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Aqua members are really busy

One of lead members of Aqua - Rene Dif is really busy, besides of the fact that is the a Aqua member Rene is also a producer recently launched in Denmark a girl group and recently release a snacks line called Rene Chip, and can be found in all danish supermarkets.
Her colleague Lene Grawford is also busy with the Scandinavian tv show THE Voice, recently Lene and Rene were cut together and the picture was shared on Aqua official account.

Kaya Jones a new single

Kaya Jones ex Pussycat Dolls announced her new single will be a dance tune made  with Aqua member Rene Dif.

The singer was asked how come this collaboration, Kaya Jones  explained  that she was contacted by  Aqua member Rene Dif and gladly  accepted the Rene's  request. Soon after was born their single "Dance all night", wrote by Lucian Piane(Paulina Rubio producer) and Kaya Jones, and produced by Ferrish Kay.

 I was contacted by Rene Dif, askin if i want to join him on Ferrish Kay  project, and i accepted because i liked his new style and soon after  Dance All Night was produced. A tune that i love, wrote in collaboration with Lucian Piane and produced by Rene Dif  .  said the singer

"Dance all night" is released on all digital platforms and soon on amazon , the video that promotes the single was made in desert were Kaya Jones is playing a itinerant musician traveling form town to town.

Jes a new single

Aqua lead singer looks better ever, in recent photo posted on her official FB - Lene Neystrom shows that time for her plays in her favour, and can bes a normal person like anyone else...
The singer is preparing this days a show in Norway for danish television - tv2

JES made  new song  for Armin label called "As We Collide", JES team up with Christian Burns and american producer Paul Oakenfold, this song brings you one of the most exciting collaborations of 2012. preview of the new song here

Aqua on The voice

After the duet with the danish boy, Lene accepted the offer to be part of the biggest show in Danemark - The Voice.
The offer came after the album release Megalomania on October 3th
Right now Aqua are on tour promoting the new material, for more infos check their official Fb account.

Aqua upgraded

Lene and Co are working hard on their new material called "Megalomania" that will be released this year in October, the material will have 11 tracks and this new tune that was posted on their facebook account "Playmate To Jesus" . Aqua is still alive and keeps to bring good music after so many years .... preview here


Lene and Co said that Aqua story still goes on. Lene the lead singer appeared on Ringsted Festival 2011 with rockstar look. The band presented to their fans new songs from the future material.
(Thanks to Mike)

Dance Updates

Lasgo is shooting the new video "Here With Me" in LA, the new single will be played this week on MNM Party DJ Booth!

Pandora just announced on her facebook account that is filming her new video from "Head Up High' which song is... didn't tell!! The new material can be found here.

LayZee team up Raquela with Keith Kemper for USA Japan Aid charity event, SV Entertainment will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund. You can buy it here(Thanks to LayZee & KDJ).

Hanna Look Twice and Smile DK vocalist just launched a new bubblegum pop song called "Bubblegum Dancer" , so Hanna is going solo !?

Regi is working on compilation Regi In The Mix vol. 10. He also announced the first infos about Milk Inc's upcoming video.( Kdj)

Aqua revealed the new songs that will be included on their new album "Come and Get It, Viva Las Vegas, No Party Patrol, Dirty Little Popsong, and F… Me Like A Robot". The new album was originally scheduled to be released on the 14th of June, it is now planned to be released the 5th of September. A new single will be out very soon, approximately for the beginning of July. (Thanks to KDJ)

Dj Bobo new material will be called "Viva Las Vegas", and will be available soon on all digital megastores.

Dance News

DJ Bobo has stood for nearly two decades in the spotlight and is never tired in a recent interview gave to german television Sat 1 explained what are his future plans and tour dates more details here

Dj Aligator After his latest release "Kiss My B-Ass" in 2009, Aligator is ready for another dance hit "Starting Over" from his forthcoming album. The new tune was written by Ali Movasat & his producer Daniel Kandi and will be released soon on all digital megastores. Recently Ali made a remix of Inna's mega hit "Hot"

Whigfield Guess who's back ...the Guinness-dance-star Whigfield came with a Cool song and a cool look!! "C'est Cool" is the new single from eurodance diva Wiggy aka Sannie Carlson, preview of new hit here

Benny Benassi new single is called "Electroman" made with american rapper T-pain, and it's from the album with the same name where Dhany was invited to make a song.

Aqua hit single "Barbie Girl" was covered by Marie Serneholt (A-Teens) and Bluwax

Lou Bega's commercial single Sweet like Cola entred this week on Ultratop 50 Belgium at #45.

Eurodance News

Sylver team are in the studio working on their future material till now they finished 7 tracks, the message was posted on John Miles twitter account.

Carolina Marquez After a long absence from music scene, Marquez came out with a new single called "Wicked Wow" the tune will be released on all digital platforms in the couple of weeks.

Pandora open the box and said the name of the future single, will be called "You Woke My Heart", and it's a collaboration between Pandora and JS16. The single will available soon on all digital platforms.

Velvet it's in the studio working on her future material, soon i will come with more details when i have ...

Mylène Farmer second single will be called "Blue noir", the same title like the album released last year in November. more details here

Jenny Berggren participate at ESC preselection this week with a new song called "Let Your Heart Be Mine", probably will be her future single. A preview here

Aqua's new single will be released soon the message was posted on their official account right now are working on the remixes..
"Looking into remixes for the new single ... And sorry you all have to wait a bit more before we can play it for you all ..."

Eurodance news

September released her new video "Resuscitate Me" who was directed by by Patric Ullaeus. Watch here

Linn Maria Sonic Dream Collective lead singer released her new album "Mamma Bland Annat" (A Mom among other). Linn's describe it as: "A mixture of gratitude, happiness, devotion with a streak of melancholy and reflects myself" more infos about the material here .

Klubbingman launched a new compilation called "Welcome to the club". Thanks to Karine Sanche

Aqua In an interview for Danish Television, Nystrom Lene told that Aqua just finished recording a brand new album and that they had plans to release it next spring. The year, Lene is again the face for the new collection of the Danish jewellery Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.( Info by Karine Sanche)

Gala, Groove Coverage, Aqua

Gala is preparing a new material, the album will be ready later this year with the new website. A preview of the tracks from new material can be listen here

Groove Coverage plan to release a new single this summer. Entitled Innocent, this Mike Oldfield cover was already featured on compilation Summer Dance Mania 2010.

Lene Nystrom, Aqua frontlady, will appear in a movie series entitled Varg Veum (from writer Gunnar Staalesen's novels). She plays the part of Karin, the girlfriend of the private detective Varg Veum. Movie will be released this august in Norway.

Infos by Karine Sanche.

Dj Sammy, Karma, Aqua, Dj Bobo, Waldo's People, Ace Of Base, Peter Luts

Dj Sammy made new song for his future material, the date of release is unknown yet. The new song is called "Animal" and was made with writer/producer Jean-Baptiste (known for being songwriter for the Black-Eyes Peas). More infos about the single you can find on Sammy official website.

Karma the successful dance act from Umag, Croatia, release a new song called "Party Do Zore (Party Till Dawn)"The single can be listen here.

Aqua Soren former member of Eurodance-pop group Aqua, release the single "Legendebørn", the song is from his solo material called "Alt gar op i 6"

Dj Bobo release on youtube a homemade video called "Roll Up" , a nice summer song from Dj Bobo recent album "Fantasy".

Waldo's People Marko Reijonen & Karoliina Kallio alias Waldo's people release a new video called "I wanna be a rockstar", you can see the video here. His latest single "Back again" is # 10 on Itunes dance charts.
"I wanna be a rockstar" was released in Finland on May and soon will be launched in US by RCA Records Label.

Ace of Base Jenny Berggren it's working at her solo album, the material is expecting on September 15th.

Peter Luts in recent interview said the new Lasgo album will be ready for release this fall on September. Now Peter is busy with Tv show Looking for a Pearl, a show who was created to find a new vocalist for his new dance project.

666, Rednex, Modern Talking, Aqua, Pandora

666 vs. Tag Team single Whoomp ( is out in Germany. It went #19 on the German DJ Chart (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

You can vote to tell which eurodance artist you would like to see on stage on We Love The 90s 3 in Krefeld next 29th May (Thanks to Klems)

Rednex have released their new single Devil's On The Loose through Pirate Bay for everyone to download for free. They did an interview on national danish radio DR P3 (the most listened too radio in Denmark) last week. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

On February 6th, there will be a 90s party in Copenhagen. More info here (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Modern Talking A new Modern Talking best of album entitled 25 Years Of Disco Pop was released on 22 January 2010. It contains all the official singles, new mixes and 4 rare never-before released remixes. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Thomas Anders After the release of the album Good Karma has been cancelled, Thomas Anders announced that his new album Strong would be released around February 7th (which is also Dieter Bohlen's birthday). There should be 2 versions : a simple-CD version, and a premium double-CD with DVD to be released in Russia only. The first single should be entitled Why Do You Cry, the video was shot in Russia last year (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Aqua Nystrom Lene (Aqua vocalist) was elected best dressed celebrity by Norwegian magazine "Se og Hør" (thanks to Aqua fan page).

Infos by Karine Sanche

Pandora gave us an exclusive interview were is talking about the story of "On the night like this" (the song sung by Kyle Minogue), you can read the hole interview here

Caramell, Aqua, Infernal, Cascada

Caramell A game for iPhone and iPod is currently being launch. Called 'Caramellagirls', it is based on Caramell's hit.Watch it here.

Aqua's "Greatest Hits" album was the 3rd best selling in Denmark in 2009 and have now sold double platinum. Their single "Back To The 80's" was the 3rd best selling track in Denmark in 2009 and the 8th most played track on Danish radios in 2009. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Infernal's single "Electric Light" was the 3rd most played track on danish radios in 2009. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Cascada's single "Evacuate The Dancefloor" has sold gold in Denmark (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Milk Inc won the MIA Award for best dance-electro for the third year.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Movetron, Aqua, Eurodance Web

Movetron Päivi from Movetron and Waldo were featured by the radio NRJ project Aamupojat, and they recorded a single entitled Eurodance. It was only released as promo during last summer (Thanks to Klems)

Aqua After the release of the brand new single Party i Provinsen, Hej matematik (featuring Søren Rasted, one of Aqua's members) will release a new album in January (called Alt Går Op I 6, meaning "Everything Goes Up in 6" in Danish). They also plan a 14 days tour for this spring.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Eurodance Web Every year Europe is choosing his favorite eurodance act. You can be also be part to this event by voting, more details about this event here

Loona, Aqua,Gigi d'Agostino, Prezioso

Loona's forthcoming single will be a 2009 version of her hit with DJ Sammy Life Is Just a Game. It will be released under the name La Mica feat Loona.

Aqua will release Back To The 80s in France. They just published photos of a shooting on their Facebook that could make believe that they shot a video clip for their new song Spin me a Christmas, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Gigi d'Agostino released 2 best of albums this month : The Very Best Of at the beginning of the month and The Essential Gigi on 20 November. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Prezioso feat Marvin covered the classic anthem The Riddle, already covered a few years ago by Gigi d'Agostino. Buy it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

Zippora, Aqua, Sandra, Luciana,

Zippora's new single What about our future was released (Thanks to Dancevibes) Watch it here.

Aqua just released a new version of their Greatest Hits album, including a coming Christmas-single Spin Me Your Christmas and a DVD with recording of last summer concert in Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark) (Thanks to Anders Bøgh) You can buy it from here
Infos by Karine Sanche

Sandra write on her official myspace blog the real reason why divorced from producer/songwriter Micheal Cretu.
"I have to regretfully inform my friends and fans that Michael and myself have officially divorced and are no longer together. The reasons have to do with personal and professional differences. " explains Sandra.
Sandra was marry with Micheal 19 years with whom she had two sons (twins), Nikita and Sebastian, born in July 1995, and divorced from him in November 2007.

Luciana(Bodyrox) donated piece of artwork to auction off to raise money for World Aids day. You can buy her stuff here

Aqua,Christiane Eiben, Infernal

Aqua After their success with "Back to 80’s" , Aqua have just released their second single from their "Greatest Hits" album called "My mamma said" a ballad who is the most saddest songs ever about death , once again Lene & Co prooves that it’s not only a bubblegum band and this new style feet’s them very well.Along with this single they release and a cool video directed Rasmus Laumann.

Thanks to Aqua website.

Christiane Eiben(Dj Bobo,SAY,Loft) will be back on music scene in December with Seven Up band her new project. You can see her live on 20 December on Stadthalle Göttingen, 15 Clock Clock & 19:00 CET.

Infernal Lina & Paw are back in studio preparing the new tracks for the future Infernal material. Lina said on Infernal website: "So far I think we have like 50 tracks stretching from only a bassline to fully produced four minute tracks with breaks and details and all the little things that make music interesting."
The new single will be ready in the spring and the album in the fall next year.

Bloom 06 , Aqua

Bloom 06 (ex Eifel 65) released a new single called Beats & Sweat on 10 August 2009.
After the split with the third member of Eiffel 65 Gabry Ponte, the other two members Maury (Maurizio Lobina) and Jeffrey (Gianfranco Jeffrey Randone) grounded in 2006 the new band Bloom 06. They released the albums Crash Test 1 and Crash Test 2. The last single Being Not Like You (the english version of „Un’altra Come Te“) becomes a big success this year in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Later they sang together with Alexia the song We Is The Power. The new song Beats & Sweat reminds more to the Eiffel 65 and is a totally smash hit. As a bonus to all fans the single contains a Bloom 06 version of the song Move Your Body.
1 Bloom 06 - Beats & Sweat - Radio Edit
2 Bloom 06 - Beats & Sweat - Extended Mix
3 Bloom 06 - Beats & Sweat - Maury Lobina Club Mix
4 Bloom 06 - Beats & Sweat - Roberto Molinaro Concept
5 Bloom 06 - Beats & Sweat - Move your body

The single can be found on Juno
Info by Krassik

Aqua announced on their official site that will attend The Voice gig from Danemark on 21 September. Also Lene & Co said that will prepare a new material this time with fresh tunes, the material will be ready for release in 2010. Till then you can enjoyin' "Back to 80's" .

Aqua, Da Buzz

Aqua this month is on cover of the Gaffa magazine. On the magazine you can find and interview with them.
"Back to 90's" from their first released reached # 1 in Danish Charts and their album Greatest Hits is #2 in the Album Top 40 this week.

Da Buzz just announced on their official site, that will take a long break .
In Europe Da Buzz was known from their hits like: "Wanna be with me", "I wonder where you are " & "Dangerous".
At the end of 2007 they release an album with their hits called “Da Buzz Greatest hits ".

On UltraTop 50 this week Sylver‘s song "Foreign Affair" is #4 , AnnaGrace # 9 & Kate Ryan with "Babacar" on # 20.

Infos by Eurodance Blog