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Sylvia Tosun, Luciana, Jam & Spoon, Alice Deejay

Sylvia Tosun new single "Above all" was last week # 6 in Billboard Dance Charts, the single it's from her recent Ep with the same name "Above all" and includes 5 tracks and the newest single  "World Keeps Turning".

Luciana gave an interview where she talks about her music & big success of "I like that". Luciana recently wrote a track for Kylie's new material "Aphrodite",the tune is called "Cupid Boy", The hole interview can be listen here

Jam & Spoon A new remix of Jam & Spoon single "Be angeled" was released and can be found on all digital megastores.

Alice Deejay till of Dutch project Alice Deejay return , a new dance project M25 covered Dj Jurgen & Alice's success Better of Alone, the new version can be found here.

Alice DeeJay, 2 Unlimited, S.E.X Appeal, Verona

Alice DeeJay Will comeback !? It's an answer that for those of you will be a mystery... but till now rumors are saying that Alice Deejay will be back this year fallowing the other dance project Vengaboys.
The dutch producers Pronti and Kalmani who are behind of those projects, but also to another projects like Candee Jay and Dash Berlin, are preparing a new comeback of Alice Deejay.
The first appearance as Alice Deejay was in December 1st at "Winter Fresh" in Los Angels in 2007 and there brought again at the same festival in 2008.

Alice Deejay who was interpreted on stage till 2001 by  Judith Pronk will come this year with a new remix of the hit single "Better Off Alone 2010"

2 Unlimited Ray & Anita confirmed the name of their new single will be called "Still Unlimited" and will be released in Holland at the end of August. The first single "In da name of love" was released in France under the label Airplay Records (Universal Music) the video entered on NRJ Hits & Virgin 17 playlist.

S.E.X Appeal aka Lyane Leigh (Ex E-Rotic) released for fans only a free track called "Relieve my desperation" the song was launched in the way to promote her last material "Peeping Tom Reloaded"
In January Lyane collaborate with Shoot project on "Wild Thing" more infos here .

You can download for free "Relieve my desperation" here

Verona aka Peter and Marketa told us that the Verona international album will be ready for launch next year.
Peter "For foreign fans we are preparing a new album, which is already more than half finished". The hole interview can be read here.
Verona latest single is called "Up to the stars" and for this single they shoot a video.

Dance News

Cosmic Gate New from Cosmic Gate Featuring Emma Hewitt is the song Not Enough Time. Not Enough Time is also the first single release from the forthcoming new Cosmic Gate album Sign Of The Times, which is scheduled for a release in March 2009.

Alex M.O.R.P.H. New from Alex M.O.R.P.H. is the hit single Sunshine, it's taken from his forthcoming album Purple Audio (due to be released in July 2009).

The Prodigy New from The Prodigy is the single Omen, released on February 13th. The new album Invaders Must Die will be released on February 20th. The album will be released in 2 versions: Standard & Limited Deluxe Box Set. The Limited Deluxe Box Set also includes 5 vinyls, DVD and a bonus cd.

Alice Deejay New from M25 is the release Better Of Alone a remake of Alice Deejay's hit. It's about ten years ago Alice Deejay stormed the charts with Better Off Alone, but in 2009 it is M25 who present their very own version of this infectious dance track. M25 is formed by two Polish producers named Roman Kowalski and Csaba Bernacki who named themselves after the famous club M25 where the duo first met.

David Guetta New from David Guetta is the release Everytime We Touch.

Infos by Dance Artist Info