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                                            Photo from Loona official

Loona The singer i think she tested on her own skin the fire who hit Canary Islands and Malle were the singer has a house.
"The fire is very close to me about 100 yards of my house in Malle OMG!" said Loona

Pandora release a new version of "Queen of Åland" a song made in collaboration with X3M and will be use, i think by the swedish channel tv5, as a theme for Farjan show. video here

Agnes will release on September 5th the new material called "Veritas", the new style approched by the singer in the new material will be more different then his last one - "Dance Love Pop" from 2009.

Updates & Gossip

Anita Davis(Magic Affair)It's been a while seens Anita Davis one of Magic Affair vocalist didn't came on our attention with something new!! But on her FB was posted an update were she is explaining that "she didn't want to sing for free"..."Everybody has something special and in my case my specialty- said the singer - "is singing and i don't wanna play it for free".

Luciana(BodyRox) release a new version of "I'm still hot" but this one was made with famous actress Betty White, right now is shooting an amazing video that will be released in US.

Jessy came this days with a new single called "Angel", the tune was made in collaboration with belgian dj Rebel the one responsable of 2 Brothers remix and Release me from Agnes.

Agnes presented on Scnadipop show from Dance Nation Tv her newest video "Don't break my heart". The Scandipop show can be watched every Saturday from 17 CET.

Medina,Robyn,Hadise, Alexis Jordan, Alexandra Stan were nominated at this edition of Mtv Ema 2011.

Agnes is back

Agnes our Leona Lewis is back on dance scene with a new single "Don’t Go Breaking My Heart", the tune was presented last night on Mr Gay Sweden in Stockholm. The new single will pe included on her future material and sounds really great. (thanks to scandipop)

Dance updates

Agnes was chosen by N...e to be their image, and is not the first time when she's doing this, MQ was the first sponsor who's appealed at Agnes charms for their holiday spot.
Meanwhile in the studio are made the last preparations for the new material who probably will be released later this year.

Armin Van Buuren is preparing his next single and this one will be  a dance hit for sure, the tune is called "Feel so good" and it's the 3nd single from "Mirage" and was made with IIO former vocalist Nadia Ali.

LaVive the girl band who won the german edition of Popstars covered Akcent  single "How deep is your love", more details here.

Lucky Twice the pop dance duo released after a long time a new single. Lucky Twice are Hannah Reynold & Emelie Schytz and in 2007 launched the smash it "Lucky" and now are ready to comeback with "Love Song".

Dance News

Dance Love Pop (Love Love Love Edition)

Agnes The Liverpool dance project Cahill made a remix of Agnes "Big Blue Wall" song who is included on "Dance Love pop" material. A preview here.

September released on itunes a english version of "Mikrofonkat" called "Me & My Microphone". The new track will be included on September future material who will be out next year, so don't forget September is back and is trying to resuscitate all the charts with her music!!

Brooklyn Bounce dj Denis Bohn released on digital platforms an album with Brooklyn Bounce remixes, the name of that material is "BB-Styles(Dj Edition)" and was released on December 12 under Mental Madness Records more infos here.


Agnes it's been a while from her latest release "Sometimes i forget", a song was the last single release by Agnes in France a few months ago, now the Swedish singer "take a break" to work on her future album .
Agnes says :"I’m so sorry for these last months I’ve been in the studio recording for the new album. It’s going well I’m really exited:)"
The new material will be done next year.

Regi, Robert Miles, Agnes,Milk inc, Da Blitz

Regi last friday at MNM Dance, played 3 new songs from his new material. The tunes are "Regi & Stan Van Samang - Hang On, Regi & Kaya Jones - Take It Off ,Regi & Dominico ft Sem Thomasson - Stronger" and will be included on "Registrated 2" the double cd who will be out this month.

Robert Miles after a long silence Robert Miles finally decided that it's time to release a new material called "Thirteen". The material will be official released on September 13th 2010.

Dance Love Pop
Agnes(aka Leona Lewis of Europe)launched in UK her new album "Dance Loves Pop". The CD features 15 tracks including the singles "Release Me", "On & On" and "I need you now".

Milk inc Great news next show will be called "Eclipse" like the future album. More info about the event from 24th September here.

Da Blitz Vivian B launched a new single in collaboration with Mr. Roger called "I love My Phone" the tune can be found here .

Marc Lime, Vengaboys, Agnes

Marc Lime & K Bastian are 2 dj from Germany they did remixes for Sash!, D.O.N.S., Klee & The Guru Josh Project. The single Bizzare was released in October 2009 in Germany and it's a hymn to the night in the clubs. Marc describe their sound as a mix of the 80s sound and new electro.Also the tune was remixed by Micheal Mind & Eric Chase and can be found here.

Thanks to Cesar

Vengaboys after 9 years of break Kim & Co are back to party. Kim said on official twitter account that is preparing a new video shooting. The name of the single is unknown yet.

Agnes was awarded in January by Swedish Elle Magazine with Best Dressed Artist Award and by QX-magazine Gay Awards Gala, Agnes got the award Artist Of The Year.

Luciana, Agnes

BodyRox Luciana former vocalist gave an exclusive interview to real films. The video here .
Bodyrox are nominated and this year at Dj Mag you can vote for
them here

Agnes (Leona Lewis of Europe) will release her third single called "I need you now" already played last week on BBC one, the track will be official release in UK on 16th November and the video will be ready in a few weeks.