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Mr.President reunite in Sqeezer newest video

Yesterday Jim Reeves from Sqeezer shared with his fans that is thinking to bring Mr.President old members in future video of Sqeezer.
The decision came after the participation of Coco Jambo 90's event with Lady Danii and T Seven were Jim made some photos with the girls and she gather many comments about Delroy Rennals and the girls.

Right now i talking with Delroy from Mr.President about the photos i made, and i'm thinking to bring the hole team in my Sqeezer video but it's a dream !? What do you think? :) asked Jim his FB Friends 

If the idea of Jim will be put in application it's gonna be a world premiere, because will be the first time, after so many years were Delroy, T Seven and Lady Danii are joining as Mr.President

Alexandra Prince

Fights back to showbiz, who promotes naked girls in videos instead of talent.
The 35 old brazilian singer (known after her collaboration with Nana, Dj@work, Sqeezer, Laava ) said that many music producers promotes in their videos "Girls dancing halfnaked in a Club around a bunch drunk guys treating them like a piece of meat", having no connection with music and talent.

Recently Alexandra made a song called "So Alive" with german dj Syke'n Sugarstarr, a tune who was released this summer on August 11, and for that song made "unconventional" promo music clip.
Alexandra explains : "This is house music for everyone and for kids especially".
The new video can be seen here .

Sylver, Eiffel 65,Squeezer, Dhany

Sylver Sil and Wout are releasing a new single, the tune choosen for June 11 is called "Turn the Tide 2010" and is a remix of their hit from 2001.( thanks to Tom)

Effel 65 released Golden mixes of their hit "Move your body", these are mixes with electro flavour (thanks to Ivan) info by Karine Sanche

Squeezer A new single made by Jim Reeves and Alexandra Prince called "Lonley Nights" was posted on youtube you can listen here.

Dhany(Benassi Bros) decided that it's time to release a new single called "Dangerous" and is made in collaboration with Damian William and was released on June 2nd. More infos here