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Susana - Whitout You

Susana one of the best trance vocalists is coming this days with  new singles the first it's called  Without you and was made in collaboration with Aly and Fila. The promotion video will be ready in couple weeks, explained the singer on her Fb account.
Just got back from the States and already busy preparing for the "Without You" music video shoot which will take place next week!
The second single it;s called RAMelia a tribute song addressed to the singer who tragically disappear last october. The tune can be found on Armin's compilation A State of Trance 638.


Ace of base made a new song called "Hold Me", will be the future single?
Ace of Base are now Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny.
The new material will be probably released later this year.

Peter Luts announced on his official twitter account that he is in studio with AnnaGrace working on her new material that will be ready this September. Let's hope that this material will bring some new sounds very diffrent from what Peter Lust used to produce..

Susana Armin's favorite vocalist is preparing a new single made in collboration with Anej. The tune is called "Dark Side of the Moon" and was presented on Armin's show ASOT 500. Preview here.

Andrea Britton comes back on dance scene with a new song called "Kontrol", a song made with Warner Power. The news was posted on her official twitter account and will be released later this year.

Jessy's next single was revealed it's called "Angel" and it's made with the rapper Kaly Scott. The tune will be released soon on all digital megastores.

Discover this new artist Ricky and his newest single 'Waiting 4 You,' the video was shot in Cabo San Lucas earlier this year and features the creator of 'The Dirty.' Preview here

News updates

Susana just announced in a small interview that is working on the new material. The new album will be out probably later this year.

Basshunter On Sandra Gee blog i discovered that Basshunter will make a new song for swedish reality show big brother the single will be out in the couple of days...

Stay-C from Twenty 4Seven made with Jeronimo a nice summer song called " I am no Superman". The video can be watch here

Jessy the Eurodance Web winner in 2003, made a cover with Dj Rebel after Alexia & Ice Mc hit single "Think About The Way" .

Absolom made a new song called "The 90's" and was presented last weekend on "I love the 90's" a preview here

Toy Box Another comeback is planned this year from Toy & Box part, Aneela lead singer told in a message to Bubblegum Dancer that they were"currently recording new material and getting ready for the launch…". thanks to kdj

Ysa Ferrer The new video from Ysa Ferrer "Je Vois" was launched you can see it here

Simone Denny (Love inc lead singer) released a new version of "Broken Bones", the tune was made in collaboration with Chris Sen and can be found on all digital megastores, a preview here

Melody Castellari( DEAR, Lady Violet, Jessica Jay) said on her official facebook account that is preaparing new tracks, for which project we don't know!? From 2008 till now Melody was the voice of euroreggea project Jessica Jay but in parallel is working on her rock project MELODY SQUAD.

Sylvia Tosun After a long break Sylvia Tosun came with a new single "World Keeps Turning", a tune made with french dj - David Vendetta. more info here

Medina is in the studio working on her future material that will be out later this year, tthe news was posted on her official facebook account.

Dance updates

Nadia Ali was nominated this year at Grammy music awards with "Fantasy", the single comes from her recent material "Queen Of Clubs Trilogy: Onyx Edition", Nadia Ali is the second dance artist after David Guetta who won ...

Susana Armin favorite vocalist Susana is ready to release a new single called "Connection" a tune made in collaboration with Espen Gulbrandsen and from Susana debut album "Closer".

Medina is back in studio working on her 3rd album, the news was posted on her official FB.

Sharon May Linn release her new single called "Take It Up" a tune made with Marco Fratty and will be available worldwide soon. A preview of the song here .

Fragma said on her official FB that is preparing a new song. The tune will be included on her future material, "Oops Sorry" the new video, gather almost 200000 hits via utube, the video was made by kontor media.

Tranergy made an interview with "Mr. Vain" songwriter Nosie Katzmann, the interview can be seen here

Eurodance News

Alexandra Prince release the new single it's called "Treat Me Right", the EP was made in collaboration with Chic Flowerz and was released officially on November 5.

Twenty 4 Seven released on itunes a "Best of". More infos here

Marcia Juell and the project CyberSutra were nominated at IDMA,and you can vote for them here

Gabry Ponte made a mash up of "Barbra Streisand" and can be listen here.

Susana( Armin Van Buuren) release a new single called "If I Could" from her recent material "Closer". The EP was made with Bart Claessen and will be official released on December 20. More infos here.

Susana, Bob Sinclair, Tiesto

Susana new single will be called "Frozen" and was presented in Armin van Buuren show A state of trance. The tune it's from Susana new album "Closer" and was made in collboration with Josh Gabriel.

Bob Sinclair new single it's called "Tik Tok" and it's made in collaboration with Sean Paul.

Tiesto has a new single called "C'mon" featuring Diplo. The tune can be found here.

Magic Affair, Susana, Edun

Magic Affair  lead singer, Franca Morgano  release a cover after Beats International 90's hit "Dub Be Good To Me", the song it's included o Franca Morgano new material who can be preorder here. Ak & Franca will be next month on October 9 in Duisburg for a 90's gig more infos here.

Susana released a new single from her debut album "Closer", the tune is made in collboration with Tenishia (Dash Berlin) and it's called "The Other Side",  the single was released on September 27th.

Edun release her new single "My Love Is Here For You" and on amazon. The song will be included on Edun's debut album.

Susana, Ace of Base, Sqeezer

Susana Armin's favorite vocalist made a new song with Omnia and The Blizzard and remixed by Armin, the song is called "Closer" and was released in May on all digital megastores. "Closer" is the name of Susana's debut album of the same name.

Ace of Base Jenny Berggren lead singer of Swidish pop band Ace of Base released on April her 2nd single called "Here I am" and will be included on Jenny's future album. For this track Jenny shoot an amazing video directed by Rickard Engfors. more infos here

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Sqeezer Lori Stern (former Sqeezer)is back on music stage, Loretta Stern was a member of german europop band Sqeezer from 1995 till 1999, her new project is called Mathilda a Jazz band and she released with this band an album called "Chanson Pop" on May more infos here

Susana, Jes, Dj Project

Susana born in April 8th 1984, in the EDM Mecca, Amsterdam.
She start her career given voice for diffrent dance projects but i think you may know her very well from Armin single "Shivers" released in 2005.
In her opinion " every music genre can have great things to offer. To me music is all about emotions and that's why I'm open to almost everything. To me a good song is one that makes me feel high, loved, angry, fabulous, lovesick, lovedrunk, on top of the world, nostalgic, determined, ready to go out and dance or just simply happy." Susana

Her latest collaboration is with Rex Mundi, the tune is called "Nothing at all" and it's produced by Armandamusic. More infos about this artist here

Jes(Motorcyle)launched a new package of remixes for the song "My love". More infos you can find at this adress

Dj Project after the departure of Elena (vocalist),the boys were ready to launch a new single called "Over and over again", the tune was released this month and it's made in collaboration with Deepside Deejays.