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Verona team mad on czech tabloids

Verona team aka Peter and Margareta were mad when they sow the promo article of their new single "Falling in love" posted on czech online tabloid - super.
The team post an official news about that incident on their FB account:

  Looks like crap are you known with the term of tabloid "vyhýbáme srágorám"!? I think not! So I'll tell you ... Because it says - just crap, and when I have to write something" normal !?
You're not even able to find out our names or other artists and you are a tabloid!?
 I understand that it is sometimes good to do some promo (BTW, this is not our work), but when I do so, i will do somewhere where it's worth it and where it can be at least a little work on it. Well, am I right?said Verona..

 Ok guys it's better that your names is there even is bad or good 'cause like you said it's  free promo :)

Short News

Medina launched the new material "For Altid (Special Edition)", the material includes 21 tracks in danish but in the same Medina style. For the moment the material is available on itunes for danish public only.

Verona  announced last week that she has a third member, Peter one of the lead members become a father to beautiful boy called "Petya". Congrats Peter. Right now the team is concentrated over the new release "Fallin in love".

Jack Holiday  made a remake after  Nik Kershaw 80's hit "The riddle" the same song that was remixed in 00's by Gigi D'Agostino.

Ida Corr is coming this day with a new material called "Singled Out" who gathers the most famous songs of Ida.

Fallin in .....

The Czech Republic dance group Verona is coming with a new single. Marketa(vocalist) and Peter aka Verona said on Tv Nova that new single was made and now they working at new video who will promote the single. The song it's called "Fallin in Love", and Marketa for this single change also her hair colour . "Fallin in Love" will be fallowed soon by a new material. Preview of the new single here

Dance updates!

Smile Dk will release a new single called "Moshi Moshi" the news was posted on their official twitter account. "Moshi Moshi" it's a word in japanese that means "Hello Hello" the tune will be soon available on digital megastores.

Gala made a new song the news was posted on Diva Incarnata blog, the song  sounds very good , i don't know if Gala will think to release  a video but as a single for sure...

Kate Ryan is preparing a new single called "Broken", the premiere of this single will be this Friday on Milk inc anniversary  called Milk inc 15. The new song will be included on Kate new material "ELECTROSHOCK!" and was made with Narco, for more details check also Kate official webpage. Preview here

Verona like they promise will release this fall a new material an album with 12 track just for czech public and next spring will be fallowed by an english album. The news was posted on their Fb account and this is the official Cd cover.

Kate Ryan a new single

The belgian singer Kate Ryan is preparing her next single, the tune is called "Broken" and will be included on Kate's next album. The new tune will be released soon, right now Kate is busy with the photo shooting. Preview of the new single here .

Pandora's newest video "Why" will be launched in August, the single it's from Pandora's material "Head Up High".

Verona are preparing the new album that will be released this Fall, at the moment Peter Fider & Markéta Jakšlová are in Ibiza for a photo session.

Amber will be back on eurodance scene with a new remix of her success "One more night", the tune will be official released on July 26. Video here.

Maloy gave us an interview you can read it here.

Dixie it's a dj from Australia you can see his work on soundcloud and if you are interested to work don't hesitate to contact him here

Dance updates

Veronathe pop/dance project from Czech Republic just release their new single "If only you", a senseless track about love and combined with Markéta voice.
The tune will be included on Verona's english album that will be ready for release this Spring.

In-Grid When you say In-grid you think automatically at "Tu es foutou" & "In Tango" two tracks  released in 2003 with massive impact on  international charts.
"Lounge Musique" is the new material and will be released this days on all digital megastores.

Double You "Definitely sure" is the the new single from Double You, a track who sounds like Bobby McFerrin's hit "Don't worry be happy" and is moving away from the Double You 90's sounds, it's a pop/ rock tune that William Naraine prepared a video , more details here.

Bad Boys Blue MS Project made a cover after Bad Boys Blue hit "You're a Woman", the single can be found on their material "The 80's Remixes Collection".

Sash! "Stay" was covered by Den J Rose and the preview of the single can be listen here.

Pearl, Channing, Verona

Pearl Finally this week Peter Luts(Lasgo) found his Pearl, after a half year looking for the perfect voice for his new dance project Peter decided that Charlotte Buyl is perfect, and Pearl project was born.
This weak Charlotte was on Q Music to promote her first single "Speechless". The single will be released on September 14th. More infos here.

Channing released her new single called "You've got me out", the tune will available with diffrent remixes and will be out this month on beatport and on itunes.

Verona Feldbusch is back not on music scene but on her love, television, Verona is the tv presenter of RTL 2 new show called "Angels in action" where she  meets families in difficult situations or hopeless and  help them .
Verona explains in the press kit from RTL 2 : "I am looking forward to this renewed cooperation with RTL II, it is the first choice when it comes of real events or people . I believe in this format and I am convinced will be a success."

Verona was Miss Germany in 93 and was married with eurodance producer Dieter Bohlen, but after a couple of weeks they got divorced.

Dhany, Verona, Robert Abigail

Dhany will take a break from music scene for a while because is trying a diffrent role, being a mom.
Dhany announced on her official facebook account that on September 2nd gave birth to a girl called Beatrice.
Dhany says: "To be a mummy is a full time job and it keeps me happily busy all day , but I promise I'll be back on stage soon... I love you and miss you all :)"
Dhany's latest single was called "Dangerous", a tune dropped out in July on all digital megastores.

Verona Peter & Marketa are working on a new material, but this time for their Czech fans the new material will be released in 2011 Spring. The first single will be called "Ztracená bloudím(Lost.. Gone Astray)"  and can be listen here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj the one who remixed 2 Brothers on the floor 90's hit "Never Alone", it's back with a new single called "Meneando", launched on July 13th, it seems that release date was not an impediment, because the single enjoy a huge success, right now is kicking the dutch and belgian charts, on ultratop dance chart is # 7 this week.

Koyoto it's a new project please discover them here.

Alice DeeJay, 2 Unlimited, S.E.X Appeal, Verona

Alice DeeJay Will comeback !? It's an answer that for those of you will be a mystery... but till now rumors are saying that Alice Deejay will be back this year fallowing the other dance project Vengaboys.
The dutch producers Pronti and Kalmani who are behind of those projects, but also to another projects like Candee Jay and Dash Berlin, are preparing a new comeback of Alice Deejay.
The first appearance as Alice Deejay was in December 1st at "Winter Fresh" in Los Angels in 2007 and there brought again at the same festival in 2008.

Alice Deejay who was interpreted on stage till 2001 by  Judith Pronk will come this year with a new remix of the hit single "Better Off Alone 2010"

2 Unlimited Ray & Anita confirmed the name of their new single will be called "Still Unlimited" and will be released in Holland at the end of August. The first single "In da name of love" was released in France under the label Airplay Records (Universal Music) the video entered on NRJ Hits & Virgin 17 playlist.

S.E.X Appeal aka Lyane Leigh (Ex E-Rotic) released for fans only a free track called "Relieve my desperation" the song was launched in the way to promote her last material "Peeping Tom Reloaded"
In January Lyane collaborate with Shoot project on "Wild Thing" more infos here .

You can download for free "Relieve my desperation" here

Verona aka Peter and Marketa told us that the Verona international album will be ready for launch next year.
Peter "For foreign fans we are preparing a new album, which is already more than half finished". The hole interview can be read here.
Verona latest single is called "Up to the stars" and for this single they shoot a video.

Sonic Dream Collective, Novaspace, Verona, Ace of Base, Robyn

Sonic Dream Collective Anders Wågberg Sonic Dream Collective member and on of Betty N'Boop producer, came back on music scene after a long silence with a new project and a new song, called Patronic and Natten Änglar "8(Night Angels 8)". The song can be listen here.

Novaspace aka Jenny Marsala and Felix J. Gauder, the famous eurodance producer of E-Rotic, Masterboy and Fancy, release the 4th single and the video "Close your eyes". The video was shoot on Ibiza last month.

Verona the Czech duo made by Markéta Jakšlová vocalist and Peter Fider producer, released a new song called "Up to the stars". Verona is famous band from Czech Republic known for their hits like "You got to move on", "Stay with me" and "Do you really wanna know". Recently the project  had an promotion tour in China. More infos here 

Ace of Base aka Ulf, Jonas and the new vocalists Clara and Julia made a song called "Mr Replay" the date of release is unknown yet. You can listen a preview here

Robyn gave an interview to Dummy site were is explains the turn that she take from classic pop to dance, the interview can be read here.

Future Breeze release in February a remix of their hit from '97 "Why don't you dance with me". You can listen the song here 

Verona - You Got to move on

Verona este o cantareata din Cehia numele adevarat Markéta Jakšlová, melodia "You Gotta Move On" este deja hit in Cehia si Polonia. So " You Gotta move on". :)

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