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Bananarama is celebrating 36 yeas.

Keren and Sara aka Bananarama are celebrating this days 36years of career with a new album called Stuff like that.

Bananarama, Channing, Faithless

Bananarama after "Love Comes", Bananarama are planning to release another single, the song will be called "Love don´t live here". The single is from Bananarama recent album "Viva", and will be launched on April 12th on all digital platforms. (Thanks to Cesar)

Channing Banks is a new artist from offlimits production in 2005 she release a huge hit "Bootsy Bootsy Boom", right now is working on her first solo material who will be launched on 19th March on Itunes.

Faithless after Evi Goffin,Linda & Sil who did a cover of Faithless huge success Insomnia in 2003, came out with a new remix of that song and Mike Candys, the tune was released at the end of 2009 and can be found on amazon.

Bananarama, BG the Prince of Rap

Bananarama are back!
In 80's blow the world charts with "Venus" and in 2005 Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward come back with a new material called "Drama", the single released from this material was called "Move in my direction" entering in Top 10 in Belgium, now are back with a new pop dance single called "Love Comes" .

Sara said about the single:"If you go looking for love, you never find it. But when you're not looking, it comes in a heartbeat and blows you off your feet. It's not really a new concept but that's what the song's about." More here

"Love Comes" will be released world wide on 7th September you can pre order here

Thanks to Kev

BG the Prince of Rap For the first time since many years, BG the Prince of Rap performed in Mainz, Germany last weekend.

Thanks for the info to Lars