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Sharon Doorson - Electrify

After a short break from dance scene the dutch singer Sharon Doorson came with new forces. Electrify it's called the newest masterpiece, who says that dance music cannot be more mature then this track who can clearly can compete with international artists even in Billboard charts. The new video was already released and she gather almost 20.000 views . Sharon Doorson has the potential to be an international success with this track... if i'm wrong i'm asuming that fault :) till then enjoy it

Sharon Doorson - Louder

The good music is turning back on dancefloor. The dutch singer Sharon Doorson decided to release a new tune entitled Louder, scheduled to be released on iTunes on March 14 via Cloud 9.
Right now the red hair singer is doing the video, and is very exicted , like we are to see the final result. 
Louder will be  the first single taken from her upcoming second studio album, still untitled,and proably ready to set off the digital markets later this year.