People", this time choose a different female voice and she found it, Aylar is the new voice of the hit "Some people". Aylar is a swedish model and was the face of Basshunter videos .

Helena Paparizou after a long break from the music scene, Helena came with a new material called "Giro Apo T'Oneiro", the album will be launched on March 15, and the new single from this material will be called "An Isoun Agapi" the premiere of the single was on February 28 at Dromos FM.

Smile Dk Today Veronica & Hanna will start the record session for the new Smile album, the album will be done later this year.

Alexia, R.Gee* & TeCay , Sandra, Helena Paparizou

Alexia Canale 5 dedicated an half hour to Alexia. Alexia performed all her 90's hits like "Summer is Crazy, Happy, Uh la la & Dimmi Come".
Also came with a new look colored in blond platinum, Ale presented the new single and the new video "E non sai". The single is included on Alexia album called "Ale & Co".

R.Gee & TeCay are Rüdiger Heine( Dj & Producer) and Torben Kohlhof aka TeCay and are from Germany, their new single is called "Out of Sahara" and was release on June 2009 on JunoDownload.

Liquid Spill covered Sandra hit from 80s "In the heat of the night", you can find more about this single here

Helena Paparizou competes against 20 other artists for the award of Best European Act for MTV European Music Awards 2009 (to take place in Berlin, November 5th). Please vote for Helena on as many MTV sites around Europe and as often as you can : UK ("vote"), Spain ("votar"),Germany ("abstimmen"), France ("votez"), Greece ("ΨHΦΙΣΕ"), Russia("ГОЛОСУЙТЕ"), Portugal ("Vota"), Ukraine ("ГОЛОСУВАННЯ"), Poland("Głosuj"), Norway ("Stem"), Belgium ("stem"), Romania ("Votează"),Turkey ("Oy Verin"), Israel, Hungary.

Info by
Karine Sanche

Silvy , Helena Paparizou, Dj Project

Photo from P Magazine
Silvy former vocalist Sylver and Linda (Milk Inc) posed this month for the cover of Belgian magazine "P-Magazine". There the belgian readers can read the interviews with the girls. More here

Helena Paparizou was nominated and this year at MTV Greek Music Awards for the Best Greek Act. You can vote for her here

(Thanks for the infos to Karine Sanche)

Dj Project appeared last night on Tv show "Rai da' buni" where presented the new Dj Project "vocalist", her name is Claudia Cream ( ex Candy) a very faimous romanian pop singer, and was the first Dj Project female vocalist, with her the guys released the first hit single "Spune-mi tot ce vrei".
Claudia Cream said that will stay with the guys until they will find a new vocalist, and for this purpose a romanian radio will launch on 14th September a competition to help the guys to find the new Dj Project vocalist.

Melody Castellari Melody is one of today's and 90's dance voices, you can read an exclusive interview with her taken by Tavi Meran, HERE.