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Goodbye dance!!

The singer with cat eyes Liz Kay announced that she doesn't do anymore dance. We don't know why this radical decision, but the singer keeps singing on private parties with her band.

 I still sing! Only no dance anymore and only in small settings with my own band ...said the singer.

Liz Kay entered in dance scene in 2007 with cover after Wamdue Project King of the castle, the remix was produced by Yanou the same guy behind of Cascada project and RIO. Liz success came with the single "When love becomes a lie" promoted very often in UK and in Germany, and her latest single was launched in 2010 a cover after Savage Garden. The hole discographies of this singer here.


2 Fabiola, Milk inc, Kim Leoni, Liz Kay, In-Grid, Spike

2Fabiola Patrick Claesen & Co are releasing a new single after a long period of time, the tune is called "Push It Up" and will be dropped out on July 5th. 2 Fabiola was founded in 1991 by Pat Krimson and Oliver Adams and took a break till 2007 when released with Katie Michaelson the single "Straight 2 the top". The new formula is made by Pat Krimson producer, Loredana de Amicis and Viola Furleo-Semeraro vocals.

Milk inc The new single from Milk inc "Chasing the wind" was played Friday on Regi Show MNM dance. The single will be official release in Belgium on July 9 under Ars Production. Regi is working on the future Milk inc album who will be released later this year. A preview of the song here.

Kim Leoni just announced on her official my space account her next single will be called "Contact" and will love to do a featuring with Grammy winner Lady Gaga. "My dream is to work with Lady GaGa, I'm sure she's a fun person to be around." explains Kim's in this interview . The date release is unknown yet but the result will be amazing like usual... in Kim's style.

Liz Kay with "cats eye", change her mind and came back on dance style who launched her on European dance scene as an artist. After the fruitful collaboration with RIO, Liz Kay went in studio to record this amazing cover after Savage Garden hit single from '98 "To the moon and back", a  tune who was covered also by Kayden in 2009.
The single was released in Germany in April 30 under Zooland Records and produced by Plazmatek Studio Cologne. A preview here

In-Grid after her huge success with "Tu es foutou"(You're dead), a song that was released as a revenge for her ex boyfriend(a famous italian deejay), Ingird release her 3nd single from the newest material "Passion" who includes all the genre that she like from 30' and 40's but made in her own style like this new song "Vive Le Swing", a preview of the song here

Spike Pamela Knight Spike former vocalist is preparing a new material who will be launched this fall in September, the name of the single "Its a secret" like she describe-it on her official website "Its a secret so you have to catch me on the club promo tour end of July and August". Pamela Knight

Le Monde, Liz Kay, Dj Ella

Le Monde the eurorap band from Czech Republic released another single after "Fortunate" came "Another Chance", the tune was selected for this year ESC contest. More infos here.

Liz Kay change her mind and choose to sing dance again this time she joined forces with RIO , the tune is called "Something about you/Watching you" and was released this month on all digital megastores. For more infos check this page

Dj Ella's new single will be called "Make Me A Star" . More infos here

Thea Austin, Paul van Dyk, DWS, Liz Kay

Thea Austin(Snap!) a new song can be listen on her my space, the track it's called "Put My Feet On The Rock", a nice pop rock song... the release is unknown yet... More infos here

Paul Van Dyk Ultra Records is set to release Paul Van Dyk ’s new album, “Volume”. DJ and producer PvD is putting out this album covering over 15 years of his musical resume. The collection is titled “Volume” and will be out on June 9th in physical stores and May 26th in digital formats on Ultra Records. There is an accompanying US tour planned, starting in June.The album includes the new maxi single For An Angel 2009 and a brand new track Home featured Johnny McDaid.
Info by Music Express

DWS Records re-recorded and released a megamix of the classic eurodance hits, Saturday Night, The Rhythm Of The Night, Please Don't Go, Me And You, Think About The Way. The project Mad 90s is produced by Robyx. (thanks to Augusto Vilar) Info by Karine Sanche

Liz Kay an rumor it's spread on Hyves network who says that Liz Kay quits the dance scene to concentrate over pop rock! On her official site it's nothing about this subject.... let's hope it's just a rumor , Liz Kay last single was a cover of Olive hit from 90's "You're not alone".

Mylene Farmer, Liz Kay , Jes, E-Type, Regi, Kate Ryan, September, Niki French

Mylene Farmer what can i say about this artist has more fans then Madonna !? and that but this news is more likely:), after her last single lunched for holidays "Appelez mon numero" , Mylene thought that is the time for a new release in her characteristic style, the song is called "Si j'avais au moins revu ton visage" and it's single who makes you think at "Saw series"...
The single it's already played on NRJ Hits...

Liz Kay after Una & Atb, Liz Kay made a cover of the song "You're not alone "(Olive). The song was recovered also by Atb in 2002 and Una last year.

Jes The queen of chill-out is on th road you can request on your town with a simple click HERE

E-Type is working in the studio for a new material who will be released at the end of 2009.

Regi will do an concert on 28 February called Regi In the Mix and his friends on Arena Hasselt. More infos here

Kate Ryan On the 6th of February 2009 will be on MIA's (Music Industry Awards). Kate Ryan is nominated in 3 categories: Best Female Solo Artist, Best Song (Ella Elle L'a) and Best Video (Ella Elle L'a). You can vote until the 26th of January on Mia (1. Make your choice 2. Confirm ("bevestig") by registration 3. Validate by email)
Info Kate Ryan Website

September released on 14th November a new material called "September Gold". On that album are all her success with 2 acoustic versions of "Cry for you & Satellites".
More infos here

photo from
Niki French After Indra, Niki French is trying her success in the play "Sleeping Beauty" at The Theatre,Chipping Norton,Oxfordshire.

Victoria Silvstedt, Blumchen, Ultra Beat, Liz Kay, Nexx, Enigma, Loona

Victoria Silvstedt the Playboy Playmate of the Year '97 presents a show on the french and italian channels TF1 & Italia 1 called "Wheel of Fortune".
In '97 Victoria lunched a music album "Girl On the Run" with a lot of succes in Sweeden on that album lunched the hit single "Rock Steady Love" featuring Turbo B ( Snap!& Centory)

E! Online opens up jet-setting life as she travels around the globe of Victoria Silvstedt the premiere will be this Sunday at 10:30 Cet and it's called "My Perfect Life"...
Till then u can see her everyday on TF1 & Italia 1 :)

Blumchen the hit single "Herz an Herz" of Blumchen from '96 was recover by Rob Mayth "Heart to heart"

UltraBeat a after a long break the guys from UltraBeat lunched their new single called "Never Ever"

More infos about the band you can find here

Liz Kay Lunched in Europe her next single called "True Faith"

Nexx After their succes with "Syncronize lips" , the next single released by this band will be "Paralyzed"..

Enigma Micheal Cretu lunched DVD of the album "Seven Lives Many Faces"
His next single will be called "The Same Parents"

Loona(aka Carisma) release her new video called "Salam Aleikoum".The new album it is called "Moonrise" at was release on 10th October 2008. on the new album you can find also 4 remixes..
Info from Euro Reggae

Groove Coverage their next single will be a recall of "Moonlight Shadow" (Mike's Oldfield) . That single was remixed also by Missing Heart (E-Rotic) in 2001.

E-type in case you didn't see E-type video "True Beliver" here it is....

Eurovision 2009 News

Waldo's People will compete to represent Finland at ESC 2009.
Sani, former Aikakone vocalist, will compete too. They will be performing during the same semi-final, on January 16th on YLE channel. Songs will be revealed on December 3rd..
Other ESC news Belgian artist Hadise will represent Turkey....

Infos brought by Karine Sanche