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Stunt, Manian

Stunt or Molly Smitten-Downes, who in 2008 released the song with dj Sash "Raindrops( Encore en fois)" with a lot of success, the tune conquered the top ten charts all over the Europe, now Molly thought it is time to release another single called "Fade Like a Sun", the tune was dropped out on 4th December with a great video, and can be found on al digital megastores.

Manian Europe's most prolific producers join forces with Darren Styles (the brightest star on the hardcore in UK)and te result is this track "Outta My head" released on 24th November in UK.

Savage, Manian

Savage Roberto Zanetti alias Savage launched in June the new single called "Twothousandnine", the producer kept the same 80's style only he dress up the song with modern rhythms just to gave a new look, the look of 2009.

This month he released the video who was shoot in L.A.

Manian the german dj announce on his official Twitter account that it's working in studio on a new tune, an cover after Ashlee Simpson song "Outta my head". The track will be released later this year.

Celia, Alex C, Manian, Roxette, Lady Violet

Celia Celia is a Romanian artist...
Her success came out with her first album called "Celia" lunched on Cat Music label.
An now try her success and in Europe with her first single "Silence" a soft dance track made by her producer Costi Ionita..

Alex C The single "Liebe Zu Dritt" was lunched and for Europe on 28th November.
The english version is called "Threesome is My Fantasy" and will be and a video for this track...

Manian will release a cover after Madonna's single "Like a prayer", (a single very controversy in 90's by Vatican)the single was also covered by Mad'House.

Roxette Marie is currently touring with the Christmas show "Stjornklart" while Per just finished and released his new solo album "Party Crasher."

Lady Violet Melody ( former Lady Violet vocalist) is preparing a new material .... the songs are ready but the style of the material will be a pop rock...

Paffendorf, Manian, Kim Sozzi, Robyn.

Paffendorf after a long silence ...the guys from Paffedorf are breaking the ice of silence with a new song in 2008 called "Self Control"

Manian after they did many covers finally they decided to do something else and they release a new song called "Welcome to the club", was release on 14th November under All Around the World label.

Eurokdj News
E-type's track True Believer was released in the Netherlands in October, along with The Tide.

On November 14th, the Welcome to the Club Best of 2008 double CD compilation mixed by DJ Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh Masterboy). The compilation was recorded live from Tommy's radio show on Sunshine Live and during the WTTC edition 12, 13 und 14.

According to rumors, among the 648 songs competing for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2009 (the Danish selection to choose the song which will represent Denmark at ESC), one could have been written by Me & My, who already competed to represent Denmark in 2007.

After more than 20 weeks in the top 10 on the danish dancechart September is now #12 this week with Cry For You (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Infernal are currently #2 on the danish airplay chart with Whenever You Need Me. Their album Electric Cabaret peaked as #2 on the danish album chart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Kim Sozzi Axelrod (born Kim Marie Sozzi) is a pop and dance musician originally from Long Island, New York.
She was born in a family of artists: her grandmother was an opera singer, and her grandfather was a latin percussionist, and her father was a musician as well as owner and founder of the entertainment company [Creations Music]. Her mother was a Hawaiian dancer.
Kim is of Italian,Filipino and Puerto Rican descent. During the late 1990s, she was headed in a singer-songwriter direction and was recruited by Sarah McLachlan to appear in the final installment of her Lilith Fair women tour festival in 1999.
She is married to Derek Axelrod.
Kim's vocals and sound have been compared to that of 90s Canadian dance icon Emjay.
info from wikipidia

Her success came out in 2006 with the song "Break Up" who riched #1 Dance chart #8 In Netherlands.
In 2008 lunched 2 singles "Like a Star" and "Feel Your Love" a nice soft dance track
For more infos check her Website

RobynAnyone who has seen Robyn live will recognise ‘Dream On’ as it’s long been one of the highlights of her show.
This thought provoking slice of pop brilliance finally gets the full release it deserves with the Christian Falke produced original heading up a full remix package from Moto Blanco, Ashley Beedle (Xpress 2), Tiger Stripes, Wez Clarke and Mr. Virgo!

For more infos check RobynMusic

News: Manian, Scooter, GeoDaSilva

Manian Désenchantée is a song recorded by the singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer (known as Madonna of Europe)The text song was inspired by the 1934 book "On the Heights of Despair" by the Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran.
In 2002 the belgian artist(Kate Ryan) try her succes with Mylene Farmer song like Manian & Aila in 2008

Scooter did a song with rock legends Status Quo the name of the track is "Jump that Rock (Whatever you want)"

Thank for this info to Karine Sanche

GeoDaSilva it's a MC from Timisoara Romania!!
It's very known for the party's in Dico Tineretului from Costinesti every summer u can find him there ...partyin' !
GeoDaSilva worked with Funky dj's & Dj Project (aka Elena)
His first single who need your Attention is a pumpin dance track in Dj aligator style!!

for more infos check