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New songs from Mel Jade and Betsie Larkin

The australian singer Mel Jade is preparing  a new video for the single Bliss. the news was shared by the singer on twitter. Bliss is the new song that will be included on Mel Jade future material.

Betsie Larkin also is working on the new single with Ken Loi . The singer didn't say the title and when will be release the new single, but is really excited about the result.


Alive - the new album from Mel Jade

It's been awhile since Mel Jade didn't show new music on her web channels but this "break " had behind a reason - a new material.
"Alive" it's called and will be ready for sale on August 5th - an material full of passion and emotions combined with modern sounds.

Mel Jade :  My debut album is called 'Alive'. It's available to pre-order now but is officially released on August 5th. I'll be giving away little presents that have something to do with the lyrics every week until it is released on my Facebook/Twitter/Youtube. 

Eurodance Blog: Can you tell me a little bit of Alive your new material ?

Mel Jade  : Musically the album has a lot of different influences as I listen to so many styles of music. There are definitely some dance and electronic influences in there.

Eurodance Blog: Who wrote this album ? 

Mel Jade  : I wrote the lyrics and melodies on the album. 

Eurodance Blog: What's the story behind of Alive ?

Mel Jade : When I first started writing the album, I didn't know what it was going to be about, but every song I wrote seemed to revolve around similar themes like feeling alive, risk, living to the fullest, retro romance, feeling sparks and fantasy. I guess that's what I've been feeling!

Eurodance Blog: Aliens the single released in Europe, why is not on this album  ?

Mel Jade : The song Aliens was remixed and released by the Pretty Boys of Saint Tropez. I was doing some volunteer work in Cambodia at the time the song was released, so I was out of touch with the world. I had no idea that the song was doing so well in Europe until someone told me via email!
 'Alive' will only have songs on it that are 100% my own as it's my first solo project  I wanted it to really represent me and be something that I created.

Eurodance Blog: What about Electric ?

 Mel Jade : Electric is the first track on the album! That one hasn't been released as an official single yet.

Eurodance blog : Thank you Mel Jade..

"Alive" can be pre order on: Amazon  

           Mel Jade Twitter
           Mel Jade Youtube

We Could Make a Movie

The australian dance singer Mel Jade is coming this days with a new single and a new video very romantic about Love called "We Could Make a Movie".

 Asked if the video has a story the singer said:

 "The video has no story, it's just imagery..about love who's like a movie. I find it beautiful and romantic. For the video we used a projector to make it more cinematic. :) 
The story of the song is about wanting to fall in love but is told through the metaphor of making a film/becoming a star."  Mel Jade

 At the moment this single will be promoted just on youtube because  the singer already said that is concentrated over online releases ..
 Let's hope that Mel Jade will bring some dance music like "Aliens" not only slows,  but till then you can enjoy this new video..

Mel Jade a new video

Mel Jade announced on her twitter account that  I promise will be not the next single but "We Could Make a Movie". The video will be shoot will be planning this week. "We Could Make a Movie" it's a song that Mel Jade put a lot of emotion because was wrote by her... 
The release date is not yet confirmed because Mel is concentrated over online releases..

"Release date isn't confirmed yet, I'm just doing a few more online releases at the moment." Mel Jade  

For more infos about the new single you can keep the eye on her utube channel

New songs....

After a hot and successfully summer - LayZee(MrPresident) is ready  for a new release. LayZee announced  that a new track was done with Cristobal, and it's called "Tonight" and soon will be released on all digital megastores.

 Mel Jade is preparing a new surprize for her fans - a new song. The australian dance singer Mel Jade shared on youtube the new single that will be called "I pomise", it's a romantic song with a strong message. more here

Italo dance diva - Dhany is working hard. The singer recently release a new collaboration made Gil Foster and it's called "I Won't Surrender" and can be found on all digital megastores. I don't know if is cover because i didn't hear it.


"Electric" is Mel Jade second single and from the first play .. i really love it and for sure will be heard on all radios.
The tune it's a combination of "I like it" from Narcotic Thrust and Gaga sounds.
Mel Jade first single was called "Aliens" and was made with Pretty Boys From Saint Tropez, the single was Slam Fm Powerplay and this new song i think will be popular then the 1st one.
Electric will be released soon on all digital megastores. For more infos about this singer here


The dancefloor i think will be hot in this period 'cause another artist came to show us how to dance...
Watch out.. Gina G and Zoë Badwi 'cause Mel Jade is trying to brake european charts with this single "Aliens".
The tune was made in collaboration with Pretty Boys From Saint Tropez and for sure will be a smash hit, already Slam Fm choose this single to be their powerhit.
Mel Jade is an australian singer from Melbourne, Australia, and "is ready to take on the world."

Mel says about this single.
'Aliens' debuted at number 15 on the charts,was picked up and played by top DJ Armin Van Buuren and soon became a radio 583 dance smash .
Another thing i'm armed with songs, passion and glitter...and i want YOU on my team."

If is true !? will see >:)

"Aliens" was dropped out last Spring and can be found on Mel Jade