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Alexandra Prince is the Queen

Alexandra Prince known as the voice of Sqeezer, Hot Banditoz, Laava, and many more came with a collaboration this month with international superstar Jessie J. The half Brazilian singer worked on new material of Jessie and her single that will be release will be entitled Queen . 
Preview bellow 

Lady Danii with Sqeezer

A few days ago Jim Reeves lead member of Sqeezer shared with his fans a news.
 A new song is finished and is called Crazy Love and yes is made with Sqeezer... said Jim

The new song will be played next month in Berlin on 5th July on 90's Event where Lady Danii will be the host . 
Lady Danii: Yes is true i will be on 90's event with Sqeezer on July 5th and other one i think will be on August 2nd, but as a host of the show and not as a performer..

Lady Danii was former girl of german project  Reset and Mr.President but in 2005 decided to help his husband Markus Beyer WBC Champion on his agency 12Rounds.  

Sqeezer is gonna take a long break..

Do you still remember Blue Jeans, Sweet Kisses or Saturday Night sung by german pop dance project - Sqeezer!? After so many years of tempting to change members, Jim Reeves lead member explained to us that Sqeezer is gonna take a long break...
Right now i'm concentrate over my new project mixing 90's music, Sqeezer is on the second place now   said Jim Reeves

Sqeezer a new song !!!!!?

It's been a while since Jim Reeves and Co. didn't shared any news about his new projects that involves  also Sqeezer.
Today's our curiosity was satisfy when he posted on a famous social network a catchy song in old Sqeezer style  with a very familiar voice :) is the ............!? Who knows!?
The artist posted the video with the song, and named it as his new project J.R.

This is my new song Helicopter from J.R. that i support.

About Sqeezer, launched the news last year for a new comback, and a new team Mikey and singer Bella. But the fans didn't like it because of the members who were replaced very often.
But i still hope from what i saw, a new change is on the way.... and that pop dance with 50-60's flavor will be heard in Reeves new music project . The track can be heard Jim profile.

Sqeezer has new members

Do you still remember Blue Jeans the summer hit from german project Sqeezer. The team are back but with new members Miky Cyrox, Bella Mee vocalist, and Jim Reeves rapper who is also the lead member.  The style approached is a little different it's more hardcore unfortunately. When will be release the new single and the new video is not confirmed.
Sqeezer was born in 95 by Amber and She MOVES producers Bermann Brothers, they came on that period with something unique a pop project who had influences from 50-60's style but adapted to eurodance from 90's  with  unique vocals done by Alex Prince and Jim Reeves.
Blue Jeans, Saturday Night, Sweet Kisses, Whitout you were the most popular hits of the project.

Another artist on the break

House Diva - Alexandra Prince shared with her fans a great news: she's pregnant!
 The singer looks amazing in a role of pregnant mom and this can be seen  in the picture posted on FB. 

Alexandra we wish you all the best an easy pregnancy! And we hope to come back soon with more dance tunes.

Sqeezer a new member

Helena Paparizou After passing through a strong depression,  having as factors  the death of her father and the separation from Toni Mavridis. The winner of Eurovision 2005  returned with reinforcements ... "Save Me (This is an SOS)" the new single who's already promoted in Greece.

Sqeezer has a new face, Jim Reeves lead band member announced on his FB account that  Bella Me will the new vocalist of the project.
Right now the team are studio working on the new tracks but also on the choreography with  Marvin A. Smith

Dance News

XSession the belgian dance project is back with a new single, Gene Thomas and Gina Brondeel aka XSession launched on April 4th the tune "Come Together". The song can be found on Come Together - Single - X-session.

Sqeezer On official FB account Jim Reeves spread the news that his 90's project will be back this summer with a new material, but didn't mentioned the name of the new song.

Katerine said one her official twitter account that is working on her future material that will be released later this year.

Colonia is back witah a new single Marionette preview of the new song here.

Karma's new single is "Recept za krizu" (The recipe for a crisis) preview here.

Layzee launched his newest single "Summertime" made in collaboration with Kendrick, the tune sounds a little bit LMFAO's hit "Party Rock Anthem" preview here

Alcazar are back with a new single called "Feel 4 you", preview here

Alexia gave birth to a beautiful girl called Margherita.
About our poll was send to Alexia manager and we hope that will recive a positive replay, thanks for your support.

TerriB! Sqeezer

TerriB! made a new collaboration with Mekki Martin, the tune is called "This Feeling" and was released on March, the single has also a great video.

Sqeezer aka Jim, Andy and Daria, are back with a new video called "High Heels" a song written by Delroy Rennalls from Mr President, and will be released with a remix pack on all digital megastores soon.

Susana, Ace of Base, Sqeezer

Susana Armin's favorite vocalist made a new song with Omnia and The Blizzard and remixed by Armin, the song is called "Closer" and was released in May on all digital megastores. "Closer" is the name of Susana's debut album of the same name.

Ace of Base Jenny Berggren lead singer of Swidish pop band Ace of Base released on April her 2nd single called "Here I am" and will be included on Jenny's future album. For this track Jenny shoot an amazing video directed by Rickard Engfors. more infos here

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Sqeezer Lori Stern (former Sqeezer)is back on music stage, Loretta Stern was a member of german europop band Sqeezer from 1995 till 1999, her new project is called Mathilda a Jazz band and she released with this band an album called "Chanson Pop" on May more infos here

Milk inc,Sqeezer, Spagna

Milk Inc Ray and Anita from 2 Unlimited were invited by Milk Inc to perform 3 of their hits (Twilight Zone, Jump For Joy, and No Limit) on the stage of their Blackout concerts.

During their Blackout concert, Milk Inc presented their next single Storm. The Sportpaleis concerts of 2010 are already planned... Like every year, they are nominated to the TMF Awards 2009 as Best Dance, Best Album and Best Live.

Info by
Karine Sanche

Sqeezer They decided .... Alexandra Prince and Jim Reeves to work again, Alexandra Prince was the real voice behind the project Sqeezer,Yvonne Späth & Lori Stern were just the faces of the project.
Alexandra was also and the Nana vocalist and rumors says that it's behind and of Hot Banditos project.

The new project will be called Dj Reeves & Alexandra Prince already are recording in studio the new tune who will be released later this year.

Spagna A very popular singer in Italy, songwriter who wrote for Bonnie M & Corona, in Europe released big hits like "Call Me or Easy lady", gave us an exclusive interview where is talking about music industry.
The interview can be read

Special thanks to
Ivana Spagna & to Letizia Pignagnoli from Off limits Production.