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Turbo B, Haddaway, DeepZone

Turbo B This summer some very famous acts from Bulgaria have made a nice collaborations with world known artists which brings them more international popularity.

The most explosive combination is between the rappers duo Rumanetsa & Enchev and Turbo B from Snap! Rumanetsa is a half romanian-half bulgarian and Enchev is a natural bulgarian singer.

Turbo B was their idol with his unique rapping style and thats why when they met him at a concert in Bulgaria, they reffer him an old tape to listen. The US star loved the music and agreed to do a new vocals to it.
So the new hit Don't Cha Know was born. These guys invited the Holland singer Miss Romagna from the band R.O.O.M. to join them and put some sexy vocals. The single entered the bulgarian radio charts last week and will be released later as a maxi in America, Holland, Turkey and Romania.


Info by Krassik (

Haddaway 's hit single "What is love" was remixed by the german dj Klass and was released on 27th July.

Here are the track list of the single:

1 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Radio Edit)
2 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Impact Mix Edit)
3 What Is Love 2K9 (Bodybangers Remix Edit)
4 What Is Love 2K9 (Spinnin Elements Remix Edit)
5 What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix Edit)
6 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Club Mix)
7 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Impact Mix)
8 What Is Love 2K9 (Bodybangers Remix)
9 What Is Love 2K9 (Spinnin Elements Remix)
10 What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix)

More infos here

DeepZone The bulgarian dance band released their 4th single called "Summer is Here" soon will be released and on Toco International compilation all over the Europe. For more infos check Deepzone site

Thanx for the infos to Krassik

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor,Deepzone

2Brothers on the 4th Floor Dj Rebel known for his collaboration with Robert Abigail made an remix after 2Brothers hit single "Never Alone".
The single was released on 16th July and includes and a remix after Cappella "U Got 2 Know"
More infos here

Deepzone After Joanna Dark (Deepzone vocalist)& Rossko is trying the success with his new song "I remember". The single was released this month, more infos here.

L.B.G came from Amsterdam Netherlands, L.B.G stands for Love Bites Glamour and consists of Jose Woldring (vocals), Raz Nitzan and Sir Adrian (producers).
Their first single it's called "Good is my love",more infos here

C &C Music Factory, DeepZone, Kim Wilde

C &C Music Factory Zelma Davis was the leading vocal of the us dance band of the 90s C&C Music Factory. She sang some world famous hits like Gonna Make You Sweat, Things That Make You Go Hmmm and I Found Love. Last year she made a duet with Amber called No More Tears. Now she put some vocals for this amazing house tune. Release date digital only 19.05.2009

The single contains remixes:
1.Deep Influence Vocal Anthem Mix
2.Deep Influence Anthem Dub
3.Mark Picchiotti Classic Vocal Mix
4.Mark Picchiotti Pressure Dub
5.2Bit Epileptic Vocal Mix
6.2Bit Epileptic Dub
7.Andy Craig & Neil Athale Club Mix

More Infos check this page

DeepZone The bulgarian dj dance project Deep Zone (well known from Eurovision 2008) keep on producing new tracks not only under this logo but as well as some solo projects of all members. The latest maxis of Deep Zone are Lesno Se Vuzbujdam, Let The Music Move Ya and Addicted To You (feat. New Hope). The newest solo projects for 2009 are :

Dian Solo feat. Mescalex - One More Time (male vocal)
Joanna Dark - Can't Breathe Without You (female vocal)
Joanna Dark - Celuvka Za Sbogom
JuraTone feat. Lady B - Chance To Love You (producer, gitars)
Rossko feat. Mike Johnson - I Remember (producer, dj)

All promo maxi's of Deep Zone Records can be downloaded free

Kim Wilde According to an article in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, the Swedish band Fibes, oh fibes have recorded a duet with Kim Wilde.
The duet is likely to be released on the new album by Fibes, oh Fibes called '1987' which is out in August. The band consists of Christian Olsson (vocals and piano), Mathias Nilsson (guitar) and Edvin Edvinsson (bass).
Christian Olsson comments: 'This is an old childhood dream. The album is called '1987' and is about coming to terms with our past. For 20 years I had a dream to record with Kim Wilde. She was the first girl I fell in love with.'
A clip from the recording session on May 5 is already available on YouTube..

Infos by Music Express

In-Grid, KromAngles, Deepzone

In-Grid do you still remember Tu es foutu? the girl who lunched that hit single is back with a new song... Yeah Ingrid, who was named after a faimous movie star came in 2009 with catchy song called "Le Dragueur". The track will be on her future album who will release at the end of 2009.

KromAngles is a collaboration of three of the leading producers of Trance music, Dino Psaras, Frederic Holyszewski and Shanti Matkin, the band is very faimous in Brazil, KROMEANGELS first album is almost finished and will be released later this year.
The first single lunched for Europe is a recover of the "Beautiful Day" hit single from U2, it's a nice 2009 dance version.
More info here

Deepzone after their succes with "Dj take away", followed by "Let The Music Move Ya", the band from Bulgaria thought that is the time to release their third single called "Addicted To You".
The band said in recent interview: "We hope that people like our music and that, when they listen to our songs and coming to our Live Performaces, they have the feeling of something wonderful and uplifting happening to them. We do feel that miracles happen to people who truly believe that it will happen to them."

More infos here

Thanks for this infos to Toco International

Sash, DeepZone, JLM, LayZee, Alcazar

Sash! is back in 2008 with Best of ' the material is a celebration of his career.
On this material you can find all the singles lunched in over the years...

Disk: 1
1. Encore une fois
2. Ecuador
3. Stay
4. La primavera
5. Mysterious times
6. Move mania
7. Colour the world
8. Adelante
9. Just around the hill (Dance Radio Edit)
10. With my own eyes
11. Ganbareth
12. Run
13. I believe
14. It’s my life
15. Raindrops (encore une fois) (Kindervater Edit)
16. Raindrops (encore une fois) (Fonzerelli Re-Work)
17. Just around the hill

Disk: 2

1. Ecuador (Javi Mula & Joan Reyes Remix)
2. Ecuador (Will Bailey & Calvertron Remix)
3. Ecuador (Bad Behaviour Remix) 4. Stay (Cedric Gervais Vocal Remix)
5. Stay (Fonzerelli Re-Work)
6. Stay (Bass Slammers Remix)
7. La primavera (Static Shokx Remix)
8. La primavera (Twocker’s Popcorn Remix)
9. La prinavera (3Style Remix)
10. Mysterious times (7th Heaven Remix)
11. Mysterious times (Spencer & Hill Remix)
12. Mysteriou Times (Sound Selektaz Club Mix) 13. Keine Titelinformation (Data Track)

Thanx for this info to CrazySexyMarvellous

DeepZone is a bulgarian band who made his steps on ESC 2008 with the song Dj Take me away...
Now is ready to lunched their second single called "Let the music move ya"
" We hope that people like our music and that, when they listen to our songs and coming to our Live Performaces, they have the feeling of something wonderful and uplifting happening to them. We do feel that miracles happen to people who truly believe that it will happen to them". Deepzone

JLM is an international dance act, featuring Ariel, an outstanding singer from L.A. (USA) and 2 twin brothers Jean (songwriter and producer) and Claude (songwriter and composer) from Quebec (Canada). Their first number 1 hit single "Come Into My Life" (1996) sold worldwide over 1.5 million copies and was released in 40 countries. Now, in 2008, they present their brand new hit-single "Heaven Away".

Info from Toco-international

LayZee(Mr.President) you can discover him and his new song "Merry Christmas Everyone" on his official myspace
LayZee is working hard on his solo material who will be lunched next year..

Alcazar release their first international single "We keep on rockin".Music and lyrics by long time team member Anders Hansson. ‘We keep on Rockin' quickly turned in to a smash and only a week after release the single passed gold status in sales.
The band is currently back in the studio in search for the ultimate follow - up.