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The E-Rotic is back!

The German eurodance project who blow up the 90s with songs that made allusion to sex, is back!  David Brandes and Lyane Leigh project E-Rotic are making for real a comeback in 2018 with a song that for eurodance lovers and E-Rotic fans for sure will appreciate. The tune is entitled Mr.Mister and has the old sound that E-rotic used to promote and with a little influence from Culture Beat.   The single is made on IceZone Music and will be out on February 2nd. 
The team release also new songs in 2016 but without success, the fans wanted the old sound and now they are back.

RazMaTaz bothered because was left out!

We all know or at least E-Rotic  fans know, that Lyane Leigh (original vocalist) is coming this year with E-Rotic. The official news was wrote here, but what it seems to bother is  that the original rapper  was replace bor not even asked if he really wants to join this project again. And RazMaTaz "express his opinion" on facebook:

Ok ..if you have a new rapper, and new release. Why are you sharing my picture? Again!  RazMaTaz.

The comment was made at an article about the E-Rotic comeback were a photo of Lyane & RazMaTaz from S.E.X Appeal period was posted.

E-Rotic is coming!

Hey Fred i'm coming back to your bed ! This is the answer of eurodance 90s project who's turning back - E-Rotic. According to eurokdj, Lyane first lead singer and producer David agree to bring back E-Rotic. Right now the singer is recording some new tracks with the new rapper that will be included on the album The Best of.

E-Rotic hit the 90s charts with their unique sound Fred come to bed, Max don't have sex, Please help me Dr.Dick or ABBA covers were the songs who brought E-Rotic international success.
Let's hope that Lyane she will keep the sound of E-Rotic the same sound that made this project famous all over the world.

They are also rumors that 2015 will bring out to eurodance scene the second vocalist Lydia Pockaj, who's coming with her own project. Thanks to Lydia4everEROTICfans Grup

Scandal between E-Rotic and 2Unlimited

Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer and SEX Appeal mentioned  in article on her page, that were kick out from the bus from 2Unlimited. A bus who supposed to bring the bands back on hotel.
Lyane explain:

So this is what happened on the night of 06.07.2013 in Himos/Finland. We were booked for a live show on a big 90s music festival in Himos. There were also Basic Elements from Sweden (nice guys give them a hug), 2 Unlimited and Dr.Alban. We were supposed to perform after Basic Element and before 2 Unlimited.
After the show we dressed, packed and waited for 2 Unlimited to go on stage and do their show... to get back to the hotel. At this point I felt that I was getting really tired... So we patiently waited for another 1 1/2 hour until 2 Unlimited was ready to leave... Our tour manager told us to already get in the bus (a big 20 seat bus) so we could already rest a little until 2 Unlimited was ready. So thats what we did, we went inside the bus and took place in the back. I closed my eyes and tried to relax... dancers of 2 Unlimited entered the bus a little later... when suddenly....

A tall blond man speak loudly to me "Who are you... what do you do here? I told him I was the singer of S.e.x.appeal (EX) E-Rotic just performing before them. "But you are not going to drive with us, are you" he said. I told him that we were going with them back to Helsinki to the hotel as planned by our booking agent (who did book us and 2 Unlimited as well).

Soon I found out that he did not want us in the bus, he kept telling me that we had to go with a separate car since it was in their contract to have a own bus (they were 6 and we were 2 and there were 20 seats!). I tried to explain him that my agent gave me the info to wait for them and to get back together to the same hotel and that I would have loved to go with a separate car almost 2 hours ago so I did not have to wait for them. But it was planned to wait and so I did... I am very tired and just want to get to the hotel and not discuss.
No way, throw them out of the car he said (so many time that I still don´t now who should have done this, the busdrivers?). At that time the female singer Anita entered the bus. Without a Hello or any introduction she started screaming at us we should leave the bus they would throw us out and the place we were sitting was here seat anyway (she wanted the whole bench in the back on both sides). One word came to another and we were even called bitches... as we called her as well a bitch she got real mad... I said to Alice let us leave the bus this is getting too much, so we took our bags and left.

If you think that she had been satisfied now, you are wrong. She came after us still shouting and insulting us. Alice (my colleague and dancer, was upset, she had been liking their music.) if I had not gone between them there would have been a fight. At least Anita told Alice she would beat her... I could calm down Alice telling her not let her pull on that low level. I told Anita to shut up and leave with her bus what she finally did after her last words: You are nothing, you are worthless... a nobody. 
So now we stood there (with tears in my eyes beeing so mad and disappointed by her behavior) I could have never imagined something like that between colleagues). Finally we had to take a taxi to Helsinki to the same hotel driving almost just behind their bus.... 
At this point I must say that the rapper Ray was the only nice person here, trying to clear things up - but unfortunately nobody seemed to listen to him. 

Said the singer on that post the hole story can be read here and here

If the story confirms all that, i think 2Unlimited must publicly apologize  for what they did.
Or 2unlimited  took Marcel Prodan example!? Just saying..
It's really disappointed when  mature people with such background  are behaving  like a bully teenage!


Dance News

RazMaTaz said on his official FB account that is preparing his future single with Anna Belle & Whitney Joesten, and will be released worldwide soon. Razmatas was the lead rapper of eurodance project E-Rotic, and in 97 he left the project for a solo career.

Zoë Badwi released her debut album called "Zoe".The material includes also the dance hits "Release Me", "Freefallin", "Accidents Happen" & "Cary me Home" more details onZoë (Deluxe Edition) - Zoë Badwi

Vanessa Mason one of the voice of Real Mc Coy came this year with a new project made with german rapper Peter Fox called "Zucker" and can be found here Zucker (feat. Vanessa Mason) - Stadtaffe (Bonus Track Version)

Dance News

Leticia Spormann is back this summer with a new dance latino song called "Alma Latina" released on June 10 and wrote by Leticia. Leticia was the lead singer of Bubblegum Dance project Passion Fruit she contribuite in 2000 on the album "Spanglish Love Affairs". She received a gold single with Passion Fruit, and was nominated for Echo. "Alma Latina" can be found on all digital platforms including Itunes.

Jessy just said on her official twitter account that is working on new songs, the new material will be released later this year.

Hadise the belgian r'n'b singer is back with a new hit called "Superman", the new song was presented last month on Balkan Music Awards 2011 and will be dropped out as EP soon on all digital platforms.

ATB canceled his concert from Topfest Festival in Slovakia because of major health problems. We hope is nothing serious and he will be back again. ATB recent single is called "Gold" and can be found here .

David Brandes scandal i don't wanna talk about that but for someone is a way for promotion ...and i have to say that you choose the PR wrong.

Nathalie Aarts(The SoundLovers) teamed with Kim Lukas and producer Graziano Pegoraro (T42, Ava & Stone, Mato Grosso) for a single entitled "Breathe Again", and can be buy it from here.(Info Karine Sanche)

Dance Updates

Kim Leoni after a long absence from music scene will be back this year with a new material, right now Kim said on her twitter account that she is back after a long break in studio recording new songs. The new material will be out probably this Spring.

UltraNate gave an interview to handz up radio talking about music what inspire her to make music and what are the future projects. You can listen the interview here.

E-Rotic lead singer Lyane Leigh, launched with Sam Walkertone & Kevin Kelly a new single called "Toxic Kiss ". The single is available world wide, Lyane Leigh can be seen as E-Rotic this year at I love the 90s. The single can be buy it here.

Mr.President Vote with like or unlike your favorite mix from LayZee, the one who gets more likes would be chose as a single. I want to (In the club) is the 4th solo single from Mr.President Delroy Rennalls. you can vote here

Eurodance News

Kate Ryan's new single will be out next year on Jan/Feb, Kate Ryan confirmed on her official twitter account.

Sylver Great news for Sil ( Sylver) the video "Love don't come easy" will be release and promoted in UK by Dance Nation TV. The video gather almost 100 000 views on youtube.

September Petra has a secret recently was discovered on amazon the 1st album signed as Petra Marklund, the material was release in 98' and was called "Teen Queen".

Double You's new single will be called "Definitely Sure" a pop track who sounds like Bobby Mcferrin hit "Don't worry be happy". Thanks to Dance News.

Kim Sanders is working on her future material who will be out next year. The genre of the new material will be Jazz.

Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer and Dani D are taking part to a musical show dedicated to Abba. Lyane is playing the role of Agnetha. more here

Armin van Buuren, Velvet, Gala, Micheal Mind, E-Rotic, Simone Angel

Armin van Burren after his last success with his last single "In and Out of Love".
Armin put his energy and inspiration for a new song called "Unforgivable". The song was made in collaboration with Jaren.
More infos about the new single can be found here

Velvet released for her swedish fans her next single called "Come Into The Night". Also possible tracks are "My Rhythm", "Radio Star", "Sound Of Music", all this tracks are included on her next album "The Queen".

Gala a greek artist made a cover after's Gala song "Faraway" released in 2006, the artist name is Tamta and the song is called "Ftais".

Micheal Mind born 1973, Jens Kindervater it's a german dj and producer, his "products" are The Real Booty Babes, 2 Vibez, 4 Clubbers, Da Franco, Da Loop Brothers, and now trying his success with this song called "Baker street".In the video you can see and Miss Germany.
More infos here

E-Rotic Jeanette Christensen (Face of E-Rotic in 1996-2001) can be seen every Sunday at 18:00 CET on Swiss SFinfo channel a show called Fenster.

Simone The Partyzone girl talks on her blog about his days on MTV .
The story can be discovered here :)