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ESC team refused Jenny Berggren's help

The swedish singer and the lead vocalist of Ace of Base, posted on fb account a message were she revealed that was refused by Eurovision team to be part of the show.

Good to know? I offered my help to ESC but they didn't have a place for me. I would have kicked ass:) 
Next time:) Good Luck Sweden! said the artist

I'm sharing this because Jenny is not Kim Kardashian or  Paris Hilton who are famous because of the sex tapes and not because of their work. Jenny worked hard with Ace of Base group selling more then 30 millions copies worldwide and is not a "easy girl" who's looking attention with scandals.

Eurodance News

Sylver team are in the studio working on their future material till now they finished 7 tracks, the message was posted on John Miles twitter account.

Carolina Marquez After a long absence from music scene, Marquez came out with a new single called "Wicked Wow" the tune will be released on all digital platforms in the couple of weeks.

Pandora open the box and said the name of the future single, will be called "You Woke My Heart", and it's a collaboration between Pandora and JS16. The single will available soon on all digital platforms.

Velvet it's in the studio working on her future material, soon i will come with more details when i have ...

Mylène Farmer second single will be called "Blue noir", the same title like the album released last year in November. more details here

Jenny Berggren participate at ESC preselection this week with a new song called "Let Your Heart Be Mine", probably will be her future single. A preview here

Aqua's new single will be released soon the message was posted on their official account right now are working on the remixes..
"Looking into remixes for the new single ... And sorry you all have to wait a bit more before we can play it for you all ..."

Natural Superstar

Jenny Berggren i think she doesn't need any introduction was the lead singer of euro reggae band Ace of Base till 2009... now she "drawn" her on road - solo career...
"My story" is her first solo material released in October 2010, and its her own point of view about "music"  ... from this material released 3 songs and i think Jenny is preparing  another song, so let's hope would be Natural "Superstar" cause the song is strong and has a message for - everybody .... "A body made by cut and paste - Makes you a Natural Superstar".
This song can be found on her material "My Story".

September, Jenny Berggren, Edun

September finnally decide to release a new material, on her official twitter account Petra says that the new single will be ready for release in October, Petra also will be invited on swedish television Tv4 an reality show called "The stars in the Palace".

Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base lead singer) release her 3th single called "Gotta go" the single will be included on her new material, who will be launched in europe on October 13th.

Edun  decided to release her new single "My Love Is Here for You", a single who was dropped out on August 31 on Itunes. "My Love Is Here For You" it's the 4th single from Edun career and will be included on her new material. Infos about the new song can be found here.