C &C Music Factory, DeepZone, Kim Wilde

C &C Music Factory Zelma Davis was the leading vocal of the us dance band of the 90s C&C Music Factory. She sang some world famous hits like Gonna Make You Sweat, Things That Make You Go Hmmm and I Found Love. Last year she made a duet with Amber called No More Tears. Now she put some vocals for this amazing house tune. Release date digital only 19.05.2009

The single contains remixes:
1.Deep Influence Vocal Anthem Mix
2.Deep Influence Anthem Dub
3.Mark Picchiotti Classic Vocal Mix
4.Mark Picchiotti Pressure Dub
5.2Bit Epileptic Vocal Mix
6.2Bit Epileptic Dub
7.Andy Craig & Neil Athale Club Mix

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DeepZone The bulgarian dj dance project Deep Zone (well known from Eurovision 2008) keep on producing new tracks not only under this logo but as well as some solo projects of all members. The latest maxis of Deep Zone are Lesno Se Vuzbujdam, Let The Music Move Ya and Addicted To You (feat. New Hope). The newest solo projects for 2009 are :

Dian Solo feat. Mescalex - One More Time (male vocal)
Joanna Dark - Can't Breathe Without You (female vocal)
Joanna Dark - Celuvka Za Sbogom
JuraTone feat. Lady B - Chance To Love You (producer, gitars)
Rossko feat. Mike Johnson - I Remember (producer, dj)

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Kim Wilde According to an article in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, the Swedish band Fibes, oh fibes have recorded a duet with Kim Wilde.
The duet is likely to be released on the new album by Fibes, oh Fibes called '1987' which is out in August. The band consists of Christian Olsson (vocals and piano), Mathias Nilsson (guitar) and Edvin Edvinsson (bass).
Christian Olsson comments: 'This is an old childhood dream. The album is called '1987' and is about coming to terms with our past. For 20 years I had a dream to record with Kim Wilde. She was the first girl I fell in love with.'
A clip from the recording session on May 5 is already available on YouTube..

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