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Pandora, Kim Leoni

Pandora announced on her official FB that is working on new tracks, last week recorded a hit medley and Pandora said "I'm super pleased with the result". The medley will be included on her future material.

Kim Leoni Almost past 1 year from her last single Emergency and now the dutch singer is preapring a new single is not a collaboration with Lady Gaga, but it's a nice dance track in Kim Leoni style, called Around & Around. More infos about Kim Leoni in this interview

2 Fabiola, Milk inc, Kim Leoni, Liz Kay, In-Grid, Spike

2Fabiola Patrick Claesen & Co are releasing a new single after a long period of time, the tune is called "Push It Up" and will be dropped out on July 5th. 2 Fabiola was founded in 1991 by Pat Krimson and Oliver Adams and took a break till 2007 when released with Katie Michaelson the single "Straight 2 the top". The new formula is made by Pat Krimson producer, Loredana de Amicis and Viola Furleo-Semeraro vocals.

Milk inc The new single from Milk inc "Chasing the wind" was played Friday on Regi Show MNM dance. The single will be official release in Belgium on July 9 under Ars Production. Regi is working on the future Milk inc album who will be released later this year. A preview of the song here.

Kim Leoni just announced on her official my space account her next single will be called "Contact" and will love to do a featuring with Grammy winner Lady Gaga. "My dream is to work with Lady GaGa, I'm sure she's a fun person to be around." explains Kim's in this interview . The date release is unknown yet but the result will be amazing like usual... in Kim's style.

Liz Kay with "cats eye", change her mind and came back on dance style who launched her on European dance scene as an artist. After the fruitful collaboration with RIO, Liz Kay went in studio to record this amazing cover after Savage Garden hit single from '98 "To the moon and back", a  tune who was covered also by Kayden in 2009.
The single was released in Germany in April 30 under Zooland Records and produced by Plazmatek Studio Cologne. A preview here

In-Grid after her huge success with "Tu es foutou"(You're dead), a song that was released as a revenge for her ex boyfriend(a famous italian deejay), Ingird release her 3nd single from the newest material "Passion" who includes all the genre that she like from 30' and 40's but made in her own style like this new song "Vive Le Swing", a preview of the song here

Spike Pamela Knight Spike former vocalist is preparing a new material who will be launched this fall in September, the name of the single "Its a secret" like she describe-it on her official website "Its a secret so you have to catch me on the club promo tour end of July and August". Pamela Knight

T-Spoon, Kim Leoni, Lasgo

T-Spoon are back but they change their style and they replace Linda Estelle & Shamrock, in the announce on their website the producers are looking for new members to replace the old team and they found not one but two female singers and a rap artist. They release in this new formula 5 singles for more infos check the site  

Kim Leoni after her "Emergency" call now she wants "L'amour Toujour I''ll fly with you" ,Gigi D'Agostino hit single from 2001, the remix  is made in collaboration with Brisby & Jingles and comes with a Black Toys remix mixed with  Kim's Leoni fresh style. A preview can be listen here.

Lasgo Jelle(vocalist)  posted on her facebook account the name of  new Lasgo single, the  single is called "Tonight" and was allready released on itunes  but official date will be on June 21. For this new single who will be included on the Lasgo future album they made also and a video more infos here . 

Marcia Juell, Kim Leoni, Liza Da Costa

Marcia Juell The new single "Fly Away (Rossko Club Mix)" entred this week at # 20 in Dance Charts , you can support this track by voting here .
Marcia will be on Di.Fm at "Behind the Lyric" this Friday, March 12th (on the Vocal Trance channel) at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern more infos here.

Kim Leoni's new single will be a cover after Gigi D'Agostino hit "L'amour toujour( Fly with you)".
Kim's says: "It's one of my all time faves and it's just awesome that you'll finally be able to hear it!"

The single will be available soon on itunes and other digital platforms.

Liza Da Costa ex Captain Jack front lady spoke with us about her music projects and about Captain jack project and here it is the interview.

Liza my first question is about your first project Security, what can you tell about that project ?
It was a dancemusic, it was a trio with the Harris sisters and me.
We did not like each other very much. We had lots of problems with our attitudes. Terrible.

You released only 2 tracks with that project ?
2 tracks very more enough.

Do you still keep the contact with Jackie & Tina ?

Did you give voice to other eurodance projects we don’t know ?
I sang for Future Breeze (Ocean of eternity), i don't remember much more, I think it's over a decade ago now.

How did you met the producers from Captain Jack ?
I sang in their studio and the asked me to do some songwriting and vocals for a track they were doing, so I did.

Who came with the idea to name the project Captain Jack ?

The song provided us with the bandname, really!!.
Captain was to be a project, but it became successful. Nobody really expected that. more here.

Sash!, Kim Leoni , Fragma

Sash!is working on his forthcoming album with Stunt, the material will be done later this year, right now he finish the new single "All Is Love" with Jessy and was already mailed to clubs.

Kim Leoni
just released on all digital platforms her new single "Emergency" also and the video. The single includes:
Emergency (original radio mix) - (02:58)
Emergency (alternative radio mix) - (02:42)
Emergency (Subgroover edit) - (03:05)
Emergency (original extended mix) - (05:21)
Emergency (alternative extended mix) - (04:46)
More infos here

Fragma An exclusive interview with Fragma can be read here

Scooter, Kim Leoni

Scooter remixed Rammstein's last single Pussy. (Thanks to WebDJs) Watch it here.

Eurodance Club The next Eurodance Club concert will take place in Stuttgart next 29th October. The lineup will include Layzee (Mr president), Massive Tunes, E-Rotic, Kenny M and more. Tickets will be available from March 20th.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Kim Leoni announced on myspace account that it's working on her debut album. The material will be ready later this year.

Sugababes, Milk inc, Kim Leoni , Kristine W

Sugababes The girls will release on 23th November the new album called "Sweet 7" and the next single called "About a girl", the official launched of this tune will be on 9th November.

Milk inc a concert at Brabanthal at Leuven has been completely cancelled. The management of Milk Inc expects a compensation. The organizer promises to pay back every ticket.This full live show was supposed to be held at the Brabanthal at Leuven at March 20, 2009.
But a few days before the show, the organizer decided to cancel the show because of 'productional reasons'and in consultation with the Milk Inc. management. The show would be held at some date in December 2009. Every ticket would be valid for the date in December.
(Info from Milk Inc website)

Kim Leoni just finished the shot of her new video "Emergency" , the video was filmed in Amsterdam last week. The Making of and the new video will be posted on Kim Leoni Channel

Kristine W a new single was released in October called "Love is the Look", infos about this new single can be found here.

Evi Goffin, Kim Leoni

Evi Goffin(Medusa, Lasgo) show up this year on the spotlight but not in the posture of a singer but by tv presenter.
Evi Goffin is now a Vj of belgium tv station gunkTv presenting a show called Wangoo-Tangoo, more infos you can find here

Kim Leoni finish her new single "Emergency", the release date is not fixed because is shooting a video for this song.
You can listen a preview of the single here

Sopot Hit Festival 2009 is opening his gates on 7-9th August 2009, with:
Jay Delano (R'N'G)
Marius (Akcent)
The show will be broadcast live on TVP 2.
Thanks for this info to EuroKDj

Dj Bobo, Kim Leoni

Dj Bobo composed a song for the Prosieben tv show Germany's Next Showstars, the track is called "Take me to the top". On June 18 at 21:21 CET on Dj Bobo official website will be posted:
- the name of the upcoming tour 2010
- the tourdates of the upcoming tour 2010
- the presentation of the new gigantic stage of the upcoming tour 2010
- at the same time we are starting the ticketsale for the upcoming tour 2010

Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Here is the trailer

Kim Leoni is a young, charismatic, half Indonesian half Dutch performer living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Thanks to her parents, Kim spent her childhood living on three continents – Asia, Europe and North America. While living in Miami, Kim joined a dance troupe and gained experience dancing and performing in clubs throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Kim attributes her love for dance music to the percussive sounds of Indonesia, and her love of dancing and performing to the first dance steps she learned on the streets of Miami. When Kim returned to the Netherlands she found herself a target of interest of several modelling agencies, which led her to a short-lived career as a model. However, finding her initial modelling career unappealing and dull, she returned to her first love - music, performing with a local pop band and gathering her first studio experiences. In August 2006, a chance meeting with her current producers (at a birthday party of a mutual friend, where Kim gave an impromptu singing performance!) led to the first collaboration – the song called “Again”, an impassionate tale of a stormy relationship “based on a true story”.

Her second single, “Medicine” shot into the Top 10 of the dance/DJ charts around Europe at the beginning of this year. December 2009 sees it storming into the US Billboard Dance Airplay Charts in Number 9 and climbing.
The next single will be called "Emergency" who will be released next month her producers are already working with Kim on the first Kim Leoni album who will be lunched this year.

Dance Tunes Radio Now i think i will give the answer about the player from this blog !
I try it to bring the Sensation party and here live ... the only thing you can do is to log on daily to this blog and i will buzz you when is the next party broadcast live!:)
I wanna say thanks for the help to Franklin van Buren