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Dance updates

ATB announced on his official FB account that the new material is almost done right now is doing vocal recordings for the album. The new material will be out later this year.

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer is preparing a new video called "Passarinho - Little Bird", the single will promote the future material Hotel Bossanova - "BOSSANOMIA".

Cascada gave an interview to Capital Fm were she explain her success, and she talked about the new material.
Natalie : "Will be the same cool eurodance stuff but also we tried and something different".
Cascada new single will be released next week and it's called "Enemy". more details here

Terri B! finished a new single called "Flirt" made in collaboration with John Dahlback, the single is out now and can be found here.

DaBlitz Vivian B made a new song with italian artist Fabio, the tune is called "Anima nell'anima"(Soul to soul) and was released on itunes.

Alexia just announced on her FB that is expecting a new baby..
Alexia: "The new year has begun in the best way for me and I decided to share with you just because of the affection that I have a good news to you: I will give a little sister to Maria Vittoria! I do not know how the call but I know it will be a great joy, I hope you can feel with me!"

Dance Updates

Alexia gave an interview to italian televison Rai 1 where she spooked about the changes in her life..
Alexia said : All the "mistakes" i made in the past were transformed in the "Dimmi Come (Don't you Know)" the song that bring me the success on italian market but not only.
Alexia also explained that Maria Vittoria, her daughter is responsable for Alexia new transformation, right now the dance diva  is on tour in Italia promoting her last material "Stars".

UltraNate release her new single called "Turn it up", the single would include also remixes from Wawa Electro and dj master Paul Oakenfold, a preview of the single here

Da Blitz On internet appeared an remix of Da Blitz hit single "Movin On 2010" by Beakdawner &The Fish Market Bootleg Mix, Vivian B confirmed that would be a remix of the single but not this one. ( Thanks to Vivian B)

Da Blitz

The lead singer of italo dance project Da Blitz, Vivian B is busy working on new collaborations. The newest one is with Dj Thunderstorm called "She's my only" a track in the same style italo dance.  The tune will be available soon on all digital platforms. Also you can see Vivian today December 15 on Teatro Don Orione, Piazza Montale in Torino at Christmas Jazz Festival.

Eurodance News

Alexandra Prince is preparing a new song, right now is in the studio working with the latest deejay's  for her new master piece who will be available soon. Recently Alex worked with Madonna's boyfriend on the single "Dangerous" who's pumping up in the charts from Greece and not only.

Da Blitz The lead vocalist Viviana Presutti just release a new single called "Be as one", a song made with italian deejay Alex Raimondi and was released on November 25. More infos about this single here

Edward Maya who ruled world charts with the singles "Stereo Love" & "This is my life" finished his 3nd single "Desert Rain", the tune will be released soon on all digital megastores. Video here

Dj Project's lead singer Elena aka Ellie White is filming her first video "Nu te mai vreau (I don't need you)". The video will be ready this month.

Paffendorf new single is called "Will i ever" was not made in his old style like this project made his entrance in 90's ,  recently the dj team made a remix for the new dance project Stfu Vs. Boogshe called "Shut The Fuck Up 2010" more infos about this single here.

Regi, Robert Miles, Agnes,Milk inc, Da Blitz

Regi last friday at MNM Dance, played 3 new songs from his new material. The tunes are "Regi & Stan Van Samang - Hang On, Regi & Kaya Jones - Take It Off ,Regi & Dominico ft Sem Thomasson - Stronger" and will be included on "Registrated 2" the double cd who will be out this month.

Robert Miles after a long silence Robert Miles finally decided that it's time to release a new material called "Thirteen". The material will be official released on September 13th 2010.

Dance Love Pop
Agnes(aka Leona Lewis of Europe)launched in UK her new album "Dance Loves Pop". The CD features 15 tracks including the singles "Release Me", "On & On" and "I need you now".

Milk inc Great news next show will be called "Eclipse" like the future album. More info about the event from 24th September here.

Da Blitz Vivian B launched a new single in collaboration with Mr. Roger called "I love My Phone" the tune can be found here .

Katerine, Medina, Da Blitz

Katerine The winner of Belgian contest Star Academy release a new single called "Enjoy the day", the song was also presented on Greece preselection of Eurovision song contest but was disqualified. The tune was released on itunes an she has an amazing remix made by Daniel Bovie.
The video can be seen here.

Medina it's a Pop/R&B singer and songwriter born on November 30, 1982 in Århus, Denmark she worked with Dj Aligator and Deadmau5. Her debut single was called "You & I" and was mixed by Deadmau5. The new single is called Ensom (Alone) and it's # 1 on Danish itunes chart. "Ensom" is on Medina's debut album "Velkommen Til Medina" the name came like an CV to tell who is Medina and what is doing, musically speaking.

Da Blitz Vivian B released in colloration with Fabio Selection a new single called "Promises", the tune can be found here.

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